Tuesday, May 28, 2013


In the next few months Australians have to make a decision.
It'll be somewhat of a Hobson's choice - but what the hell would anyone expect.

Firstly, we cannot abide a laborite who pulled a coup on her boss.
Whatever the outcome she is gone.

The other choice is a conservative who pulled a coup on HIS boss not so many months before.
Short attention spans, sickening as that may be, might make for a win for the conservatives despite that first, trendsetting, spate of treachery.
Some choice we have – all jammed chockablock somewhere between eternal boredom and the unending misery of a pre-ordained outcome.

Then there is that joke referendum.
INCLUDE Abbos as Australians?

Give us a break you dimwits.

They ARE Australians, and always have been.
I was born in 1954.
My Lady Wife was born in 1954.

As far as we are concerned – we are BOONGS – BOORIES. – or -
(Difficult concept is it? I mean we were born here too. In result we are aboriginal Australians. We, Australian born, in result, are Boongs too. Strikes us that this is something too difficult for many in both camps to accept.)

As far as I’m concerned when the constitution ever gets around to admitting that AUSTRALIANS and all Australian citizens have a say in governance – then the First  People of Australia will have the First slice of the Action!
What sort of game are these bludgers playing by trying to differentiate between us all?

'Cos first thing that has to happen is that Australians gain command of governance and ethical process - instead of the likes of Gillard, Abbott and their incestuous faction dictating their blether downward to a passive and apathetic food source.

My lot of bludgers have been here since about 1860 something.
My son’s best friend ‘has the papers’.
His mob could go back for a little bit longer than 1860.
Does it matter?
Does it matter if we love and care for our friends and neighbours?

The best thing to do with the referendum is shove it in the bin.
(The matter of equality has nothing to do with skin colour or race. These days it is all about money, greed and corruption.)


If the true people have been on this island continent for 40,000 years – or 2,000 years or even 500 years – they were, in any case, here well before Cookie arrived and planted his stupid bloody naval flag.
And while we think about that at a time when our manufacturing capability is going to buggery - let's look at the near future -

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