Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Firstly – have the poms yet worked out that Julian these last many months has been saving all those establishments in the vicinity of the Ecuadorian Embassy the massive cost of private security?

I mean, what with all the barricades and rozzers lurking about day and night – there’s no way anyone with a spraycan of cheap paint is ever going to decorate a wall or smash a window in that part of town.

Here’s a precis’.

Leave all other arguments aside – if I had an embassy in London I reckon I’d put an advert in the Times (Is the 'Times' still operating?) asking for political asylum seekers to queue up at the door.

Some poor seeker of justice would cost SFA compared to all that police presence (which, after all, comes free.)

Surely the cost of providing food and board and a little internet time for one bloke must be insignificant - while the UK is footing the bill for all that security there?
One bloke may not be able to get out – on the other hand, no bastard can get in!

What do they reckon it has cost to date?
Is it four or five million quid?

Could it be that the Ecuadorians are one hell of a lot cannier than the Poms?
Cripes, what a lark. Lateral thinking and cost-saving outtasight!
A Win, Win, Win situation for them.

Payback for the Spanish Armada, maybe!

Meanwhile there has been a spot of bother in Sweden, again, lately.
Apparently, all fired up and screaming for a bonk – but forgetting, in the heat of the moment, where you’ve put your frangers (condoms, for the uninitiated) has paled, somewhat into insignificance lately - leastways compared, for instance, to a complete breakdown of the peace.
News is somewhat conspicuous by its absence here in OZ – but some hints trickle through that those who wanted to set Julian up have become bored with that game and have moved on to other matters.
(Bureaucrats tend to want to ‘keep moving on’ in order to freshen and fill out their resume’s in order to keep their funding rolling in.)

Then there has been the small matter of the last round of neo nazi riots in Sweden.
There you go –
Not a good look is it?
And not the first time in living memory.

Personally, I don’t blame Julian for not wanting to go there.
Would tend to become a bit tricky if you couldn’t speak Swedish when the local edition of the storming of the Bastille was happening.

(Now there’s another thought. How the hell did he manage to seduce these Swedish women without their language? Did he just count up to ten in French, whisper arithmetic in their shell pink ears, then let them melt in his arms?)

Or were they setting him up?
Hah. Things, in comparison, would probably be ideally peaceful when you are behind brick and stone, being guarded by a thousand bored rozzers whose own unsatisfactory sex lives, in these days of the grim reaper, have undoubtedly curtailed half the fun of being a cop.

Then the Senate.

Think about it.
Why add complexity to an already complex life.
The lad from Townsville would have to be completely off his rocker if for one second he believed that winning a raffle in Australia would save him from a fate worse than death in a US federal prison.

He has ideals and dare I say it, disciples – one at least who may be able to carry on as his proxy here in Oz if his rights and facility to return to Australia are also denied by the next regime here.

Let me borrow from those disgusting catch-phrases –
At ‘the end of the day’ he remains as the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ – the ‘conscience’ of the disenfranchised here in Oz.
He may not be perfect but cannot possibly be any worse than any of that army of bleeders hoping for a win in the federal raffle – those of zero intellect but bags of contacts out there in real estate, organized crime and drug rackets.

A new age is coming.
The ‘wingnut’ reckons he has a win.
Give that  bludger an adverse count in the Senate.
Make him work for his job.

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