Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Ever since she was set up to pull the coup on the geek from queensland – ms gillard and her faction have systematically destroyed any sense of loyalty toward the labor party.

I have no idea where she came from or where, after this, she intends to go –
Or what form of leverage she had over those pretending to support her –‘’But one thing is for sure – she and her cohort have utterly destroyed  the laborite vote.

An idiot would have to be blind and deaf not to notice her treachery since that coup.
Not to notice the complete lack of regard of the desperate need of the population.

It is impossible to believe that those bawling out for help and recognition out there in Australia would not have managed to have their voices heard in Canberra.

The fact is that their voices were ignored out of hand.
We had one of the same sort back here, recently, in queensland. (Bligh)

Once her team of bludgers was turfed out she immediately disappeared out of state.

Leaving us with a turnout now - even worse than that of old Joh Bjelke Petersen.

There are a few months left before the next raffle.

This traitor and her faction should be dismissed from office before the election.

If none of you have the courage enough to demand that – then at least, just to give them the shits, vote for the slug and her useless, traitorous faction in party.

Then arrange to turf her/them out in the same way she dealt with Kev immediately afterward.

But none of you bludgers are courageous enough to do that, are you?

You’ll all soon hear the hard news from the new pm.
The barking cough and expletives telling you all about the new order and how tough the next many years will be.

And you’ll swallow it – because all you suckers voted for the  smarmy article

Then, like with howard – you’ll all creep off to your ballot box sometime in the future and sink that bludger too.
By then it will be too late and some other corrupt mug will have to offer himself to pretend to lead this dump out of the cack.
It costs a fair amount of money to dredge this dump out of the cack caused by capitalists and their interests.
By the time the next toolhead dreams up his plan it will be far too late.
The whole outfit will be ‘privatised’ and owned by someone else.

And none of you dimbulbs will ever learn.

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