Monday, May 27, 2013


That disrated ex-premier from nsw is now some sort of pretend foreign minister.
He did say today that he was neither prepared nor equipped to comment on 'intelligence matters'.
I wonder why?

Apparently Kev wasn’t good enough so the lantern jawed bloke was set up for his job.

Somehow he gets to be a senator – then enjoys a free ride into our system of (faux) governance.
Now Barnaby is pulling that same stunt – but in the other direction.

No problem – this dump never was any sort of democracy.
None of their scheming is actually illegal.

But, Lord give us a break; it all still stinks to high heaven!!!

It IS something that has always interested me.
Many years ago a person I met invited me to spend a few days at his domicile.
I had a panoramic view over an interesting part of Victoria Street behind Kings Cross, Sydney.
In those days, only one person was chauffeur driven about in a Maroon Bentley.
So why the hell would that person want to visit those whores over the road?

What the hell was that gubernatorial limo doing – dropping off this twerp into the able hands (or pussies) of ‘Rita’ and ‘Tina’ in their neat little establishment, over there, across the road.

Let’s just say that life is a bit of an experience when you see that sort of thing.

I don’t blame the ---------------------------- - or whoever it was for being desperate enough to have a good hard shag – or whatever he’d arranged with those little ladies of the night, down there, over the road.

No problem, the grubby bastard, that was business conducted between them and him – pre HIV.

In the meantime – that sort of behaviour WAS too much out front and in the face of decent people.

Does it surprise you that there were DECENT people living in the backblocks of Victoria Street, behind Kings Cross?

Well, perhaps decent people and politically aware people.
Oh, yes mothers and fathers with infants and school age kids begging their government for a break.

Some fair number of them had their heads broken open for shouting their views to the Askin government of a then, outrageously corrupt New South Wales. (does anything change?)

Okay. Stop for a minute.
Rudd never much spoke with people from queensland once he gained the primo job.

The coup happened and the beak trounced him with her coup.

But this Carr creep as our foreign representative is like having a predator lizard represent the interests of his prey -insects.

And we are the prey – the insects.

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