Saturday, May 25, 2013


That toolhead beattie latched on to the ‘queensland thing’.
Pretended yonks ago that Joh was somehow some sort of mentor of his.
(Crap - talk about getting old and crosswired . I meant that beattie pretended he was a young laborite with 'connections' and that Bjelke Petersen sort-of mentored his early career. Oh, yeah the bludger has expressed that view of his 'for the public record'.)

Nothing in queensland , after that, would surprise me
That turd being financed by joh’s lot  wouldn’t surprise me.

I can remember when he turned up to the electricity strikes with a brown paper bag with some flyblown sticks of celery sticking out the top.
Sustenance for the striking workers - he declaimed - the overweening creep!
Back then I was in my twenties – but I could see through that sham!

And now it continues in this 'unicameral' dictatorship.
Some dickwit in 1922 in some ‘ultra-vires’ fashion somehow managed to abolish queensland’s upper house (such as it was).
Since then, any mob of idiots winning the raffle get to pretend that they constitute a government.
Problem being that since 1922 – we have never had a lawfully constituted state parliament – except on the same basis of those rag-tag local councils that, similarly, happen not to exist in our federal constitution.
Work it out.
Queensland does not legally or constitutionally exist - except if you want to believe the unlawful faux constitution shoved through an unlawful non-parliament by beattie some years ago.

Queensland, after that fiasco is nothing more than an entity on the American stock exchange.

All that is unfortunately a matter of fact.

Ask 'can-do'.

Ask for a report about that.
Get off your useless butts and demand the truth about that.

Jeesus – even madam bligh (knowing she was to be massacred at the next raffle) was honest (HAH) enough to say to my face – that “the matter was being dealt with’ – at the last country cabinet meeting in Bundaberg.

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