Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Easy; just find a complete jerk named either Campbell Abbott or Tony Newman – then put him in without any ballot at all as a composite queensland premier AND prime minister.

Give that article a (preferably bimbo) secretary of some sort – kitted out with the usual equipment; throw in a wet-bar and catered lunches – then let ‘em go for it.
Who the hell needs all those raffle winners pretending to be our legislatures?

Why not.
It’d save heaps of money – and even if those two pissed off permanently on ‘fact finding missions’ and the like – there’s always email to send back here for their running dogs to attend to and dump on our heads whatever frightfulness enters their small minds.

Sounds frightful, doesn’t it?

But at least there’d only be TWO of the blithering idiots instead of the present cast of hundreds – of the ignoramuses.

But it would be a saving – by way of a lean, mean executive.
And the fact, judging by the way matters progress lately, that two complete idiots could cause infinitely less harm than that cast of hundreds.

PS –
I’m retired now, but I do remember, at various employs, how well the business ran whenever the boss went away for a few days.
Even customers came in to pay a bit off their accounts, secure in the knowledge that the oppressive, capitalistic, overweening looney wasn’t there to embarrass them.
In fact I do remember one particular overweening looney who seemed to have worked that out for himself. Had the odd Friday off (on business, of course) and usually had a big grin on his dial, Monday, mid-morning after looking over his books.

PPS, and nothing to do with the above –
If Adolph H. did what he did to Ernst Rohm for obvious reasons – then why did Jackboot Johnny put up with Daffy Downer for so bloody long?

No wonder JJ always looked so constipated.

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