Friday, May 31, 2013


There is always a place in any society where the population is too damned stupid to look after their own interests.

Australia is such a place.

Expertly conned to buggery and ripped-off crosseyed, the punters will work six and a half days a week until they drop – hoping for some reward when they are so close as dammit to chucking off the clog that it won’t matter.

Work, work, work, HARD work, until all you poor suckers drop dead of exhaustion.
What a life that is.

On top of that, just go and drop everything and go get yourself killed fighting some wop, gook, or towelhead in any of the illegal wars that our masters have sucked us into from the Kiwi Wars right up to the present.

Yep. Fight for john howard and die.

Or worse, just be a battle ready reservist like my son and end up dead on howard’s patch.

It has all been said before, way down below in this blog.

My son was chosen to leave this world on howard’s patch just before Christmas in 2004.

Howard’s bastards didn’t care – neither did Rudd’s and neither did gillard’s.

Highly unlikely that abbott’s team will care.

What am I supposed to say?

That I find them all - nothing but traitors of the worst sort?

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