Friday, December 13, 2013


There have always (seems like always) been these frusty, useless, apparently living fossils ever so occasionally dredged up here in queensland whenever our masters do something so alien, so opposed to the precepts of civil society that they somehow, once again, manage to make Idi Amin look like a choirboy.

These good ole boys always appear so bloody convincingly profound whenever they make their rare appearances.
Without any doubt whatsoever the punters are absolutely convinced that everything is in good hands – that right will once again immediately be wronged -----
Hang on a minute, Freudian slip, that - wrong will be immediately righted (still doesn’t read right) so everyone can relax back into their turpor.

I don’t suppose any of you out there in cloud cuckoo land have ever tried contacting any of these ventriloquist’s dummies after their performance?
(Didn’t think so.)

Take, for instance, Mr O’Gorman – who apparently has grave doubts recently about the latest fascist regime here in boganvillia.

After his latest episode appearing on the Gay Bee Cee he didn’t even seem to realise that queensland had had a couple of name changes since his last appearance – that queensland, overnight had become ‘newmania’ – then a few weeks later – ‘boganvillia’ (must be the covert Palmer influence in modern boganvillian politics).

Nevertheless, the earnest knitted/knotted brow (wonder whether its natural or surgically arranged?) overcame his confusion, blurted, genuflected and won the day.

So after hearing what he had to slur I decided –
I know; I’ll google the bugger and have a talk with him.

Ever heard of the forlorn hope?
You guessed right.
He has an office and, indeed, ‘someone’ answers the phone if you give ‘em a tingle up in that iceberg of an office in brizzo.

Now, that obfuscatory ‘someone’ unfortunately sounds far too young, outstandlingly inexperienced and far too intellectually challenged ever to be receiving incoming calls at even the shonkiest law firm.

Or maybe she’s just strategically placed there as a suckerpunch for idiots like me.

Whatever the situation – if you are mug enough to phone the contact person for the ‘council for civil liberties’ you will NOT GET PAST this bimbo ensconced in the office of that profit making law firm in brizzo.

In fact she’ll make it plain that money must be tabled prior to even sniffing their conditioned air.

Who the hell, therefore, constitutes that august body, the friggin’ ‘council for civil liberties’ if it ain’t no more nor less than a few fossilized, opportunistic examples of the ‘body parasite’?

So what is their function then, you insufferable blockhead? Or so one of you intellectual giants out there would demand.

“Easy peasy.” I’d maintain. “The bludgers are a vital part of the core of the propaganda machine”.
They are cynically emplanted into that system of disinformation for the specific purpose of providing forlorn hope for those being serially stuffed about by the arch-psychopaths who believe they are running the show.

Their function is to publicly pretend that they care about due process, ethics and just outcomes for the poor and needy.

Of course while they are pretending to do that they are also causing the hard-line rednecks in our system a fair deal of apoplexy.

Its all quite ingenious when you think about it and ‘at the end of the day’, as they say, damned near self-funding.

If you don’t grasp what I mean – take the recent ‘bikie’ situation.
There’s been enough published to confirm that bugger all bikies are serious crims.
Yet thousands of motorcyclists have been subject to what amounts to an entirely pointless pogrom.

When Mr Bleedingheart appears on tee vee and renders his spiel – all those innocent and otherwise far too busy motorcyclists out there will dry their tears and take false hope that the ‘important man’ has taken up the ‘golden mean’ and spoken resoundingly on their behalf.

The poor deluded fools.

Meanwhile, the rest of the population, accustomed to being trapped in those four wheeled rusting shitboxes that overpopulate our highways, hearing the sage words of our accomplished, gov. employed, shitstirrer gnash their teeth in outrage.

All those tiny minded bastards who simply can’t get over those dickheads on two wheels who constantly outmanoeuvre them in traffic.

See what I mean, fait accompli; completely unnecessary, utterly destructive, social disruption on a budget – playing one side against the other.
My god, you’ve all been indoctrinated into it by being forced to play games at school.

In a way these people have themselves been exploited – say since 1922 when the laborites managed to expunge queensland’s upper house – arguably the most stupid act of any legislature in the history of this sorry land.

In result we rely upon ‘committees’ that, as has recently been demonstrated, may be sacked by the latest fuhrer.

In any case the straw dummies shoved upright in front of the tee vee cameras for the purpose of mass entertainment, sometime solace and sometime outrage, are nothing but a distraction and will never influence events toward the establishment of even the flawed bicameral systems operating in the other states.

No gentlemen, we need, not a ‘council’ but a counsel for civil liberties – a body of peers with (unlike the present mob of raffle winners) the tiniest flicker of decency, ethics, wisdom and fair dealing rattling about somewhere within their collective consciousness.

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