Saturday, May 25, 2013

“Drug mining problem”

Det Supt Holahan seems to suggest that the mining industry has a problem.
Leastways miners with a high disposable income might.

A hint of that is presented here –

It appears that according to the ABC and the industry  that the synthetic drugs being sold to these miners is an escalating problem which, according to the authorities, tends to defeat drug tests.

Perhaps that is why my Lady Wife presented a few months back with only 25% kidney function which tests over some months  by ‘qld health’ could not provide any cause.

I’m confident that I can provide the cause.

The cause I’ve been mentioning on these pages is the industrial scale drug synthesis operation in our neighbourhood.

The cause of her illness relates to the fact that we are being poisoned on a daily basis by a stream of poison blowing on the breeze into our home from somewhere nearby.
It wouldn’t take much of a brain to work out which way the prevailing wind blows – but for some strange reason there is not much ‘whole of government’ interaction here in this corrupt little ‘Godzowncuntry’.

So, I suppose that I’ll just have to settle down and watch that beautiful little lady I first met when we were both sixteen – I suppose that I’ll just have to watch her sicken -----

But fuck that hell and crooked.
Let’s look at those who, for whatever reason, support these arseholes.

I have this lovely letter here from the premier of queensland about “police condoning and protecting a shop – that certain police have been intimidating us”.
Naturally, it hands everything back on the CMC.

Now why in hell did I contact the office of premier ‘cando newman’???????

‘Cos those reprobates in the cmc sent me a letter back in mid January or so.
That letter pretended to address this crapola –

Which was presented to the cmc along with an official complaint about ‘police condoning and protecting’ the drug crazed loon over the road uttering, what would in any reasonable person’s estimation be considered to be, a death threat.
The cmc pretended that the police ethics command would contact us.
We keep holding our breath about that one.

Meanwhile the tome from cando’s office tells us to report our concerns about the local meth lab to the same lot who threaten us whenever we complain about it.

Duh! Haven’t we been down the chain of command already?

Then ‘cando’s letter tells us to report our poisoning and our concerns about the faction in police to ‘crimestoppers’.

Gods save us. We’d become convinced that bligh’s lot was corrupt beyond recall.

At least her pathetic turnout just ignored any form of representation.

This is about prime organised crime of the worst sort.

By the way. As I write this garbage I often reflect on those of my ancestors on both sides of my family – and of those of my wife’s family.
Quite some many of them listed there on the rolls and honour boards until that beattie jerk extinguished their names with his regionalization of the constitutionally non-existant local government.

While I write this stuff I often wonder whether they would have been as corrupt as the mob of compromised bludgers these days.

And I come to the conclusion that none of them would ever have had the chance.

Too many watching them and too many directly involved in governance and working together toward a future for their families.

Maybe I might get around to scanning those letters from cando and the cmc sometime?
But what would that matter?

None of you  thousands of bludgers who read these pages have the  balls to send your cards and letters in.

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