Sunday, December 29, 2013


Don’t expect any pansy reviews of the latest bodice ripper.

It is just that whenever I cruise into the local library for some reading matter there is so little choice amongst those scores of thousands of published titles available to me.

So little choice?
Fact. So little choice.

Let me explain.
Unless that broad stream of history I’ve been fed all my life and those ethical standards ground into my sorry pelt while being raised as an Anglican are completely wrong – then, for the life of me, I cannot find any author in that pathetic library who disagrees with me.

Disagrees with me about what?

For instance – I cannot find any author who is prepared to swear on a any stack of holy books that human rights violations allegedly perpetrated, say, under the regimes of the likes of Adolph Hitler, Jo Stalin, Pol Pot, or Ceausescu, was right.

There may be something published by the odd apologist or denialist – but even they all agree that their argument is about and still surrounds the fact that bastardry, brutality, suppression, and various tones of ethnic, racial, religious ‘cleansing’ – or any such organized and applied discrimination – is completely unconscionable.
They admit that bastardry is bastardry - then deny their people caused such bastardry.

So, unless I’m being denied some special ‘back-room’ facility at our local library – I’m afraid that even the fascist leaning authors stacked there amongst those countless thousands of rather weighty books tend to agree with me - that bastardry is and remains, bastardry.

To put that plainly – any idiot brainy enough to write a book and have it published would have to accept that causing anyone harm causes that same person pain and trauma.
The same applies to their relatives, friends and associates – likewise any population or segment of a population so affected.

Apparently, though, the rules are different in ‘boganvillia’.

Back to the library -
Don’t get me wrong. There are a few books there touching on ‘certain practices’ – involving certain people who, for whatever reason, seem to ‘get their rocks off’ with a bit of pain – or causing others a bit of pain.

The learned consensus is, however, that the ‘subjects of these studies’ might do well with a bit of ‘help’.

All of which leads me to the conclusion of this article –
• Our society is supposedly founded upon a bunch of ‘reasonable expectations’.
• We all may ‘reasonably expect’ those centuries of brainstorming by our philosophers and ethicists have resulted in the establishment of a set of rules based upon those ‘reasonable expectations.
• Therefore anyone, or any regime, denying, defying, or dispensing with those societal mores has placed themselves in the zone of those needing ‘help’.
• Yet, there exists international law supported by national law placing such activity by nation states as outside the law.
• And in consequence, so it seems, the state of, what was once queensland, now ‘boganvillia’, by the recent actions of its ‘ruling junta’ – is now ‘outlaw’ in the jaded eyes of the rest of this world.
• Indeed. They tear the rest of us down with them.

And in conclusion –
Are they simple lads temporarily having lost their way?
Or are they a corrupt klatch of bastards too damned stupid to work out – ‘what comes around, goes around – then bites you in the jugular’.

Actually, it doesn’t matter.
One thing for sure they don’t read much – for if they bothered to read, they’d damned well know from the lessons of the past how they are marking time now but fucking the future.

That might be an indicator of their egos, their mentality.

So little choice here in this dump when that library offers so many hints about what life SHOULD BE LIKE – how life CAN BE LIKE – were we not all ground down by a succession of cross-wired, shit ignorant thugs who claim to be our ‘representatives’ ‘constituting’ our ‘puppet parliaments’.

Is that why their sort so much enjoy burning books and locking people up in concentration camps?

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