Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Simple as that, I reckon. JEALOUSY.
Tooth grinding, teeth shattering – jealousy.

Bikers have more fun – their partners are far outtasight more fun, the bonking is free, the partying is free – except for that world of nausea the jealous have been causing lately.

Who are these raffle winning imbiciles ‘jealous’?
Reasonably bloody obvious ain’t it.

The feckin’ pikers – the ‘straight arrows’ – the fundamentalists – the west world Taliban – the goddamned killjoys – the fun haters – the everythingphobes.
The idiots causing this nausea should be wearing starched, ruffled, collars and high, dutch hats – the sort of smelly clothing their poxed sort wore back then during the witch hunts.

These days – all that filth who support and cover up for the loonies that they employ in the legal system, in the polis, ‘emergency services’, in education, health and in every other level of what they pretend is ‘governance’.
Its been going on for centuries – Right?

These days their sort troll the whole show – cyberspace and all the various plottskys of utter uselessness.

It all cyclically devolves to a mob of overweening sad sacks who win their raffles – and then go, spasmoid, power mad.

These days they claim to want WOMEN to be involved 50/50 in their parliamentary chicanery.

Does that mean that those the granddaughters of ‘capable young women’ “Rita and Tina” in Victoria St. Kings Cross – now have to grow nine inch long tongues? – in order to please a new political gender?

Or will their grandsons be put into a more ‘conventional’service?

If you are with me – in order to adequately ‘entertain’ a satisfactory ‘mix’ of our, new age, erstwhile parliamentarians.

Forgive me.
I only mention this ‘cos I was entertained myself watching the bludgers visiting the whores in Kings Cross, way back then, more than half a lifetime ago.

Moving along a bit.

So how and why did Billy Sneddon die?

One thing for sure is that the old goat ‘died on the job’.
(And personally, I give him a ‘Koala Stamp’ for managing that)

We might also ask when, how and why, where and when, Billy’s intimate, his colleague Malcolm F, lost HIS trousers?

Put it another way –
The historical record of our parliamentary conservatives is somewhat tarnished.

A REASONABLE person trolling through their embarrassment could/would easily come to the conclusion that they are all a slimy mob of corrupt cunts playing the game for nothing but their own corrupt, skewbald, benefit.

And that reasonable person would be all too right.

A lifetime ago, before the construction of the panopticon these righteous arseholes got away with everything up to and including murder.

These days the panopticon is well and truly operational yet they (leastways their smarmy, allegedly politically conservative little beneficiaries) are still getting away with everything. – while bringing their latter day running dogs down on anyone else wanting a spot of fun or showing the least amount of class.

If any lessons are to be learned by those believing themselves to be the high and mighty here (in Australia/queensland/newmania/boganvillia) it is about a certain class of people increasingly avoiding the place like poison – avoiding investing in the place - having anything to do with the dump.

In their view if a mob of corrupted reactionary bastards have their ‘fun police’ patrolling the streets, (skulking around corners, lurking here and there,) ready to bust their sons and daughters – for what?

Ready to bust ‘em for, say, something as mundane as sharing a spliff with the locals?

Or them meeting up later at some party fully intending to go for a midnight ride on a motorcycle with some of the local ‘rough’?

Consider –
Do we want human inbreeding in queensland/boganvillia?
Of course not.

Leads to imbecility - hare lips, endless drooling, short sightedness, barking, and much worse.

Y’know – the sort of stuff we see in parliament. Barking dogs. Imbeciles. Drooling fuckwits?

Which is precisely why we need the hybrid vigour of the biker caste and their relentless cohabiting with, and cleaving on to, the wayward, high breasted, daughters of the capitalist class.

AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!! – No bloody wonder those gutless, amoral, raffle winning jerks in the citadel, in brizzo, are so fucking jealous of just about everything and everyone not of their mind-set and of their disgusting mould.

So why not let nature take her course?
Let the sons of technicians, engineers, tradesmen and warriors (all those smelly bikies) couple with the smiling daughters of the ‘wealthy and influential’
And vice versa .

There is a big problem here in boganvillia.
This newman twat here - thinks he’s up to something.
His pet pumpkin in ‘justice’ is equally interesting –
As is their mate the ex-sergeant minister for the polis farce.

Jealous shits, all three of ‘em, and equally as useless, to boot!

Why not say it now and get it over with.
Fuck off newman
Fuck off Dempsey.
Fuck off pumpkin – (jarrod-dale, the ugliest and worst tasting pumpkin in the world)

It is not a big ask.
Just resign.
Consider that you are mortal, braindead stupid and outstandingly incompetent.
More to the point, the three of you have evinced that you are consumed with hate -
some sort of childish hate (something in that lizard zone of your brains) niggling at your petty souls that beggars description.

So why not quit now?
Why not quit now before you all end up in slam?
Why not consider quitting now (are you mortal or not?) before what you have created comes back against you?

Why not grow a brain you stupid bastards and back off – before the hate you have created, in the march of time, comes down upon your own bloody stupid heads?

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