Monday, May 13, 2013


Has anyone noticed that the wacko laborites and the neo Nazis (sorry, the major parties), both are working in concert toward an outcome in the next raffle (election, if you are stupid enough to believe that it will be a free election) whence the kings of capitalism will subsume this island continent and every poor bastard that exists here – to their grinding will?

Anyone left of centre from Pol Pot with any brains would have to be asking what the  laborite faction led by Gillard is up to.

Anyone right of centre of that situation is  grovellingly begging for a win.

The outcome is almost guaranteed.

But where will that lead?

Abbott as pm will have to accept the heinous (  - for you bogans) social justice situation and without going completely off his head will lack any room to manoeuvre.

So tell me what the mean little bugger is going to do to the underclass when Gillard has completely stonkered them BEFORE the pathetic election?

Has anyone noticed that none of ‘em give a stuff about any sort of adverse situation confronting our Australian people?

That’s probably because none of you bludgers have had the courage to squeak – let alone voice your grievances in forthright terms.

Of course, any of you who try to do that are told to ‘put your claptrap in writing’.

Which, these days, is a mite difficult.
Isn’t it?

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