Thursday, May 16, 2013


With regard –

Dear bruce,
Much of what you say makes sense.
Putting it down on the board it does appear to make sense.

There have been so many issues that should have been shouted from the rooftops these last many years – so what you say makes sense to a certain extent.

What doesn’t make sense is why none of us seem concerned in any way whatsoever about social justice and ethics matters right here in Australia.

I read what you mean in the first third of your commentary about the progression of what I can only call bastardry meted out by the opportunists of past politics.

Until we come to Ms Gillard – the top performer.

For some reason I cannot but fail to accept her as a laborite.
It isn’t just herself  - but her faction and the way that faction have wasted these last few years droning on about absolutely nothing whatsoever.

They have sold out any sense of socialism and clearly, without any question in the matter, intend to sell the next raffle (okay, you want to call it an election) to the Abbot’s klatch.

As you mention – there is little of labor in Gillard.
I don’t know which flight she’ll take – but I’d suggest (like bligh in queensland) she won’t be around the next day after Abbot has his triumph.

As for asylum seekers; oh god save ‘em!
You know as well as I do that many were, shall we say, ‘dispatched at sea’ those years ago.

That is what frightens me.
Any regime prepared to do that will begin accounting again with Australians in like manner.
Those of dark skin and broad noses.
Those isolated by circumsatance, lacking that sort of broad contact in the community.
The elderly.
Those who are different and tend to ‘march to the beat of a different drummer’.

Those stuck over the road puking their guts out every day ‘cos of the effluent from the methamphetamine lab upwind from them.

Those who are too sick to work anymore.
Those who cannot find any sort of occupation.
Those being denied any sort of occupation because they have no convenient ‘connections’ in this incestuous little society.

Those too frightened to leave their abodes – knowing that if they go off for the day – they’ll return to their home having been wiped out by their ‘friendly neighbours’.

Those who quite honestly, one way or another, cannot endure the shitfilled joke of a society this whole outfit has become.

Meanwhile we can all see the way the dies will be cast with the new fuhrer waiting in the wings for his big chance.

In our view Gillard has sewn up labor and sold him the job.
God know’s why they let her into the fold – but there it is
Same as here in queensland the other year.

Absolutely impossible to see it any other way but another world of misery ahead of us poor bloody peasants.


  1. Anonymous blattered -
    Hi, I am from Melbourne. Came across your site via your comment on Dark ages America. Please find some references which give a unique perspective as to where the humanly created world is, how we got to here and what, if anything we can do about it. A perspective which is congruent to Dark Ages America but far more radical and fundamental.

    ARTHUR replied -
    ANSWER – You can stick it if you reckon that I’m going to waste my time seeking any sort of references to anything just to amuse you, you turkey..
    You go and find that stuff yourself.
    Please go and find your own unique perspective – then report that stuffing back to me.
    As to ‘dark ages america’ - - you refer to morris berman – who is, I’m sure, nothing but a tedious clone of john passant here in Australia.
    Don’t ever suppose, when I amuse myself by writing to these idiots, that I am ever falling to the same level as these schoolbound dolts.

  2. Arthur -
    I wish you would suppress your base urges.
    You must realise that no-one will ever write to these pages when you persist speaking, what you believe, is your truth.
    Back off fella - and let 'em bleat!