Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Blogs – Passant or pissant?

Dear John,
(Not many occasions I get to write a ‘Dear John’ letter.)

I began writing to your ‘forum’ some years ago.
At some stage early in the proceedings this ‘Dooley’ character began systematically dumping on whatever I had written, regardless of subject or importance of other comment, whenever I was silly enough to bother your pages.

He/it eventually arrived at my pages, apparently wanting to pull the same stunt there.

(Something  that really burrs us up here at ‘Calligulashorse’ is idiots droning on about SFA rotating about their self-interest in pissant attempts to qualify that with terms like – ‘at -the -end -of -the –day’ or ‘the -elephant -in -the –room’ or ‘synergy’ or some such utter catch-phrase drivel they’ve borrowed from the internet.)

He, ‘Dooley’, didn’t last long.
I didn’t censor the article, censure him/it, or can any of his crapola – it appears that he couldn’t somehow present any adequate argument against the cold hard logic he met there – so soon drifted back to Passant for a little while; then disappeared. (Anyone interested can search ‘Dooley’ in my blog.)

And I made note of what game the Dooley character appeared to be playing so decided for some while not to waste time writing to the source of ‘Dooley’.

That source, Mr. Passant was your supposedly socialist pages.

At the time I saw you getting (what?) hot under the collar about this upstart queenslander, this Calligula, questioning some of the dross you were expounding as the faux commie you are. Apparently, I’m not allowed the opinion I merely express here.

I’d noticed that you tended to plagiarise, or was that ‘innocently borrow from various sources’?
To pad out your pages, I mean – or so it reads.
Or are you somehow able to avail yourself of some syndicate?
The Neo-Nazi disinformation machine, maybe. Or perhaps the CIA through the streamlined communications service of the ANU?

I’ve always found it fascinating how peasants like me have to strike it original with every word and phrase touching our mind while the ‘intelligencia’ get to pinch everyone else’s work with pernicious, promiscuous and gay abandon.

So, like any queensland lad with the remnants of a life to lead, I chose to give the EnPassant pages the bum’s rush.
It may have been either the rapidly approaching election or my sense of humour that had me recently going back and contributing to the Passant pages again these last few days.
But one thing was for sure that some right wing nasty was lurking there in wait for poor old commie me.

Calls itself ‘KAY” – has been there a while; on the Passant pages, that is and expresses views somewhat flexible – but mostly to the right of A. Hitler while seeking a rather serpentine course toward outcomes in future Australian society of the sort that might please Pol Pot.
(A lot of that sort emerging from ‘under the log’ (sorry Robert Graves) these days.)

Engaged with that article (Sorry, old fashioned term alluding to the ‘orrible object, ‘Kay’) I made the fatal mistake of asking her politely to go boil ‘her/its’ head.

Note – I did not threaten her – more simply asked her to do us all a tiny favour.
Nothing more than a simple request for the undertaking of a voluntary action that would have contributed something of merit toward balancing our somewhat constrained society  – or at least  a statement of acquiescence on her/its part might have amused the more sensible readers of Passant’s futile, faux socialist blog.

For some reason, (and I can only deduce that Passant of the ANU, ‘Graham Dooley’ and ‘Kay’ are one and the same creature.) whenever I approach these matters from the outlook of a bloke of some fair life experience it becomes obvious that he should take into consideration what utter conniving bastards most people are.

With little stretch of the imagination a reasonable bloke could come to realise that these turkeys from academia are simply stealing other work by the ream – publishing that on their pages, then writing up the comments and replies themselves.
Must be something about creating a false posture of CONTROVERSY.

More importantly these bludgers, at the ANU and the like, are feeding back honest comment  from innocent patriots to the sort in polity who might decide to have them bumped off in the future.

OR – (be a mug like I was and tell Passant that I’m reasonably convinced that Gillard staged the coup and has since been selling the laborites down the creek to Abbott ‘cos she INTENDED to do that – that in result she and her faction are TRAITORS – leastways to all the traditional laborites and unionists, they are.)

But then again - it comes down to the matter of literacy, keyboard skills and available time.
Those issues alone preclude any response to droning, unintelligible, endless moaning about this or that about the economy or why the pre-ordained winners of our next election are going to massacre the poor and disadvantaged at their first chance.

It has me buggered hollow, therefore, why a self-proclaimed commie like ‘Passant’ seems to sink a true socialist like myself and banish him from his allegedly commie pages.

It has most definitely reached the stage where Australia has become part of Asia.
Our masters are past learning – past needing to learn about perfidy and treachery.

Indeed they have acquired the skills of hate and threat – adequate to permit them to slime in between the cracks of the encroaching new age of Australian politics.

Watch that show unfold after the next election.

PS -
Meanwhile, over the road, the meth lab keeps pouring out its poison.
Dreck smoke – like chemical garbage dump this evening – puke on diesel fumes, this morning – character building stuff when your son starts gagging and coughing his guts out at 6.00 AM!

Maybe the official IGNOREance of that is some sort of reparation for the queensland mining industry?
Or maybe for the meantime, while recognizing that it’s a losing wicket the corrupt bludgers in governance in queensland just want to wring the last buck out of a lost cause?

Most likely that latter.

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