Sunday, May 19, 2013

“INTERESTING, ISN’T IT? - rewritten”

Difficult to corner some evidence when those organisations established to support property and the civil estate go; haywire, go completely off the rails.

Especially bad when they are an ill-trained, unethical  cross-purposed, armed, paramilitary force.

What beater petey called ‘demographics change’ has turned into utter fright in regional queensland.

Yet somehow during his time in office the paramilitary force he borrowed from the tag end of the bjelke Petersen regime, (from that dictator from the other side of politics he so often claimed was as good as dammit his mentor) then imperfectly manipulated toward his own purpose has lately become an instrument of dread in the minds of many Queensland citizens.

But of course they’d deny that out of hand. Of course they would.

Then who in their right mind would argue with a couple of thugs, eh?
Them with a 10mmGlock on one hip and a tazer on the other.

Such overkill tends to produce this sort of situation –
Note , both are wearing the ‘Batman Belt’ with Glock and Tazer right there ‘in station’.

Must be bloody uncomfortable for them to sit down to the paperwork, or their lunch.
Perhaps it is in daily orders that they have to remain armed while on duty?

Perhaps the cumulative effect of all this discomfort as well as the stress of having to go about armed all day causes them to have such callous disregard for a person in distress seeking their assistance?

Perhaps that is why the woman officer on the right (in the video above) attending our home the day after we had received death threats (and contacted police that night) from the drug crazed loonie across the road from us – perhaps that is why she refused to listen or to watch the record of those threats?

Here is the audio -

“I’m the c—t who’s going to end your world” – ‘Gavin’ said that night – as is evidenced by that record.
At least he was right in that one respect – his own , chosen, pejorative term – his self description .

Take a deep breath, then continue –

What is it about modern queensland that offers this ‘businessman’ the right to move in to a community and act in this way?
What gives him the right to stagger (‘cos that was what he was doing) past the front of our home and begin bellowing at my son, at one side of our home, through his window?

Precisely what was this turkey bellowing in the deep of night before I found a recording device, arced it up and caught his misbehaviour on the other side of our house?

Oh, have no doubt.
The lad phoned the wallopers.
They did turn up – finally. Then left in about thirty seconds.

Then next day two others of the bold gendarmerie turned up here accusing us of causing the nuisance.
One of those looked remarkably like the one on the right in this clip –

Somehow and for some reason known only unto themselves the local peacekeeping corps seem hellbent on condoning death-threats while ignoring the activities of those uttering these threats.

What a complete watered down load of bullshit I’ve written above!

Tell you what –
A bunch of chemically challenged berks moves into and takes over your little corner of the world – begins immediately acting as if they own the place and you will probably be as slow on the uptake as we were.

It does take a while to work it out -
 ‘cos for so many years we’ve seen losers take over the chew and spew across the road, then go bankrupt in short order.
These bludgers seem to keep operating at about a third of the custom that sent everyone else broke.
Meanwhile we have to puke with the garbage smoke, the diesel/thinners/vomit smell and so on

I’m neither Sherlock Holmes, nor Maigret – nor do I have any intention to lurk about sorting out what is happening here, in this locality, directly opposite a state school.
But if anyone out there gives a stuff  - the latest of my calls to ‘crimestoppers™’ about this was lodged as ‘item# CGB-849’ – THE LATEST OF DOZENS.

Anyway, as I write this, the stinking garbage smoke smell has been going on for some while. That was followed by the diesel/paint thinners/vomit smell – followed by ammonia and rank piss.

Interesting, isn’t it? 

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