Saturday, December 21, 2013

- “Is campbell newman an alien?”

Well, as far as I’m concerned, like Mr. Spock and Abbott, he’s got the ears for the job.
And in newman’s case the bald head, the rubber lips and that bloody pig ignorant attitude toward queensland citizens.

Goes back to that old saw – if it looks like one and acts like one – then it must, bloody well BE one. - there you go. They reckon the arschlosch was born in Canberra.
That DEFINITELY makes that newman article an alien.

Shall we use this as a guide –
Just sit down and watch this abject crap.

After all it is brought to you by the trustworthy national geographic people.
That same ‘honest joe’ mob who’ve been shoving that ‘al gore’ crap down your necks ever since he needed a new and rewarding job.

But there it is if you want to watch.
A mob of apparently, mech/tech aliens harvesting the face of the earth, supposedly, for ‘chlorophyll and protein’.

Personally, I think it is a somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’ dig at the REAL ALIENS like the present illegal dictator of ‘boganvillia’ (the once queensland) and the sort now coming out of the ‘fuck the environment’ closet in canberra.

After all, the ‘aliens’ in this national Geographic’s piss poor fright show were only harvesting the SURFACE of our sensitive little planet.
(If you think about that for a few secs you might come to agree with me that they are amateurs – new boys in town.)

But newman and his ilk intend to scourge what’s UNDER THE SURFACE and as to what happens up top – apparently they don’t give a flying fuck.

They don’t give a fuck whether up top, down below, sideways or hell west and crooked.

Do you know why?

Because they’ll line their pockets – then piss off.

Because that stupid video put out by the ‘national geographic’ is by way of being what was once called a ‘passion play’. Leastways, a sort of passion play.

A confection designed to make you think.
A piece of hyperbole with a hidden message.
Something the ‘masters’ wouldn’t bother to suppress – ‘cos it appeared to be so simplistic and childish.

Yet the message is there and plain to see – the extra-terrestrial aliens only wanted what was easily available – nothing much more than the robber barons and the capitalists have been stealing from the peasantry for thousands of years.

Nothing more than their produce and their poor investment in life.

But the present mob of arch bastards pretending to be our ‘government’ intend to steal the very ground (its mineral wealth) from under their feet.

So these wankers (for whatever reason came into their tiny minds) put up this ‘passion play’ about ‘survival humankind’.

If you bothered watching it – the suggestion was for ‘americans’ (and by default, the rest of the world) to plan ahead in order to somehow counter some sort of alien invasion.

But you silly bastards won’t work any of that out.

Nor work out the following -

They hinted that ‘americans’ should actively engage in arranging survival plans – including ensuring they had weapons, plenty ammunition and a fair deal of explosives at their disposal. (Ha. What a joke, these days)

They strongly suggested that patriots should be survivalists.
In fact they hinted that American patriots not only would need to adopt the tactics of, say, the Taliban – but they would be fighting side by side with them; apparently all against this ephemeral, extra-terrestrial alien foe!

Yes, you brainless dickheads out there – this is a fictional scenario about an ‘alleged earth invasion out of interstellar space’?

And while our raffle winning aliens are secretly signing off deals to sell off the most part of underground Australia off to the LOWEST bidder (‘Cos that’s how those amoral, alien arseholes gain their cut) – we’re all s’pposed to be sitting, shitting our britches back at the ranch worrying about all that cheap jack Disney crap stuffed into our eyeballs.

Put it this way.
I’d Love an alien invasion of the sort portrayed there – to happen here.
For one thing they’d at least suck up all that biomass - those obese, useless, meth crazed, loonie fuckwits that have invaded queensland from Victoria these last twenty years and more.

That’d be a damned good start.

Then those aliens might hoover up parliament house when all those raffle winners are present.

If these nasty interstellar aliens portrayed so amateurishly in this –
- managed to do us this small favour – then they might find themselves offered a victory parade – grateful queensland maidens stuffing bouquets down their gun barrels – that sort of thing.

Jesus wept and one thing is for sure – it’d definitely make a mighty change to see only the top harvested.

PS –
Notice how I space everything out so that even a simpleton can read my spite.
I do try to use simple words and even some vernacular.

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