Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This says it all – -
now who, as an individual, or as an organization employed by the citizenry, in order to protect the citizenry, could go past that as an exemplar.

It was endemic in queensland before it ‘officially’ became ‘newmania’, then ‘boganvillia’ –

Big problem is that eternal compact – that big fucking ha, ha, guaranteeing every shiteheel who wins the raffle of cross-party cover-up for every corrupt act ‘he,she,it’ perpetrates.

It is only when any ‘he,she,it’ actually rats on their alleged colleagues in the ‘parliamentary tontine’ –
- that they are ‘regretfully exposed’ as various sorts of ‘deviant vermin’ and ‘swamp gas’, then promptly incarcerated without fair trial.

Anyone with half a brain can see what’s happening here.
A mob of prime arseholes waiting for ‘payback time’ – ever since joh was invited to retire.

Some raffle winners (aware of the oversight) immediately after his time – too damned gutless to move.

Then beattie turned up and let the pigs run again.
Then bliar (as beattie damned well knew) was too bloody busy with fuck-all, even to notice that she was accidentally premier of queensland.

Then jughead junior somehow waggled his ears into the top job.

Which I reckon is the biggest conspiracy, the biggest cover-up of all time.

The REAL aliens, the nasty buggers, all happen to have REALLY BIG, POINTY, EARS.

Case in point. Billy McMahon didn’t even bother disguising his alien-ness or his pointy ears.
He may have been our prime minister for a few months – but that sucker would never had any problem hanging upside down with our fruit-bats up in the mango trees.

Likewise ‘jughead’, our present ‘pm’.
Flapping great ears and those dripping canines too.

Then we have this latter day neo- fascist, newman up here in boganvillia.

And all this shit is there in the phone directories and instantly available on the world wide web.
But none of those cunts – never one of them or those frosty darlings supposedly employed by those raffle winning arseholes at your expense –

None of that filth EVER reply or respond in an ethical, timely, or decent fashion to those who request and require their support.

Which, firstly, gives a fair indication as to why this country is fucked beyond any recall and why I no longer bother, any longer, even trying to write sense.

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  1. HOW ABOUT A MERRY CHRISTMAS - then ream them new arseholes ?
    Get into 'em bucko.
    No one else will.