Friday, May 24, 2013

It is just before 9.00pm, Friday evening.

All the windows are shut out the front but the smell of ozone is coming through the window beside my work station.

About two hours ago it was greasy smoke – like from a rather nasty chemical garbage fire.

Yesterday it was like a nauseating mixture of paint thinners diesel and vomit.

About half an hour ago I watched about seven or so people leave in three vehicles from what passes for the ‘greasy joe’ across the road.

No. Hadn't been all too many.
No. It was the 'staff' finally  leaving the joint.
I cannot tell you how big the 'food preparation area' is over there lately - 'cos for some reason they are extremely twitchy about anyone checking that out.
By my estimation they, on an average day, have more 'staff ' leaving than they've had customers on most days. 
There is not enough room to fit so many into such a small kitchen, even in the biggest tourist trap in the world.
They’ve had less customers today than one previous owner could deal with all on his lonesome.

Besides which, in his day we weren’t sick in the vitals every day with the series of disgusting stenches blowing on the breeze.

Nor, in the past, did we have people knocking on our door demanding that we let them know how to contact them over there – so that they might ‘score’ some drug from them.
Nor did we see the proprietor of the joint (accidentally seem to) roll a bloke, in the dark, just down the street.

There is what meets the eye when we look out the front windows of our home.
Any reasonable person would begin to suspect that the place is either caught up with new age stuff that takes five bods to cook a slab of fish - or something else is happening.

So why might I be smelling ozone along with those other meth brewing smells?

Maybe those sites might explain why we have to put up with the extra detriment of being poisoned with ozone as well as the effluent from the meth lab.
It would seem that it has become well known, especially amongst law enforcement agencies that ozone generators can kill bad smells including the sort of exhaust from drug labs.

Is ozone toxic?

Yep. In spades

Which is probably why the shiteheel causing us this grief said what he said just here –

All of which has us completely stuffed as to how his sort of mindwarped halfwit can operate his sort of network immediately opposite a state school without being picked up by the polizei.

Flowing into the previous few articles here – the situation is ultra-plus-remarkable.
That Faulkner fellow goes a row for defending his right and property.
Meanwhile we are literally dying by degrees while being poisoned by the industrial grade meth lab across the road – or up the street – or wherever it is – yet they have the full support of at least some faction in the local police farce.
Doesn’t make sense at all – unless the fact is of total collapse of the civil society.

I have been a member of an outfit called CPNQ – “Corruption Prevention Network, Queensland” since about Easter, 2007.

Joined up with these bludgers in good faith.
It is impossible to embarrass them by speaking the truth about ‘em whether here or directly to ‘em.
So long as they get to go home behind the barriers of their ‘gated communities’ the rest of us peasants can go hang.

And I believe that I’ve risked enough for the mo.

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