Sunday, May 19, 2013

"The rule of law."

Mr. Bruce Haigh,

Regarding your  -

Does boil down to the rule of law, doesn’t it?
Let’s winnow that out.
Firstly, we have no charter of rights – no GUARANTEES whatsoever.

We do have the Common Law – an adversarial bastardry GUARANTEEING the bludger with all the money wins every time.

Most Australians haven’t a clue that this means that anyone wanting to take a case to law must usually cough up more money than they could ever afford.

Useful situation, that.
And what a complete, over the top, jerkscrew operation of a  fucking joke that whole show is.

Putting it simply, there is absolutely no way in this world a decent, honest man can ever find justice in this cuntry.

No way whatsoever!

Unless there is money in it for some form of parasite looking for a main chance – which parasite will latch onto a situation of its choosing and milk that situation until it is dry.

Which brings us back to these organisations that have come out of heaven and alighted upon those areas, once of government/governance, which have these last decades been farmed out to all to many of those who pretend to be either the ‘movers and shakers’ or the ‘do-gooders’ in society.

Nothing really like that of any use whatsoever to the paisans out there – is there.

Most aussies would want to believe (would want to CLING to some belief) that the charities and NGOs they’d heard about when they were youngsters would still be saving lives and souls out there in the streets.

But they’d be wrong – as they so often usually are.

Put it this way.

Can you trust a man who chokes on a cucumber salad?
Many years ago when I was young and immortal (and about ten years old) I had to sit down to lunch with a relative, apparently a brigadier (or something) in the salvos.

Nope. He couldn’t handle such a lunch.
He gagged on lunch.
He couldn’t handle a mid-summer, (light and spicy, vegetarian) Anglican lunch.

But he went away grimacing and came back smiling and for a while I was convinced that a bloke who went out in public wearing this silly uniform was an okay dude.

Stand back from that for a few seconds.

Do people who dress up in bandmaster’s drag account for anything in the modern world?

The truth of it was that he was also something up there in the Scottish Order of rock chippers.

His main problem maybe was that he, despite looking like some glorified species of parking attendant couldn’t accept a meal prepared by this Anglican bimbo, his relative, my mum.

Meanwhile – what were these turkeys doing out there in society for all those years rattling about in pubs, houses of ill repute and the like?

I’m almost 60 now.
Back then they lurked about in pubs and dosshouses, with tambourines, collecting money.

What the hell are they up to these days pretending to be doing good work in even worse situations throughout our society?

Consider –
The salvo captain asks his Lady wife after she’s been rattling her tambourine about in the local pub – “What say lady wife for a bit of a bonk?”
In reply she say’s “Oh sorry, Mon Cher, I’ve been trying to collect money down at the Tatts – but in the meantime I was taken out the back and shagged by half a dozen brickie’s labourers..
All in the call of duty, you understand, but there it is.”

Does any of this make any sense?

Well, ask any asylum seeker whether life makes any sense to him.
Ask him (if you could gain his confidence enough) whether similar stuff isn’t happening to him and his loved ones?

Get out there you bludgers and ask.

‘Cos if you don’t, very shortly this outrageous sort of stuff will be happening here to your family whether you like it or not.

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