Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Oh Yeah. The truth then.
How about some truth now.

Might it surprise you that combat veterans after WWII, korea, VietNam, and all those horrid little engagements –
Might it surprise you that many, returning after surviving what outrage our ‘raffle winners’ have caused – had some trouble readjusting to civil society?

I mean, what the fuck are they supposed to do?
Take up midwifery, wood turning or basket weaving, for chrissakes?

As it happened, a fair few couldn’t handle the boredom – couldn’t afford an exciting lifestyle, either in the capitalist mould, or basket weaving .

So they decided to band together with, at least, the tag-end of something within their abilities which might offer them some semblance of fun and freedom.

Whatever the reason behind that choice – a fair number of the marginalized and disaffected of those generations decided to create motorcycle clubs.

I doubt very much that by doing this they intended thumbing their noses at ‘authority’.

Mainly because by then they had lost all respect for ‘authority’ and saw no need for any more bullshit in their lives.

For some strange reason ‘authority’ has an amazing problem with people who have lost all respect for them and the temporary tenure of raffle winners.

Yep, they, the politicians and their acolytes, are indeed parasitic sub-species feeding on misplaced adoration and exploiting other people’s energy and money.

It IS fact.
Ask anyone who pretends to represent ‘authority’ here in boganvillia and they’ll tell you in any of a thousand ways “sorry, I can’t help you”.

Tell that same ‘representative’, or his acolyte -“sorry, I don’t want your ‘help’, mr g-man” – and the bastard will hang around like a blue arsed fly – usually calling in ten or more of his mates to give you a hard time.

Here is the core of the issue.

It has often been mentioned in the literature that the ‘biker’ phenomenon – the one percenters – that sort of thing, have developed, from time to time, into a succession of criminal countercultures threatening mainstream society.

It is true that motorcycles are indeed a mode of transport that offers exhilaration as a reward for acquired skill and therefore is attractive to those who personally value those attributes and appreciate such skills among their peers; however the appreciation and application of such skills does not forge a criminal society.

Other, more learned commentators have researched the situation well enough to realise that without these intergenerational peer groups acting as a societal safety valve we could have seen at various times, during the last sixty/seventy years, mirrors of what happened in nazi germany.

Our learned ones have, in fact, noted several occurrences of somewhat dictatorial regimes succeeding and sometimes thriving without any involvement of ‘bikies’; often in result of bikies not being a particularly obvious sub-set in those societies.

A dispassionate study of pre- Borbidge queensland (it was about the time of his regime that increased importation of H-D and other large capacity vee twin motorcycles began) might reveal some interesting aspects of ‘middle management, command and control’ in both the public and private sectors.

While it cannot be denied that queensland once relied upon an especially wretched form of pure nepotism to supply the dump with its quota of lords and masters; a situation arose where the traditional, overprevileged school-bully type required reinforcement.

Of course, the majority of this sort became noticed at school and college because they were ‘good at games’ – character building, hey, what?

And back then the schools and colleges were the focal point for character building games.
Consequently, the prize dolts of empire mostly went to school and while they engaged in games on the playing fields and later at night in the dormitories they mostly, at least, learned to read and write.

All of which was well and fine: an unsophisticated populace, eternally being shoved and dicked about by a public service of about the same level of sophistication as those who arrived with the First Fleet.

Then, as mentioned above, during Borbidge’s regime – at about that time the Harleys began arriving here in volume – there was a salient change in sport.
Those who played ‘serious’ games became ‘professionals’.

In other words overnight they became overpaid – were driven this way or that by petty sports politics.
They needed to resort to ‘performance enhancing drugs’.
Their personal values and ethical standards slumped below traditional sportsmanship (one could assume in result of the pressures they were under).
In no wise were they any different from their equally institutionalised predecessors in not being averse to a spot of bar-room fisticuffs, the odd gang-bang, or quiet pack-rape.
But these days (and here is the big question) can any of these cunts write, read, or reason some document placed under their noses?

And yet this dump is filling middle management with this sort once they’ve reached their use-by-date in ‘sport’. The practice continues – but the ground-rules have changed under their somewhat blistered feet.

Meanwhile, the boganvillia polis farce have been actively recruiting pork from south africa - no longer welcome in south africa.

Okay. Who the hell would want pigs that had been sacked in south africa, then?
Is that such an unreasonable question?

All this is a matter of public record.

In other words – compartmentalise, disenfranchise, and suppress our veterans, the societally disinterested and those slightly disaffected and just round ‘em up for giving some expatriate, psycho, south African coon-basher the well-deserved finger of scorn – or for giving some superannuated rugby player nothing more than the good old ‘California Howdy’.

But only if they happen to ride scooters; eh, mein fuhrer.

Hey, fuhrer – its new year’s eve. I can hear ‘em out the front.
They aren’t on motorcycles and it isn’t yet 9.00pm.

But I can assure you that they already sound reeling drunk, off their tiny faces, or both.

So tell me, mr.fuhrer – who the hell of your team can I call on to help me protect the lives and property of MY family when it all goes pear-shaped again, out there tonight?

Why do you prefer to continue and escalate beattie's policy of recruiting psycho goons from failed states overseas when we have an overabundance of blokes looking for your sort of work here?

Most homeborn boganvillians would much prefer to be intercepted at gunpoint by some equally homeborn crazed, tattooed loonie riding a police motorcycle - rather than being shot out of hand (for running an amber light) by some imported mercenary riding a police motorcycle.

Come on fuhrer newman - it really is a bad look.
And one day very soon you will be a private citizen again.
You will then be an elderly private citizen in the world you have created.

Cause and effect.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Don’t expect any pansy reviews of the latest bodice ripper.

It is just that whenever I cruise into the local library for some reading matter there is so little choice amongst those scores of thousands of published titles available to me.

So little choice?
Fact. So little choice.

Let me explain.
Unless that broad stream of history I’ve been fed all my life and those ethical standards ground into my sorry pelt while being raised as an Anglican are completely wrong – then, for the life of me, I cannot find any author in that pathetic library who disagrees with me.

Disagrees with me about what?

For instance – I cannot find any author who is prepared to swear on a any stack of holy books that human rights violations allegedly perpetrated, say, under the regimes of the likes of Adolph Hitler, Jo Stalin, Pol Pot, or Ceausescu, was right.

There may be something published by the odd apologist or denialist – but even they all agree that their argument is about and still surrounds the fact that bastardry, brutality, suppression, and various tones of ethnic, racial, religious ‘cleansing’ – or any such organized and applied discrimination – is completely unconscionable.
They admit that bastardry is bastardry - then deny their people caused such bastardry.

So, unless I’m being denied some special ‘back-room’ facility at our local library – I’m afraid that even the fascist leaning authors stacked there amongst those countless thousands of rather weighty books tend to agree with me - that bastardry is and remains, bastardry.

To put that plainly – any idiot brainy enough to write a book and have it published would have to accept that causing anyone harm causes that same person pain and trauma.
The same applies to their relatives, friends and associates – likewise any population or segment of a population so affected.

Apparently, though, the rules are different in ‘boganvillia’.

Back to the library -
Don’t get me wrong. There are a few books there touching on ‘certain practices’ – involving certain people who, for whatever reason, seem to ‘get their rocks off’ with a bit of pain – or causing others a bit of pain.

The learned consensus is, however, that the ‘subjects of these studies’ might do well with a bit of ‘help’.

All of which leads me to the conclusion of this article –
• Our society is supposedly founded upon a bunch of ‘reasonable expectations’.
• We all may ‘reasonably expect’ those centuries of brainstorming by our philosophers and ethicists have resulted in the establishment of a set of rules based upon those ‘reasonable expectations.
• Therefore anyone, or any regime, denying, defying, or dispensing with those societal mores has placed themselves in the zone of those needing ‘help’.
• Yet, there exists international law supported by national law placing such activity by nation states as outside the law.
• And in consequence, so it seems, the state of, what was once queensland, now ‘boganvillia’, by the recent actions of its ‘ruling junta’ – is now ‘outlaw’ in the jaded eyes of the rest of this world.
• Indeed. They tear the rest of us down with them.

And in conclusion –
Are they simple lads temporarily having lost their way?
Or are they a corrupt klatch of bastards too damned stupid to work out – ‘what comes around, goes around – then bites you in the jugular’.

Actually, it doesn’t matter.
One thing for sure they don’t read much – for if they bothered to read, they’d damned well know from the lessons of the past how they are marking time now but fucking the future.

That might be an indicator of their egos, their mentality.

So little choice here in this dump when that library offers so many hints about what life SHOULD BE LIKE – how life CAN BE LIKE – were we not all ground down by a succession of cross-wired, shit ignorant thugs who claim to be our ‘representatives’ ‘constituting’ our ‘puppet parliaments’.

Is that why their sort so much enjoy burning books and locking people up in concentration camps?

Saturday, December 28, 2013


It takes a fair amount of time.

It takes time because you damned well know what you’ll discover when you go looking.
Then when you begin discovering the truth – how it turns your stomach.

The last few months a fair proportion of the population of this ‘once but now deceased’ queensland have been trying to figure out precisely what the present junta are up to.

This ‘bikie’ crap they are frothing at the mouth about.

Oh, don’t worry you braindead rednecks – we all know that there are a fair number of utter bastards out there disposing of their ‘black cash’ by buying motorcycles, fast cars, fancy watches, diamond studded cock-rings and other ‘bling’.

And a fair number of these new age wonks, having lately arrived in australia from the levant, old Yugoslavia, Egypt, Syria and fuck only knows where else, are playing the same games here/now as made them unpopular there - back where these arseholes came from.

Having cash to buy bling, bikes and sado cock-rings doesn’t make any of these cunts ‘bikies’.

But here is the crunch – To horn in the above sort need to find a clique they can impress, then therefore exploit.

Face it dim-bulbs – the western press have occasionally set up the new Czar - Vlad Putin rattling about on the odd motorcycle and captured him ‘topless’ riding ‘dobbinski’, the Kremlin’s last surviving pony.

What we have to remember (once we work it out) is who actually let these manipulative psychopaths into this country.

Because without any doubt whatsoever it was not the local motorcycle club that approved their entry/residence permits into Australia.
I have seen no headlines whatsoever, like – “’Devil’s Deros™’ sponsor war criminal’s new job as bank manager” – or anything resembling it.

So, if you stand back and look at the situation – it slowly leaks into your consciousness that the sons and daughters of the same old corrupt ‘public service’ – those addled products of nepotism – have done the same job in this age as their daddies and mommies did back in the past.

(I’d like to express this in some stronger fashion – but I lack sufficient ‘cuss’ words to express my contempt for another generation of manipulative bastards setting up THIS generation of artless, innocent, but relatively warry motorcycle riders for a mirror of the likes that happened, say, during the Victoria Street scuffles behind King’s Cross a generation ago.)

Nor do I have the contacts to organize a meeting with the dorks causing us all this nausea.

It would be great to line up newman, (a failed grunt) Dempsey, (a failed pig) and that toy-boy of theirs, ‘jarrod, the incompetent’.

Where was I?

That’s right – I was talking about the liar’s dance and how these charmers mentioned above seem to have such a weenie, simplistic, totally false concept about unlawfulness, corruption and their central place in that mire here in boganvillia.

Either they are beyond clueless; totally, impossibly, incompetent – or they really are in cahoots with those wog arseholes they and their laborite pals have invited in – how they are burning the ‘candle of state’ at both ends in a way not too different from what was going on in joh’s time (and in beattie’s time for that matter.)

Oh, for chrissakes; anyone with a tenth of a brain can see that the full weight of the ‘law’ is going to be utilized to clear out a whole bunch of relatively harmless (albeit somewhat argumentative) non-conformists (to whit - ‘bikies’) off the decks so that a real mob of murderous, utterly amoral, prime arseholes can insert themselves (with the fuhrer’s blessing) into some societal space that, at surface, resembles the ‘bikies’niche.

But that’s the problem with queensland (last month, newmania, now boganvillia). Nine-tenths of the population of this dump, individually, have less than a tenth of average reasoning capacity – leastways since that southern invasion of poxed, punch-drunk, duh-wits the last few decades.

Further to this and has so often been mentioned before –

The idiot writing this crap isn’t doing it because he’s bored or ever DISAFFECTED WITH THE CONCEPT OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS.

But when some sub-set of sub-humans over the road get to call instantly on the services of what passes as police in this failed state.
When a mob of meth-brewing shiteheels put the weights on you and your family WITH POLICE SUPPORT – then you damned well know that there’s MORE than a certain amount of corruption in the precinct.

When you complain through ‘command channels’ (here that alleged premier, once being of the defence farce, should undoubtedly know what I mean) and get a letter back from the ‘premier’ himself –
• When you get a letter back from his office ‘sympathising’ for the stress that the odd death threat might have caused us –
• When that premier’s people have actually heard (no doubt recorded it at their end) the death threats he so much ‘sympathises’ about –

Then in that situation, without any doubt, an alleged ‘premier’ well advised by the ‘local member’ is a cynical cunt who doesn’t give a fuck about any of his citizens and that in consequence the rule of law in boganvillia has well and truly collapsed beyond repair.

FUBAR – would be one of those jolly acronyms newman might remember from his time in defence.

Stands for – fucked beyond all recall.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Yesterday, xmas day, the stinkers over the road (the meth brewers and their mates) were absent.
They (thank fuck) stayed away again today.

This evening I went out, after dark to see if there was any sign of the feral cat that my Lady Wife had been feeding these last several months.
Then, as I was coming back inside – they arrived.

Two extremely fat arseholes in a ute towing a ‘tinnie’.

For some reason these fat, useless, cunts (without any doubt an element of ‘rent-a-car/rent – a crowd™’ have to stop in our tiny corner of the world, either to dump their garbage – score from the meth-lab over the road – or just give us the shits.

This time they parked and went through whatever procedure was in their tiny minds directly in front of our neighbour’s house.

As it happened, ha, ha, that is exactly where I was standing.

So I politely asked the mega-obese cunt what the hell he was up to (without, you understand, being ‘prejudicial’ or ‘confrontationalist’).

Despite all my efforts to be polite to his sort –
He told me (for all the usual reasons that occur to his sort of allegedly‘empowered’ but totally braindead, misinformed, lardarsed, fuckwits) that he had every right to park there and dump whatever nausea he had on-board his tinnie onto/into the streets of our neighbourhood.

No fucking problem for that slobbery arse-with-ears.
That cunt has ‘rights’.

Of course the shitehead had every right to dump his stinking fishguts there.

Of course he was so on the ball as he was leaving – that when I gave him the finger – he stopped, wallowed out of his vehicle and wanted to have a ‘go’ at me.
As did his fat, useless, mate.

Big question, then. Why is this silly bastard of sixty years - still here writing this account - after their threats?

The gutless cunts!

That prize arsehole (and his suety poofta mate) can go fishing, gut his catch into the bilge of his cheapjack little tinnie - pull up anywhere he likes, then pull his bilge plugs and dump his stinking filth in front of our neighbour’s home.

No big deal and pretty typical of what happens around here lately – but something happening around here with increasing regularity.
And for some reason, if you catch this scum at their game, then tell ‘em to piss off - their sort of shit somehow believe they have police protection for their pathetic behaviour.

Nice people these blow-in filth – temporarily living in sunny queensland.

In fact they behave in no different fashion than the arseholes running this state lately.
(Mostly they are blow-in filth too.)

Quite interesting that those arseholes running the show here in boganvillia and the filth they keep attracting, sub-contracting north into the mining industry seem to have approximately the same base standards and morals.
( I seriously wonder whether the ‘masters’ are onto the same substances as their mates in the mining industry.)

To move on -
Both societal sub-sets are as out-of-sight touchy, overaggressive, overwound and inclined to behaving in ways outside any of the accepted rules of any decent society.

Utter flaming pig-dogs, both, at top and bottom – with decent people being crunched as some sandwich filling?
And each day it only gets worse.
At some stage – all this crap has to stop.

Before some poor silly, honest fuckwit decides that ‘enough is enough’?

Let’s read what Churchill, the megalomaniac, said –
“If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”

Which reasonably accurately describes what is going on in newmania/boganvillia – that utterly failed state that was once queensland.

Let’s face it. Joh was a bastard – but at least he stopped short of -------------------
Let’s face it – Joh didn’t have access to the sort of electronic horror these bastards have at their disposal.

But these latter day pig-dogs do!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This says it all –
http://www.medicalobserver.com.au/news/gp-claims-police-brutality-while-defending-patient -
now who, as an individual, or as an organization employed by the citizenry, in order to protect the citizenry, could go past that as an exemplar.

It was endemic in queensland before it ‘officially’ became ‘newmania’, then ‘boganvillia’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stl8FCTh0j8

Big problem is that eternal compact – that big fucking ha, ha, guaranteeing every shiteheel who wins the raffle of cross-party cover-up for every corrupt act ‘he,she,it’ perpetrates.

It is only when any ‘he,she,it’ actually rats on their alleged colleagues in the ‘parliamentary tontine’ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tontine
- that they are ‘regretfully exposed’ as various sorts of ‘deviant vermin’ and ‘swamp gas’, then promptly incarcerated without fair trial.

Anyone with half a brain can see what’s happening here.
A mob of prime arseholes waiting for ‘payback time’ – ever since joh was invited to retire.

Some raffle winners (aware of the oversight) immediately after his time – too damned gutless to move.

Then beattie turned up and let the pigs run again.
Then bliar (as beattie damned well knew) was too bloody busy with fuck-all, even to notice that she was accidentally premier of queensland.

Then jughead junior somehow waggled his ears into the top job.

Which I reckon is the biggest conspiracy, the biggest cover-up of all time.

The REAL aliens, the nasty buggers, all happen to have REALLY BIG, POINTY, EARS.

Case in point. Billy McMahon didn’t even bother disguising his alien-ness or his pointy ears.
He may have been our prime minister for a few months – but that sucker would never had any problem hanging upside down with our fruit-bats up in the mango trees.

Likewise ‘jughead’, our present ‘pm’.
Flapping great ears and those dripping canines too.

Then we have this latter day neo- fascist, newman up here in boganvillia.

And all this shit is there in the phone directories and instantly available on the world wide web.
But none of those cunts – never one of them or those frosty darlings supposedly employed by those raffle winning arseholes at your expense –

None of that filth EVER reply or respond in an ethical, timely, or decent fashion to those who request and require their support.

Which, firstly, gives a fair indication as to why this country is fucked beyond any recall and why I no longer bother, any longer, even trying to write sense.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Don’t bother watching this.

Newman is right.
None of you idiots out there deserve justice.

Take no notice (you stupid bastards) that even australia’s most corrupt judiciary refuses to apply the supposed ‘mandates’ of newmans’s fascist regime against all those ‘bikies’.

Any premier with half a brain opr sense of decency would resign in this situation – in his self-created, clusterfuck, situation.

Who the hell would ever have believed that another such disgusting article would ever have been plonked into the front seat of such a loser state ever again.

Why, a fair way into the 21st century, are we being fucked about by this complete dummkopf?

Maybe I can tell you why – you stupid bastards.

For some strange reason it is the height of summer again. All you silly cunts are still coming up to q – sorry, ‘boganvillia’ – hoping to get jobs and cheap drugs in the ‘mining boom’.

None of your lot have ever worked out, or cared before you arrived here, that the jobs don’t really exist – or that, once you arrive here - that newman, Dempsey , their pals have taken over from beattie, bligh and their pals to strip you all of your last assets and send you to perdition.

Work it out, you idiots.
You are nothing but expendable pond-scum in their view.

Over the last two or three decades their sort have consolidated an industry dedicated toward stripping you all of the last of your assets and putting it directly into their pockets.

Cunning fools up here – fleecing them – then sending them on their way.

Call ‘em what you like – robber barons, pox mongers, arseholes or thieves –
That’s what they all are.

And the shiteheels connected with newman and Dempsey, up here now, are robbing you poor southern immigrant suckers blind.

Mind you – our piss poor town is, for too bloody many years, way overfull of you southern excrement.

Maybe the pigdogs exploiting you southerners are doing us locals a favour by sending you on your way?

But don’t ever write in and spit your dummy, will you, you southern dorks.


So what’s yer problem, you wonkers, out there in cyberspace?

Cats got yer tongues, have they?

Or is this whole experiment of ours fairly demonstrating what we’ve always suspected?
That this whole internet jig is compromised, third-party edited, therefore censored, beyond recall.

Surely there is some idiot out there reading this who would either write in expressing their discontent with the micro-management of their lives by those greedy, acquisitive, ‘governmental’, fuckwits of the modern world?

Either that, or the greedy, acquisitive, total fuckwits of the modern world would be writing in to tell us that the team here is full of shit.

It goes without saying (Ha) that we’d like some comment from the latter team so that we can chew. ‘em up and spit ‘em out.

But where are they?

And that is entirely enough of that for the moment.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

- “Is campbell newman an alien?”

Well, as far as I’m concerned, like Mr. Spock and Abbott, he’s got the ears for the job.
And in newman’s case the bald head, the rubber lips and that bloody pig ignorant attitude toward queensland citizens.

Goes back to that old saw – if it looks like one and acts like one – then it must, bloody well BE one.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campbell_Newman - there you go. They reckon the arschlosch was born in Canberra.
That DEFINITELY makes that newman article an alien.

Shall we use this as a guide –
Just sit down and watch this abject crap.

After all it is brought to you by the trustworthy national geographic people.
That same ‘honest joe’ mob who’ve been shoving that ‘al gore’ crap down your necks ever since he needed a new and rewarding job.

But there it is if you want to watch.
A mob of apparently, mech/tech aliens harvesting the face of the earth, supposedly, for ‘chlorophyll and protein’.

Personally, I think it is a somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’ dig at the REAL ALIENS like the present illegal dictator of ‘boganvillia’ (the once queensland) and the sort now coming out of the ‘fuck the environment’ closet in canberra.

After all, the ‘aliens’ in this national Geographic’s piss poor fright show were only harvesting the SURFACE of our sensitive little planet.
(If you think about that for a few secs you might come to agree with me that they are amateurs – new boys in town.)

But newman and his ilk intend to scourge what’s UNDER THE SURFACE and as to what happens up top – apparently they don’t give a flying fuck.

They don’t give a fuck whether up top, down below, sideways or hell west and crooked.

Do you know why?

Because they’ll line their pockets – then piss off.

Because that stupid video put out by the ‘national geographic’ is by way of being what was once called a ‘passion play’. Leastways, a sort of passion play.

A confection designed to make you think.
A piece of hyperbole with a hidden message.
Something the ‘masters’ wouldn’t bother to suppress – ‘cos it appeared to be so simplistic and childish.

Yet the message is there and plain to see – the extra-terrestrial aliens only wanted what was easily available – nothing much more than the robber barons and the capitalists have been stealing from the peasantry for thousands of years.

Nothing more than their produce and their poor investment in life.

But the present mob of arch bastards pretending to be our ‘government’ intend to steal the very ground (its mineral wealth) from under their feet.

So these wankers (for whatever reason came into their tiny minds) put up this ‘passion play’ about ‘survival humankind’.

If you bothered watching it – the suggestion was for ‘americans’ (and by default, the rest of the world) to plan ahead in order to somehow counter some sort of alien invasion.

But you silly bastards won’t work any of that out.

Nor work out the following -

They hinted that ‘americans’ should actively engage in arranging survival plans – including ensuring they had weapons, plenty ammunition and a fair deal of explosives at their disposal. (Ha. What a joke, these days)

They strongly suggested that patriots should be survivalists.
In fact they hinted that American patriots not only would need to adopt the tactics of, say, the Taliban – but they would be fighting side by side with them; apparently all against this ephemeral, extra-terrestrial alien foe!

Yes, you brainless dickheads out there – this is a fictional scenario about an ‘alleged earth invasion out of interstellar space’?

And while our raffle winning aliens are secretly signing off deals to sell off the most part of underground Australia off to the LOWEST bidder (‘Cos that’s how those amoral, alien arseholes gain their cut) – we’re all s’pposed to be sitting, shitting our britches back at the ranch worrying about all that cheap jack Disney crap stuffed into our eyeballs.

Put it this way.
I’d Love an alien invasion of the sort portrayed there – to happen here.
For one thing they’d at least suck up all that biomass - those obese, useless, meth crazed, loonie fuckwits that have invaded queensland from Victoria these last twenty years and more.

That’d be a damned good start.

Then those aliens might hoover up parliament house when all those raffle winners are present.

If these nasty interstellar aliens portrayed so amateurishly in this –
- managed to do us this small favour – then they might find themselves offered a victory parade – grateful queensland maidens stuffing bouquets down their gun barrels – that sort of thing.

Jesus wept and one thing is for sure – it’d definitely make a mighty change to see only the top harvested.

PS –
Notice how I space everything out so that even a simpleton can read my spite.
I do try to use simple words and even some vernacular.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013



He was once a ‘straight arrow’; a Naval Reservist and had a career within the state system.
As the years passed he learned that something wasn’t quite kosher within that system, within queensland.

Yet, before he became totally disillusioned he was sent away on a ‘course’.

It was years before he said anything about this to me.
And when he finally did - he only sketched the outlines, the bare bones, of what he’d been told.

There was the advert in a popular biker magazine – make your own guns, explosives and nasty devices – just send us your details along with a few dollars and we’ll send you the booklet.
It was true.
What the advert didn’t mention was that your name and details would go on to a national database then being cooked up in Canberra – that, ha, ha, your own money PAID for your name to be eternally filed there.

There was this thing about the incredible percentage of our ‘citizens’ prepared to act as ‘stool pigeons’, as unpaid informers – all poised to dob in members of their family, friends, acquaintances and associates.

Even the record of books borrowed from the local library was being sent away to be number crunched.

Recently they’ve been pretending that the habitual monitoring of communications has somehow crept-in beneath the event horizon.

Bullshit – its been happening for years.

In fact, we’ve all been living in an amazingly, outstandingly, unprofessional excuse for a Stasi-state for decades.

So sergeant Schultz, for instance, visits the pub and (with his permission) records his conversation with Dypso O’Donahue.
Dypso has a personal hate on who he perceives as his commie, feminist, artist, neighbour, Sherise McLeod, whose dog ‘Titswobble’ wakes him up every morning at dawn.

So Dypso tells Schultz that his neighbour entertains lots of men.

Which means that, despite the easily verifiable fact that Sherise is indeed the busy chairperson of the regional arts committee, her name and details will be entered as a person ‘known to police’ on the national database.

Easy as that!

And what is all this crapola about?

Absolutely nothing whatsoever of national importance, I can assure you.

This island continent which they once told us was one of the top wealthiest and most progressive nations is now nothing but the grand sociological experiment.

Somehow we managed to inherit this resource and opportunity rich southern landmass after the poms annexed it on the cheap.

They established a system of occupation that not only nearly exterminated the original Australians but also exploited the buggery out of their own people stupid enough to come to these shores.
That historical record has not been the worst – but, by God, it has not been the best.
Then as pax Britannica wained the seppos took over.

“All the way with LBJ.’ he sarcastically proclaimed a few months before going paddling in the Southern Ocean.

So what the hell did Holt mean?
Was he suggesting the yanks were indeed fucking us?

Is that why he so mysteriously disappeared?

Has Australian politics been somewhat more ‘cut and thrust’ than the ‘Gay Bee Cee’ ever let on?

And if so – then that might explain why we’ve been ‘monitored’ all these years (probably nothing more or less, until recently, than the ‘standard operating procedures initiated by our first military governors – then perpetuated as a matter of convenience).

Which also fairly explains why we don’t have any semblance of a charter of rights in this dump.

Getting back to the subject –
I suppose it is some display of the zealousness, leastways the misguided ingenuity of the running dogs and acolytes of the system that has held this place together since 1788.
Corrupt, perverted and perverse damned near every one of those articles may have been – but at least until recently they’d also beavered away at creating some small amount of infrastructure.

Our old queensland hospitals, for instance, might have looked more like military barracks than hospitals.
But at least they were clean, cool, open, well ventilated, open to the air and cleansing sunlight, well built and usually well staffed by caring, motivated and usually overworked professionals.

These days they are closed in boxes – the staff usually as sick and jaded as their patients and overworked and underpaid more than ever before.

This Stasi state –
Exactly where is it going?
When will it reach its eutectic point – that state of sudden melt-down?
When will all those slimers – those informers, turn on their masters?

Can’t be much longer judging by the panic being evinced by the brizzo politburo lately.

In fact, if any honest political commentator had balls enough to have their say – they’d suggest that the sort of thing recently being expelled from the bowels of the newman regime ( the vlad crap, etc.) may well be in result of the involuntary spasms of a very sick and dying creature.

Leastways HOPEFULLY a dying creature.
Since the useless bludgers (for unfathomable reasons of their own) ARE fucking with people’s lives along the lines as I described above.

And there is PROFIT in there for them.
Asset stripping profit is what they seem to be about.
Annex this, steal that, put Joe and Moe out of business here and there – then pinch their assets and land.

So sick – so bloody obvious that even the judiciary are cracking a shit.

But, I suspect, only because they are suddenly, recently, being cut out of the action.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Exteen years ago I set up, then managed the first motorcycle toy runs in this sorry burgh.
I was up against the burghers AND the creeps in the bikie scene.

I was up against the whole show of useless twats in this foul community.

Except for the little lady who helped me trowel the city.
Leastways I hoped she did.
I started at one end of our sorry little burgh – she at the other.

We met at the middle and I accepted her word that we, between us, had covered the lot.
Stupidly enough – there was one bloke who gave me a world of support.

Clem Campbell, the member for our sorry burgh rode a step-through scooter with his young daughter on the pillion on that first toy run. Bless Clem and bless his young lady, daughter.

Meanwhile I was writing this document about official approval of black helmets and all sorts of crap that didn’t interest me.

In fact I had become involved in a load of crap that didn’t interest me in the slightest.

I had become involved in ‘politics’.
I had become involved in a world of bargearse nausea.

I’d wanted to collect nothing more than xmas toys for disadvantaged kids.
Yet a mob of harley riding idiots wanting to wear black motorcycle helmets and wanting to take over the ‘motorcycle rider’s association’ came to me to tell me their agenda.

Yep – they ‘took over’ the local MRA and a few weeks later – it folded.

A mob of bludgers. A mob of half-wits.
A mob of idiots no way much different from the arseholes who likewise whiteanted the sporting shooter’s association a few years later.

In fact, a few of the drecks who whiteanted the motorcycle rider’s association, amazingly enough, were also there, moved on, to whiteant the sporting shooter’s association a few years later.

Funny, that.

Were these ‘whiteants, perchance, in government employ??????????

Of course they were.

The useless bludgers.


Simple as that, I reckon. JEALOUSY.
Tooth grinding, teeth shattering – jealousy.

Bikers have more fun – their partners are far outtasight more fun, the bonking is free, the partying is free – except for that world of nausea the jealous have been causing lately.

Who are these raffle winning imbiciles ‘jealous’?
Reasonably bloody obvious ain’t it.

The feckin’ pikers – the ‘straight arrows’ – the fundamentalists – the west world Taliban – the goddamned killjoys – the fun haters – the everythingphobes.
The idiots causing this nausea should be wearing starched, ruffled, collars and high, dutch hats – the sort of smelly clothing their poxed sort wore back then during the witch hunts.

These days – all that filth who support and cover up for the loonies that they employ in the legal system, in the polis, ‘emergency services’, in education, health and in every other level of what they pretend is ‘governance’.
Its been going on for centuries – Right?

These days their sort troll the whole show – cyberspace and all the various plottskys of utter uselessness.

It all cyclically devolves to a mob of overweening sad sacks who win their raffles – and then go, spasmoid, power mad.

These days they claim to want WOMEN to be involved 50/50 in their parliamentary chicanery.

Does that mean that those the granddaughters of ‘capable young women’ “Rita and Tina” in Victoria St. Kings Cross – now have to grow nine inch long tongues? – in order to please a new political gender?

Or will their grandsons be put into a more ‘conventional’service?

If you are with me – in order to adequately ‘entertain’ a satisfactory ‘mix’ of our, new age, erstwhile parliamentarians.

Forgive me.
I only mention this ‘cos I was entertained myself watching the bludgers visiting the whores in Kings Cross, way back then, more than half a lifetime ago.

Moving along a bit.

So how and why did Billy Sneddon die?

One thing for sure is that the old goat ‘died on the job’.
(And personally, I give him a ‘Koala Stamp’ for managing that)

We might also ask when, how and why, where and when, Billy’s intimate, his colleague Malcolm F, lost HIS trousers?

Put it another way –
The historical record of our parliamentary conservatives is somewhat tarnished.

A REASONABLE person trolling through their embarrassment could/would easily come to the conclusion that they are all a slimy mob of corrupt cunts playing the game for nothing but their own corrupt, skewbald, benefit.

And that reasonable person would be all too right.

A lifetime ago, before the construction of the panopticon these righteous arseholes got away with everything up to and including murder.

These days the panopticon is well and truly operational yet they (leastways their smarmy, allegedly politically conservative little beneficiaries) are still getting away with everything. – while bringing their latter day running dogs down on anyone else wanting a spot of fun or showing the least amount of class.

If any lessons are to be learned by those believing themselves to be the high and mighty here (in Australia/queensland/newmania/boganvillia) it is about a certain class of people increasingly avoiding the place like poison – avoiding investing in the place - having anything to do with the dump.

In their view if a mob of corrupted reactionary bastards have their ‘fun police’ patrolling the streets, (skulking around corners, lurking here and there,) ready to bust their sons and daughters – for what?

Ready to bust ‘em for, say, something as mundane as sharing a spliff with the locals?

Or them meeting up later at some party fully intending to go for a midnight ride on a motorcycle with some of the local ‘rough’?

Consider –
Do we want human inbreeding in queensland/boganvillia?
Of course not.

Leads to imbecility - hare lips, endless drooling, short sightedness, barking, and much worse.

Y’know – the sort of stuff we see in parliament. Barking dogs. Imbeciles. Drooling fuckwits?

Which is precisely why we need the hybrid vigour of the biker caste and their relentless cohabiting with, and cleaving on to, the wayward, high breasted, daughters of the capitalist class.

AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!! – No bloody wonder those gutless, amoral, raffle winning jerks in the citadel, in brizzo, are so fucking jealous of just about everything and everyone not of their mind-set and of their disgusting mould.

So why not let nature take her course?
Let the sons of technicians, engineers, tradesmen and warriors (all those smelly bikies) couple with the smiling daughters of the ‘wealthy and influential’
And vice versa .

There is a big problem here in boganvillia.
This newman twat here - thinks he’s up to something.
His pet pumpkin in ‘justice’ is equally interesting –
As is their mate the ex-sergeant minister for the polis farce.

Jealous shits, all three of ‘em, and equally as useless, to boot!

Why not say it now and get it over with.
Fuck off newman
Fuck off Dempsey.
Fuck off pumpkin – (jarrod-dale, the ugliest and worst tasting pumpkin in the world)

It is not a big ask.
Just resign.
Consider that you are mortal, braindead stupid and outstandingly incompetent.
More to the point, the three of you have evinced that you are consumed with hate -
some sort of childish hate (something in that lizard zone of your brains) niggling at your petty souls that beggars description.

So why not quit now?
Why not quit now before you all end up in slam?
Why not consider quitting now (are you mortal or not?) before what you have created comes back against you?

Why not grow a brain you stupid bastards and back off – before the hate you have created, in the march of time, comes down upon your own bloody stupid heads?

Saturday, December 14, 2013


ARTHUR, the author –

It happened today in this sorry burg.

Mid morning, off in the distance, a disturbing roaring sound like a quite large aircraft in difficulties.

After a while it resolved itself into the sound of motorcycles – all sorts of bloody motorcycles coming from everywhere – all heading eventually along a constricted route caused by belated flood damage repairs to a bridge which under normal circumstances would have taken our toy bearing bikers along a more direct route into our pathetic little town.

Okay. I go out the front and take a gander at proceedings (remember this is Boringsville, nowhere) to observe a solid block of vehicular traffic impinging upon what the authorities jokingly call a ‘mini roundabout’ a few yards down the road.

The military have a term for what I saw this morning.
They’d call it a ‘complete goddamned clusterfuck’.

Others – say, news reporters, might refer to it as a ‘temporary gridlock’.

In any case whatever happened out there this morning was neither caused by motorists, nor motorcyclists – but rather by a college of nincompoops (both public and private sector) who seem unable either to paint a bridge or patch a tiny pothole.

Now, at some stage late morning the bikers must have delivered their goodies to the ‘Salvation Army™’ and dispersed on their merry way.

Further to that point, afterwards –
What speed might a Harley be doing just before shifting into third gear at about 6000 + rpm?

Of course it depends upon the model and the owner’s chosen sprocket ratio.
But definitely a fair deal faster than 60 km per hour in that urban school zone opposite our home.

We’re used to all sorts of drivers hitting the tit past here when school is out but most bikers (except for the occasional twathead) usually confine themselves to the odd throttle blip along there, ‘just for fun’.

Today however, some strange admixture of – what – might have caused these demonstrations of rebelioussness?

Surely this badarse biker scum weren’t feeling hard done by after being conned into delivering charity to needy kids?

What? THEY, THE BIKERS, were the people who established that tradition (repeat, THAT TRADITION)) in the face of the cold-shoulder being displayed by the righteous burghers of our tightwad municipalities these last many decades – so why should they act angry after an event that gave ‘em joy?

Could it be that these people – looking forward to their particular yuletide event had become quite pissed off with the bargeload of threats emanating from those oppressively fascistic raffle winners down in their defended compound in brizzo. (You know newman, the pumpkin, their sort)

Whatever the case the toy run happened today with enough bikers attending the event to make the sky roar and roar again.

It was music to my ears!
So, what did happen this morning?

Did the local piggery ‘observe’ events and ‘note’ the numbers ‘attending’ – then skulk back to their ‘defended compound’?
Or did the clots valiantly go along for the show pretending that they were ‘escorting’ a mob of animals to their pasture?
Were there claw marks on the door jambs as coppers refused to confront the astounding numbers of the motorcycling populace?

Who gives a goddamned fuck either way.

The population of this collapsed state is too bloody stupid to realise their collective human resources - whether they be bikers, midwives or shitcart collectors.

And while the oppressors, whether beattie or newman (or that bitch in between) kept recruiting gendarmerie from other failed states (like south Africa) – we will all continue to be oppressed by that overweening, threatening, twitchy, violent, adipose deposit of mercenary, foreign legion filth of running dogs lately in their employ.

Which leaves the bikers where?

It leaves them departing from a charity benefit blipping their throttles and therefore inevitably annoying the so-called straight arrows in this corrupt, brainwarped, society.

Treat people like shit for long enough - then they’ll turn in the first case to express their contempt to those egregiously giving them the finger.

No more or no less similar, fer chrissakes, than blowing the bugle on Anzac Day is blipping the throttle on yer Harley on toy run day!
Yet without any doubt whatsoever their repeated, collective, feu de joie will have annoyed most of the stolid, braindead, burghers of this pathetic town.

It all goes back to that last article - “COUNSEL FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES” – and how we have all been duped into accepting a divisive and disruptive society from day one by forcing us to play games.
Games are all about ‘divide and conquer’.

The winning is all – sort of blether.

Which has me utterly confounded – considering that some ponce once uttered something like –
“t is not whether you win or lose
But how you play the game.”

Which, these days, has me rolling about on the floor chewing the carpet!

For instance – why the hell would all those bikers today want to play any sort of games with the queensland police farce?

All they ever wanted to do is deliver some joy to needy kids.

It is the police farce wanting to deliver the win or lose element into this occasion.
It is the police farce relying upon brutal, obsolete, social standards that no longer work.
It is them being recruited from overseas – therefore importing bad manners and bad behaviour from that source – putting immense pressure on their fuckwit superiors and therefore, for instance, causing that recent faux pas cover-up of the beating of the African lady in brizzo.
It is them acting like mercenaries under the employ of a mob of twitchy, new age fascists.
It is that mob of twitchy new age fascists that (hopefully) lacked the balls to order in a basketload of shit for those bikers attending the toy run in the electorate of that arch-pig, Dempsey today.

It has all gone beyond a joke.

These (fight for words here) ‘imposters’ somehow con you idiots into voting for them.

Yep. I know.
Brilliant system. Compulsory. No choice either way between one set of dropkicks or the other.

Brilliant system, what?
One pre-chosen/pre-selected arsehole or the other?

So instead of blipping your pathetic throttles – why not turn up at some venue of your choice (in bulk) and make a pledge to refuse to vote for these wankers who are causing you all that grief?

Why not establish the queensland biker’s party – call on all our ‘associates’ and friends.
Then once with a win at that raffle – put newman and his pumpkin in pink nighties themselves!

You have the factual, historical and moral advantage.
Get over it you dorks and cause these fascist dolts enough immense grief that they go – piss off, to live in New Caledonia!

Friday, December 13, 2013


There have always (seems like always) been these frusty, useless, apparently living fossils ever so occasionally dredged up here in queensland whenever our masters do something so alien, so opposed to the precepts of civil society that they somehow, once again, manage to make Idi Amin look like a choirboy.

These good ole boys always appear so bloody convincingly profound whenever they make their rare appearances.
Without any doubt whatsoever the punters are absolutely convinced that everything is in good hands – that right will once again immediately be wronged -----
Hang on a minute, Freudian slip, that - wrong will be immediately righted (still doesn’t read right) so everyone can relax back into their turpor.

I don’t suppose any of you out there in cloud cuckoo land have ever tried contacting any of these ventriloquist’s dummies after their performance?
(Didn’t think so.)

Take, for instance, Mr O’Gorman – who apparently has grave doubts recently about the latest fascist regime here in boganvillia.

After his latest episode appearing on the Gay Bee Cee he didn’t even seem to realise that queensland had had a couple of name changes since his last appearance – that queensland, overnight had become ‘newmania’ – then a few weeks later – ‘boganvillia’ (must be the covert Palmer influence in modern boganvillian politics).

Nevertheless, the earnest knitted/knotted brow (wonder whether its natural or surgically arranged?) overcame his confusion, blurted, genuflected and won the day.

So after hearing what he had to slur I decided –
I know; I’ll google the bugger and have a talk with him.

Ever heard of the forlorn hope?
You guessed right.
He has an office and, indeed, ‘someone’ answers the phone if you give ‘em a tingle up in that iceberg of an office in brizzo.

Now, that obfuscatory ‘someone’ unfortunately sounds far too young, outstandlingly inexperienced and far too intellectually challenged ever to be receiving incoming calls at even the shonkiest law firm.

Or maybe she’s just strategically placed there as a suckerpunch for idiots like me.

Whatever the situation – if you are mug enough to phone the contact person for the ‘council for civil liberties’ you will NOT GET PAST this bimbo ensconced in the office of that profit making law firm in brizzo.

In fact she’ll make it plain that money must be tabled prior to even sniffing their conditioned air.

Who the hell, therefore, constitutes that august body, the friggin’ ‘council for civil liberties’ if it ain’t no more nor less than a few fossilized, opportunistic examples of the ‘body parasite’?

So what is their function then, you insufferable blockhead? Or so one of you intellectual giants out there would demand.

“Easy peasy.” I’d maintain. “The bludgers are a vital part of the core of the propaganda machine”.
They are cynically emplanted into that system of disinformation for the specific purpose of providing forlorn hope for those being serially stuffed about by the arch-psychopaths who believe they are running the show.

Their function is to publicly pretend that they care about due process, ethics and just outcomes for the poor and needy.

Of course while they are pretending to do that they are also causing the hard-line rednecks in our system a fair deal of apoplexy.

Its all quite ingenious when you think about it and ‘at the end of the day’, as they say, damned near self-funding.

If you don’t grasp what I mean – take the recent ‘bikie’ situation.
There’s been enough published to confirm that bugger all bikies are serious crims.
Yet thousands of motorcyclists have been subject to what amounts to an entirely pointless pogrom.

When Mr Bleedingheart appears on tee vee and renders his spiel – all those innocent and otherwise far too busy motorcyclists out there will dry their tears and take false hope that the ‘important man’ has taken up the ‘golden mean’ and spoken resoundingly on their behalf.

The poor deluded fools.

Meanwhile, the rest of the population, accustomed to being trapped in those four wheeled rusting shitboxes that overpopulate our highways, hearing the sage words of our accomplished, gov. employed, shitstirrer gnash their teeth in outrage.

All those tiny minded bastards who simply can’t get over those dickheads on two wheels who constantly outmanoeuvre them in traffic.

See what I mean, fait accompli; completely unnecessary, utterly destructive, social disruption on a budget – playing one side against the other.
My god, you’ve all been indoctrinated into it by being forced to play games at school.

In a way these people have themselves been exploited – say since 1922 when the laborites managed to expunge queensland’s upper house – arguably the most stupid act of any legislature in the history of this sorry land.

In result we rely upon ‘committees’ that, as has recently been demonstrated, may be sacked by the latest fuhrer.

In any case the straw dummies shoved upright in front of the tee vee cameras for the purpose of mass entertainment, sometime solace and sometime outrage, are nothing but a distraction and will never influence events toward the establishment of even the flawed bicameral systems operating in the other states.

No gentlemen, we need, not a ‘council’ but a counsel for civil liberties – a body of peers with (unlike the present mob of raffle winners) the tiniest flicker of decency, ethics, wisdom and fair dealing rattling about somewhere within their collective consciousness.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Mr. palmer had his people write this –
“Palmer asks Abbott: Is ASIO listening in on Members of Parliament?
Federal Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, is urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott to come clean on allegations of political surveillance of parliamentary members by ASIO.
Mr Palmer believes as many as five members of the Federal Parliament were being spied on, following revelations by crossbench Senator Nick Xenophon in late November that some politicians’ phone calls and emails were being monitored by the intelligence service.
“These revelations are a very disturbing thing for Australia,’’ Mr Palmer said.
“I ask the Prime Minister to today confirm whether any members of parliament are having their phones or emails tapped or intercepted by the Commonwealth or any State agency.
“I would be particularly interested to know if any of the crossbench MPs including myself were the subject of any type of surveillance and whether parliamentary offices were being bugged.
“In light of the Indonesian spying fiasco, Mr Abbott now needs to come clean on whether he is eavesdropping on members of the Australian Parliament for his own political gain,’’ Mr Palmer said.


In good faith, I replied to his page, thus –

‘Dear Clive,
Everyone knows what’s been happening in the ElInt world these last many years.
Please read - http://cryptome.org/echelon-60min.htm

Even your neighbour could bug your line with a passive induction set-up – if they were grubby enough.
Get a copy of Peter Wright’s book, ‘Spycatcher’ which describes the way the old PMG Department did the job way back then.

Best regards.’
Which was up on his pages for a few hours – ‘under moderation’.

Next morning, mysteriously, it had been deleted.

Which means we appear to have a brand new politician hinting that he’s on the side of honesty, right and freedom who puts his apparent ‘concerns’ up in the public domain – then flinches immediately away from the PUBLIC RECORD OF TRUTH.

Good grief, Clive – we have enough trouble with obersturmbannfuhrer newman without you playing the same game so early in the peace.

Does this imply that ‘they’ve’ gotten to you already?

Or wasn’t I crawly/lickspittle enough?
Was I supposed to call you ‘master’ and grovel a bit?

Or when you say things like this –

“CLIVE Palmer's fears he'll be hauled away by police over the state's tough new anti-bikie laws.
The mining magnate has taken a jab at Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie in a cheeky press release sent out to media this morning.
In a cheeky way to promote the opening of his auto museum next month, Mr Palmer said he's asked all motorcycles within the Palmer Motorama be arranged in groups of no more than three.
"I would hate for Mr Newman to suspect me of being a member or associate of an outlaw motorcycle gang," Mr Palmer said in the release.
"These heavy-handed and rushed-through laws are hard to get your head around but the last thing I want is to be prosecuted or thrown in jail by Mr Newman.
"Hopefully this move will take some heat off me."

- does all that mean you were only kidding?
Just jollying the obergruppenfuhrer along a bit.

But what about those poor silly bastards being locked up soon, apparently in pink pyjamas?

All for doing nothing more than stopping somewhere for a pissant bloody beer!


Don’t worry.
I’ve noticed that you don’t appreciate the difference between jurisdictions – or pretend not to notice how carefully it has been worked out that we peasantry can never gain legal remedy in this failed state (accumulation of non-constitutions, or whatever you want to call it).

But leave all that aside, Clive –
I was stupid enough to bother wasting my time contacting you about the probability of your communications being monitored.

Believe me when I say that you are down for attention 24x7x52 without any doubt.
As was that Pauline.

If anything you might do to resolve that situation could be imagined – why not consider replying to those who open communications with you?

Just take on board that you are now a member of the LOWER house of our parliament and that Australians of all colours and creeds might earnestly want to communicate with you.

Not only communicate with you – but based on your larger than life promises lately – expect some real action from you as the sort of jurisdiction-less member of parliament you claim to be.

Put it this way, Clive – recently that useless mob in both sides of parliament can’t decide what to do about our industry infrastructure.
That’s precisely because none of the bludgers have any clue – because boring stuff like that is below their pathetic ‘interest horizon’.

Note, also, that in a few lines way above I was able to tell you that all your offices are being bugged outtasight.
In short, you won’t be able to twitch without ‘our masters’ knowing.
Fact of record in the public domain.

The recent big event is the automotive industry collapsing.
I’d prefer to call it the aeromotive/defence industry.

It includes one helluva lot of people gainfully employed manufacturing mundane stuff to keep a wide range of value-added industry happening.

A small sector of all that – against massive official discouragement – keeps our indiginous transport, aviation and defence systems alive.

If the present federal regime (encouraged by the unlawful stupidity in queensland) prevails and those specialized industries (and their somewhat eccentric employees) are dissolved – then this alleged nation has had it.

Entirely up to you Clive.
• You well know the bastards are reading your mail
• You’ve been associated with people in industry
• You surely must associate with and employ people who are of a different nature to the ‘common herd’
• At this stage you would have to be perfectly aware that if ‘value adding’ industry fails here – then this ‘nation’ will also shortly fail

Entirely up to you Clive.
You won that raffle.

The future is yours with the choice whether to afford our common people their worth or join your raffle winning pals and, as usual, like the rest of ‘em, scunge the whole bloody show.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This phonecall came in – from a bloke called Peter Veretenikoff – or similar.
He claimed to be working for one of those quasi-government outfits with a handle something like ISO (now ICN - http://www.dtrdi.qld.gov.au/dsdweb/v3/guis/templates/supplydir/gui_cue_supplydir_accountread.cfm?id=1278&account_id=1302176 )
His spiel went something like this – “Can you provide the queensland cops with something that’ll prevent their people from shooting themselves and their colleagues when they are loading/unloading their new Glock pistols?”

A ‘cold contact out of the blue’ – mark you.

I asked him what the problem was.
He circumlocated for half an hour or more – then finally admitted that Russell Cooper, the then polis minister had approved the police farce buying tons of Glock pistols from Nioas.

He told me that the buy had nothing whatsoever to do with Bob Katter but the fact that glock pistols had no actual, dedicated, safety catch was a slight problem that nobody had noticed until the purchasing orders were signed.

All this happened back in the mid 1990s.

Okay Pete – all these rozzers will be equipped with auto handguns without safety catches – except that little thing in the trigger – right? ( I was technically au-fait about that part of the Glock design).

Exactly so – he murmured.

So the minister wants some means of, what? Proving that the cops can load and unload them without blowing their toes off – or punching holes through their colleagues – right?

Something like that he admitted – or maybe a training regime – or a feckin’ prayer – who the hell knows what i----- errr, they’d want.

Want to have a go – he asked.

Much younger then, desperate for income and wanting to bring the odd government project to this corrupt little region I indicated in the affirmative. I stupidly said yes.

Which was pretty much the biggest mistake of my life.

Leave aside the fact that we provided these idiots something like 280 devices of our design (still working perfectly well) still located at police stations all over queensland/newmania/boganvillia; whatever you want to call the dump these days) I doubt whether they ever use ‘em.

Let’s cut to the core of this missive.
What concerns me is that I was stupid enough to design something that stops cops from accidentally shooting bits off themselves and their colleagues.
What concerns me more is that cops seem to, big time, resent it.
What cops seem to resent is an idiot like me designing and having manufactured something that stops their sort from injuring (or let’s be up-front about it, killing) themselves right there in the cop-shop.

Cops seem to like telling everyone else what to do – can’t abide being told to behave sensibly themselves.

Now, if you are stupid enough to put up your shingle in the sort of industry that makes equipment for our defence forces, et cetera – then at some stage the polis turns up wanting similar kit.

When they turn up – your life goes for a Burton – and as I now know their corruption hits you, slap, in the face with about the same impact as a Mack truck.

Let me make this plain –
My elder son helped me design a piece of equipment that was purchased from us through a process that was supposed to be a formal procurement agreement beginning in the mid 1990s.

The way it actually happened is that the process of procurement was bastardized by some faction in police – that sent us broke. As I mentioned – pigs are corrupt.

My son died after a long illness on 13/12/2004 – then a few months later that faction in police came to our workplace and illegally shut us down.

So, if anyone out there is reading this – some faction in police closed down a business that had been, for quite some years, actively involved with saving coppers from doing themselves injury.
The fact that we’d been actively involved in defence work for years didn’t matter a flying fuck to them.

Roll that up to the present day.

Maybe my big mistake was acquiring a motorcycle license in my youth.

Surely to God it can’t be as stupid as that?

Go out there and look at the facts about the way this fascist regime is behaving recently in newmania/boganvillia.

If some poor Charlie is to be locked up for having an after work beer with his pals – it is beyond doubt a fuckwit like me will be likewise punished for saving copper’s lives.

This isn’t queensland/newmania/boganvillia any longer –
She’s become ‘BIZZARO WORLD’ – LIKE THIS –

A world where those brewing meth over the street and those brewing that meth can call on the police to threaten and intimidate this idiot and his family.

Get this – they come here to support a jerk brewing meth down the road and threaten a bloke who designed and had manufactured equipment in order to save their worthless pelts.

But who cares.
It has only come to this level of hate since our state representative in parliament became the police minister?

Shit. I wish I’d been able to afford a car instead of riding a scooter to work all those years ago.

Bizzaro World – a bad dream. A bloke sets out to make industry for his region – then sees the corruption as it dumps down on his and his family’s heads.

I write this after reading countless articles and comment today about what the hell queenslanders think about the recently emerging fascist regime in my home state.

Trouble is that like the Jewish, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the odd poor poofta in Germany in 1933 – none of you poor bastards can get your heads around what is coming your way.

We, me and what’s left of my family have been copping their hate for years now.

It is my misfortune, yet my duty, to inform you that waiting, then voting, for that other lot of abject arseholes will gain you absolutely nothing at all.

Meanwhile, let’s see what someone else wrote to the nazi incumbant –

biker stuff

This is a communication from a lady that has liked this UMCQ FB page to Mr Newman, she has asked some questions and here it is for you all to read
9th November 2013

Dear Mr Newman,
Mr Newman, you replied to my letter, but as I look at it, I see it is a letter written for the majority and not a letter in answer to my queries. You have even got one of your helpers, to date stamp the letter, with an old fashioned ink date stamp. If your letter to me was just for me, the date would appear as part of the body of the letter, you see Mr Newman, I was a secretary for many years and I too have typed out thousands of ‘mass mailing letters’ in the same manner. There is a big difference in replying to a letter or a ‘mass mail out’ for propaganda purposes as your letter is.

In paragraph 1 of your reply to me, you thank me for my correspondence about ‘our crackdown on criminal motorcycle gangs’ – the inference is that I support this ‘crackdown’ and I do not. You did not address my letter Mr Newman.

In paragraph 2 you state ‘I am outraged that these criminals think that they can run amok and do whatever they like with absolutely no regard for the law or the safety of Queenslanders’. Well, I agree, I am outraged too, I am outraged that you and your parliament can pass a law in the middle of the night without due process. I am outraged that this law has been devised at all. I am outraged at the HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS, you have taken from ALL Queenslanders with this new law with as you put it, in your own words ‘no regard for the law or the safety of Queenslanders’. I too am as outraged as you are, but not at the 26 clubs you’ve named, one of which doesn’t even exist, I am outraged that you passed this law and took away our rights. Yes, I understand your outrage Mr Newman, can you possibly, even try to understand mine?

In Paragraph 3 of your letter to me, you state that ‘the Queensland Government is serious about bringing these criminals and thugs to account for their actions’. Well, all criminals, regardless of whether they are a member of a bikie gang, police officer or a member of parliament should be brought to account for their actions. But, you are not interested in anything at the moment, except bikie gangs, but I would ask, who will you target next sir? Will your own Party be scrutinised as much? Will you investigate and use this law against your own Police Force and the corruption that is rife there? Who will you actually target next Mr Newman? Which club, organisation, association or corporation will be next on your agenda Mr Newman? The ALP, perhaps, or maybe the Greens will get your attention in the future? One does wonder, who will next be in your sights Mr Newman.
In this paragraph, you speak of ‘harsher penalties that you’ve introduced over the last 18 months’, one has to ask then, why was it necessary to bring out this new legislation, this new law? We already had a law, in the Criminal Code Act of 2009, that could have been invoked against any criminal organisation by the Police Commissioner, if he so chose to do so, but of course, he would have had to have had EVIDENCE supporting such a claim before the law or courts could have issued the order. Of course, under your new laws, no actual evidence is needed and the onus of proof is upon the person arrested and charged isn’t it? It seems you’ve changed our Judicial system in one fell swoop Mr Newman, the presumption of innocent until proven guilty, no longer exists, with this new law, you are guilty until you can prove your innocence and in the meantime you will lock them up without bail. Justice is surely blind at the moment Mr Newman, she stands there with her scales of justice and I’m sure now, after reading your laws, they are tilted on your side Mr Newman. I’m quite sure she weeps for the loss of justice, for the loss of our freedoms, for the loss of our democracy, just as I do.

In Paragraph 4, you state ‘But clearly they haven’t got the message yet. I want to make it very clear that ‘enough is enough. I am determined to do whatever we need to do to shut these criminal motorcycle gangs down’. You have made it very clear you are against Motorcycle Clubs, ALL Motorcycle Clubs including the recreational and ‘non outlaw’ kind. It seems Mr Newman, you and the police force have no idea how to tell the difference, well, I at least hope that’s what it is, for to target the likes of the Vietnam Veterans Association Motorcycle Club, knowing full well they are not one of the 26 clubs named would be discrimination now wouldn’t it? Of course, then there are the recreational riders who have been pulled over by the police, questioned, searched, tattoos photographed and documented and their persons photographed and details taken down, all without their permission, well, I guess that’s just ‘collateral damage’ isn’t it Mr Newman? Innocent people are often in that position during a war aren’t they? Are we at war, Mr Newman? Do we need to ‘take sides’ now? Should we be preparing ourselves for your war? I would just like to know, you see, I have to decide which side to take, the right or the wrong side. Or perhaps, just leave this country I was born in, this state I was born in and move to a place where mine and my family’s human and civil rights are protected perhaps? Because it’s very, very, obvious they aren’t protected here in our beautiful Queensland state anymore.

In paragraph 5 you state that ‘you recently announced an extra $20 million in resources for the Queensland Police Service (QPS) over the next nine months. I would suggest perhaps that a couple of million dollars be set aside for another Fitzgerald Enquiry, after all, we who are old enough to remember, know that when you have a Police Service with the ‘unlimited’ power you have given them, it leads to corruption and abuse of that power. History has shown us that quite clearly. You do remember don’t you? Perhaps you are a little young to know, but back in the day, we had a similar situation to the one you have created now. Joh Bejlke Petersen was our Premier back then, he introduced similar laws that inhibit our basic human rights as you have done. Didn’t turn out too good for him though, perhaps you should consult your history books to see what happened.
You also state that you are ‘taking Gold Coast streets back with some robust policing, targeting these criminal gangs and their clubhouses – there will be covert operations, raids, random drug and alcohol testing operations and we will hit them whenever they commit an offence or breach the law in any way. We have introduced new laws to ensure that they do not continue to get away with this abhorrent behaviour’. Well, quite a statement there Mr Newman. I have to ask though, why are ALL members of the clubs, sorry, gangs, being criminalised? What about those members or associates who HAVE NO CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t you believe that’s possible Mr Newman? That there are actual members of these, how did you put it, ‘Criminal Gangs’ who DO NOT and HAVE NOT committed a crime? Or as your law states, they are just guilty anyway, by ‘association’? Well, that leaves me in a ‘bit of a pickle’, Mr Newman, you see my mechanic, a complete magician with fixing cars AND he was the first mechanic I’d ever met that didn’t try to ‘rip off a woman’, was a member of one of the 26 named clubs, I guess I can’t get my car fixed now or I will have to go back to the shoddy guy, who ripped me off for thousands of dollars, because if I don’t I may be subject to arrest, for ‘associating’ with him?
You also state that you are ‘taking the Gold Coast streets back’ well, sorry, but I have to ask, are you actually going to target the ‘street gangs’ and the, let’s just say, ‘normal’ criminals too? Or are bikies the only criminals on the Gold Coast? It is my understanding from police statistics that ‘criminal motorcycle gangs’ only make up 0.04% of ACTUAL crime on the Gold Coast, what about the ‘majority’? You speak of having the ‘majority’ of Queenslanders behind you on these laws, I have to ask what about the ‘majority’ of criminals, or do you think that only bikies are criminals or are all criminals bikies perhaps? One does have to wonder.

In Paragraph 6 you, and I quote again, ‘ The Federal Government showed its support on 3 October 2013 by announcing a Queensland strike force as part of a national Anti-Gang Taskforce’ I just want some clarification here, are only Motorcycle Clubs ‘ gangs’ ? Or are you planning on naming more clubs, organisations, associations and corporations? You also state ‘The strike force will include officers from the Australian Federal Police, Australian Crime Commission, QPS and the Australian Tax Office. We welcome the input of the federal Government as these criminal motorcycle gangs operate across borders and can be national and even international.’ Firstly, I would like to ask, where these ‘ strike force officers’ are right now, are they the officers pulling over recreational riders at the moment, are we to expect officers from the Australian Taxation Office to be taking our details, or is this where the details are being sent that the QPS are collecting now? Can we expect a ‘knock on the door’ from officers from the ATO regarding our tax returns? Of course, we will be easily identified by the photographs taken by QPS of our person and our tattoos, so there won’t be any mistakes now will there? As for your statement about ‘international’, one has to wonder if you are planning an ‘invasion’ of another country with the above mentioned ‘officers’? Perhaps, you are going to go to New Zealand and tell them how to run their country next, or perhaps the USA, I hear they are having problems with Barrack Obama at the moment, you could give him some advice on how to deal with dissidents? Or are you going to try to force your new laws on some other country? Perhaps you should ‘enforce’ these laws you’ve passed on another government, I’m quite sure they would welcome you telling them what to do in their own country.

In Paragraph 7 you state, ‘we are determined to stoop this unacceptable behaviour and are looking for the support of all law-abiding Queenslanders’. I have to ask, if we do not support you, are we then no longer ‘ law-abiding citizens’ , are we then, subject to arrest for disagreeing with you? I am very worried about that statement in your letter to me Mr Newman. You see, I am law-abiding, but I don’t agree with you, should I engage a Lawyer, perhaps pack a bag ready for jail, or should I comprise my own integrity, principles, morals, values and honour and agree with you anyway because I am frightened I will be arrested, harassed by QPS, have my details put on a database somewhere and jailed if I don’t agree with you?
You also state that and I quote, ‘I am sure that there must be Queenslanders out there who have information that we can use right now. No matter how small a piece of information seems, it all helps and could be the final piece of the puzzle for police. I urge people to phone Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 and let us know about activity so police can act.’ So, you want us to ‘snitch’ on our neighbours, friends, work colleagues etc? Well, let me see, I have this neighbour you see, he’s really annoying and he rides a motorcycle, he’s not one of the 1% or 26 clubs you named but he’s still a real pain and he has TATTOOS. Can I ring Crimestoppers and have him arrested? Then there’s an ex-friend that stabbed me in the back, gossiped and spread lies about me and I’d really like to get even, can I ‘ dob her in’ too? You are opening a real ‘can of worms’ with that statement.
You also go on to say: ‘Don’t forget you can remain anonymous’. Well, now, that REALLY scares me. The last person who was ANONYMOUS got into all sorts of strife. Oh, but I guess, it must mean you can be ANONYMOUS only if you AGREE with you and your laws then, does it? As long as we ONLY agree with you then I guess being ANONYMOUS must be alright I guess.
You also state: ‘We will provide rewards for information that leads to successful raids, arrest on serious offences, successful prosecutions or the shutdown of a criminal gang.’ Well, of course a financial incentive for who, criminals to ‘snitch’ on another criminal, or let’s see someone who has an ‘ axe to grind’ against another person? The QPS and Crimestoppers will be busy now, won’t they?
You say ‘Together the community, police and justice system can put an end to the fear and intimidation and ensure these violent thugs and criminals will have nowhere to hide’. Well now, you see, I find that a real oxymoron, that statement of yours. You see Mr Newman, I do fear intimidation, I fear it from you Mr Newman, you’ve taken away my basic human rights, I fear intimidation from the QPS every time I ride my motorcycle, even though I’m not a member or associate of one of your outlawed 26. I am still being targeted sir, so I do feel fear of intimidation from a thug and that thug is you and through you, the Queensland Police Force, the CMC and now all these other Federal and State officers that you have named in your letter. What can I do? Can you invoke your law on yourself Mr Newman? Can these new laws be invoked in the future against a political party that may oppose you?

In paragraph 8 of your letter, you state “our tough new laws are part of the strategy to drive these criminal gangs out of Queensland. We’ve introduced a severe new penalty regime for members of criminal gangs that will break their morale and conspiracies of silence.” I have a question here, what about the ‘conspiracy of silence’ we have in our government? The well documented ‘conspiracy of silence’ in our police force? Does this new law apply to them as well? Or is it only for the ‘criminal gangs’ that you have decided and designated as ‘criminal’? I have to ask, what about the police officers on the Gold Coast, who were found to be associating with members of the ‘outlawed’ clubs, were they arrested without bail? Did they have their names, addresses, photographs put on a database? Were they sacked like members of the ‘outlawed’ clubs.

You go on in this paragraph to say: ‘We’ve also introduced new offences to stop these criminals from gathering together in groups and attending specific locations like their clubhouses’. Do you realise that you’ve also broken up families? Do you realise that a father or a mother, can no longer associate with their son’s publically, meet for a beer or a coffee? Did you know that a Uni Student studying to be a Lawyer has been told not to come back to her work experience job (which is a part of her studies) in the police prosecutor’s office because her father has been listed as an associate? He’s not a member of one of the named clubs, or indeed any club, has NO CRIMINAL RECORD, but has attended the charity runs and rides a motorbike, hence his name is now on a ‘list of associates’, his daughter is being punished, her studies in jeopardy and all because of these new laws YOU have instigated. Where’s the Justice there Mr Newman? What happened to our due process? What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’, apparently, under your new laws Mr Newman we have no ‘innocents’ anymore, everyone is a criminal, just by association. Does that now mean that because I associate with a friend who is Catholic, I am now one also? Does that mean that because she associates with me she’s is not? Under these new laws, it seems to me that to be on the ‘safe side’ it’s best to stay locked in our homes for fear, NOT of the Motorcycle Clubs but of the police and you Mr Newman.

You say also in this paragraph: ‘We’ve imposed minimum mandatory sentences for gang members who commit certain offences and ensure they are denied bail’ According to this statement you’ve made Mr Newman YOU are DISCRIMINATING against a MINORITY, I do believe that is AGAINST THE LAW. Well, it used to be before you became Premier, perhaps DISCRIMINATION is now LEGAL in Queensland Mr Premier? What constitutes discrimination in Queensland now Mr Premier? I would definitely like clarification on this from you.

You say: ‘In addition, we’ve strengthened the powers of the Crime and Misconduct Commission and the QPS to ensure they can effectively target these groups’. So, in essence, you’ve purchased these entities? At the very least you are now, INFLUENCING supposedly INDEPENDENT BODIES? Well, from experience and what I’ve seen so far, neither of these, the CMC, nor the QPS are without their criminal or corrupt elements and you’ve just given them MORE POWER. One would have to ask, who is watching the watchdogs Mr Newman? Who is policing the police and who is policing the people supposed to be policing the police? You Mr Newman? Now, that would be quite frightening.

In paragraph 9 you state: ‘We also introduced a new licensing regime that bans criminal motorcycle gang members from owning, operating and working in the tattoo industry. We know that these criminals have dominated this industry for too long and we are determined to change that’. Now, I note here that you state ‘criminal motorcycle gang members’ what about the NON CRIMINAL? We’ve had one of our tattoo studios near me owned and operated by a member of the Life and Death Motorcycle Club, he has NO CRIMINAL RECORD, has paid his taxes, supported his family and was an active member of the community, especially during the floods in the Lockyer Valley in 2011 and 2013, you remember them, don’t you Mr Premier? That’s when people died, lost their homes, livelihood and indeed the ENTIRE valley was affected in some way, well this man, the members of his Motorcycle Club, were ‘hands on’ AND they raised money for the locals and all LEGALLY. But he can’t work anymore because of your laws, he’s had to sell his business and has no income now. So, he’s going to have to access CENTRELINK now isn’t he? Well, if he and his family want to eat they will. So we have a tax payer, who paid his own way, was NO DRAIN on the tax payer and you’ve put him in the position of having to go onto Newstart allowance. I would have to say whoever drafted these new laws, either didn’t think it through enough, or was seriously mentally impaired to not foresee the LONG TERM ramifications of putting thousands of people OUT OF WORK. Did you know that people who have been paying their way and their taxes for years, have lost their jobs recently, BECAUSE OF THESE LAWS? I know of at least 2 truck drivers and 2 mining employees who’ve been sacked because their employer doesn’t want to be classed as an ‘ASSOCIATE’ or have the rest of his employees classed as ‘ASSOCIATES’ and some businesses have been told by the local police in their area to ‘sack’ their employees because they were members of one of the 26 clubs you’ve named. They haven’t done anything wrong Mr Newman, they’ve worked hard, paid their taxes, supported themselves and their families and all LEGALLY, but, YOU have now labelled them a criminal and they’ve lost their jobs.

You also go on to say: ‘We’re currently looking to see if we can remove their influence from other industries too, so law-abiding Queenslanders who are just trying to make a living can be free of their intimidation and violence’. Exactly WHO is being intimidated? Was it perhaps the DEPUTY PREMIER and his family who were door at another restaurant, to the place where the fight from the Bandido’s happened? Can I expect you will be SACKING the Gold Coast Police Officers then? You know, the ones who were associating with KNOWN criminal members of these outlawed clubs OFF DUTY? I don’t know what industries you plan on naming next Mr Newman and I seriously don’t know where you have received your ‘intelligence’ ( I use that term loosely) from. My family and it’s a quite large and extensive family, have worked in many, many industries and NOT ONCE, NOT EVER, have any of us ever been intimidated or subject to violence from a member of a Motorcycle Club, HOWEVER, I have been subject to INTIMIDATION, THREATS AND BULLYING FROM A MEMBER OF THE POLICE FORCE AND I WAS THE VICTIM. I have also been, inadvertently, INTIMIDATED by the CMC as well when the details of my complaint to them, was passed onto the POLICE OFFICER WHO INTIMIDATED, BULLIED AND THREATENED ME. This is who you’ve given MORE POWER TO Mr Newman. My family and I have been around bikes, trail and road bikes all our lives, some fifty (50+) years, we’ve NEVER received anything but courtesy and friendship from ANY CLUB, outlawed or otherwise. YOU, Mr Newman, in your speeches have spoken about the LEGAL FRATERNITY living in their IVORY TOWERS, I think sir, it’s time, that YOU COME DOWN FROM YOURS.

In paragraph 10 you state: ‘Importantly, we will ensure that new legislation will target only criminal motorcycle gang members. Other law-abiding motorbike riders will have nothing to worry about.’ I have to say, that statement, is the biggest LIE I’ve ever heard. WE HAVE BEEN AND ARE BEING targeted. We have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, SERIOUSLY, YOU do need to come out of that IVORY TOWER, we already are worrying. Why? If we are law-abiding citizens and riders should we worry? Because the police are stopping us, questioning us, searching us, photographing our tattoos and our persons and where will all this information go Mr Newman? On a police database? Our shiny, clean NOT CORRUPT police force? Oh please, how NAIVE do you really think we are? The police have ALREADY RAIDED the VIETNAM VETERANS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, do they have anything to worry about? NO? Well, let me ask you if you know how their PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is going after 20 police descended on them and their clubhouse? I have to say, out of all the things you said in your letter to me, this one paragraph is the most laughable but at the same time, the biggest misdirection I’ve heard in a long time.

In paragraph 11 you state: ‘ We need to remember that this will not be quick, this will not be easy and there may be some incidents along the way but I assure you that we are in this for the long haul and we are determined to shut criminal motorcycle gangs down’. That statement, Mr Newman, is the scary part, that you are in it for the ‘long haul’, that it won’t be ‘quick and easy’, that THERE WILL BE some INCIDENTS along the way’, You frighten me Mr Newman, your belief in your ABSOLUTE POWER is frightening and I fear not only for myself and my family, I fear for this state, I fear what you are going to leave behind when you are gone and you will be gone one day. Your political party, indeed you, have taken a fair beating in the social and news media, except from your friend and supporter Mr Murdoch, but then HE DOESN’T COUNT to us Queenslanders, us Australians anymore, he gave up his citizenship of this, OUR country, so anything written in his papers is to be simply disregarded and ignored.
But you sir, well, you remind me of a person, of a time, an era, if you like. I was very young then, I don’t know if you were born then, you may have been a small child then, but I marched in the streets, I protested, I stood up for my beliefs, my Queensland and a powerful man, tried to shut us down, he turned this state into a police state, where the police had the power, power given to them by this man, given to do whatever they, the police, wanted, NOT to CRIMINALS but to ORDINARY citizens, ORDINARY QUEENSLANDERS, who DISAGREED with him and his laws and legislations. When our voices became louder, when our voices were joined by more and more people he tried to shut us down, take away OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH in the MEDIA and only allow SUPPORTERS to speak publically, just as you have done on your social media page Mr Newman. You’ve BLOCKED ANYONE WHO SPEAKS OUT AND DOESN’T AGREE WITH YOU.
That man, back in that era, was Johannes Bjelke-Petersen and you remind me so much of him. He to, trampled our RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES, he too spoke of majority of support, but he too, stopped anyone from publically disagreeing with him, so the only voices heard were from his supporters and cronies. You Mr Newman, like Mr Bjelke-Petersen, aren’t listening, you are labelling, just like he did, anyone who disagrees as a criminal. You, like him, are ignoring our HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS, you are following in his footsteps so much I have to ask, was he your idol? Was he the man you sought to become? If so, congratulate yourself, you’ve achieved it.

In your last paragraph of your letter to me, paragraph 12 you say: ‘Thank you for writing to me about this very serious matter. I hope this information was of some interest to you and better explains the Queensland Government’s position’. Well, Mr Newman, I doubt very much that YOU came within COOEE OF MY LETTER, just as I doubt you’ll personally see this one. But, I hope, whomever of your ‘minions’ reads this, also understands, as you wish me to understand. This letter better explains not only my position, but the position of tens of thousands of Queenslanders, voting Queenslanders. I just want you to understand, that YOUR position isn’t the ONLY POSITION and that you have now, a state, OUR QUEENSLAND that FEARS ITS GOVERNMENT, FEARS YOU, MR NEWMAN. Is that what you set out to achieve? You see, it’s NOT just Motorcycle Clubs and riders that are FEARFUL of YOU and YOUR GOVERNMENT, it’s ordinary Queenslanders who see their HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES TAKEN AWAY by YOU. It’s no longer JUST ABOUT THE GANGS, Mr Newman, IT’S ABOUT A GOVERNMENT WHO FEELS THEY CAN IMPOSE A LAW, A LEGISLATION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, without due process or consultation with the people they, YOU are supposed to represent. It’s the FEAR that those of us who have SPOKEN OUT will and have received VISITS FROM THE POLICE because we have DISAGREED WITH YOU. I’m not talking about any threats, I don’t threaten people, that’s not my way. But, I do have a RIGHT TO AN OPINION Mr Newman, AN OPINION THAT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF YOURS. I have the right to FREE SPEECH Mr Newman, just as you do, just as you have and I have the RIGHT to live in a state, to live in Queensland, WITHOUT FEARING MY GOVERNMENT, OR ANY PART OF MY GOVERNMENT.
Mr Newman, I hope this information was of some interest to you and better explains the Queensland people’s position.
Yours sincerely
Juanita Kammholz