Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Mr. palmer had his people write this –
“Palmer asks Abbott: Is ASIO listening in on Members of Parliament?
Federal Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, is urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott to come clean on allegations of political surveillance of parliamentary members by ASIO.
Mr Palmer believes as many as five members of the Federal Parliament were being spied on, following revelations by crossbench Senator Nick Xenophon in late November that some politicians’ phone calls and emails were being monitored by the intelligence service.
“These revelations are a very disturbing thing for Australia,’’ Mr Palmer said.
“I ask the Prime Minister to today confirm whether any members of parliament are having their phones or emails tapped or intercepted by the Commonwealth or any State agency.
“I would be particularly interested to know if any of the crossbench MPs including myself were the subject of any type of surveillance and whether parliamentary offices were being bugged.
“In light of the Indonesian spying fiasco, Mr Abbott now needs to come clean on whether he is eavesdropping on members of the Australian Parliament for his own political gain,’’ Mr Palmer said.


In good faith, I replied to his page, thus –

‘Dear Clive,
Everyone knows what’s been happening in the ElInt world these last many years.
Please read -

Even your neighbour could bug your line with a passive induction set-up – if they were grubby enough.
Get a copy of Peter Wright’s book, ‘Spycatcher’ which describes the way the old PMG Department did the job way back then.

Best regards.’
Which was up on his pages for a few hours – ‘under moderation’.

Next morning, mysteriously, it had been deleted.

Which means we appear to have a brand new politician hinting that he’s on the side of honesty, right and freedom who puts his apparent ‘concerns’ up in the public domain – then flinches immediately away from the PUBLIC RECORD OF TRUTH.

Good grief, Clive – we have enough trouble with obersturmbannfuhrer newman without you playing the same game so early in the peace.

Does this imply that ‘they’ve’ gotten to you already?

Or wasn’t I crawly/lickspittle enough?
Was I supposed to call you ‘master’ and grovel a bit?

Or when you say things like this –

“CLIVE Palmer's fears he'll be hauled away by police over the state's tough new anti-bikie laws.
The mining magnate has taken a jab at Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie in a cheeky press release sent out to media this morning.
In a cheeky way to promote the opening of his auto museum next month, Mr Palmer said he's asked all motorcycles within the Palmer Motorama be arranged in groups of no more than three.
"I would hate for Mr Newman to suspect me of being a member or associate of an outlaw motorcycle gang," Mr Palmer said in the release.
"These heavy-handed and rushed-through laws are hard to get your head around but the last thing I want is to be prosecuted or thrown in jail by Mr Newman.
"Hopefully this move will take some heat off me."

- does all that mean you were only kidding?
Just jollying the obergruppenfuhrer along a bit.

But what about those poor silly bastards being locked up soon, apparently in pink pyjamas?

All for doing nothing more than stopping somewhere for a pissant bloody beer!

Don’t worry.
I’ve noticed that you don’t appreciate the difference between jurisdictions – or pretend not to notice how carefully it has been worked out that we peasantry can never gain legal remedy in this failed state (accumulation of non-constitutions, or whatever you want to call it).

But leave all that aside, Clive –
I was stupid enough to bother wasting my time contacting you about the probability of your communications being monitored.

Believe me when I say that you are down for attention 24x7x52 without any doubt.
As was that Pauline.

If anything you might do to resolve that situation could be imagined – why not consider replying to those who open communications with you?

Just take on board that you are now a member of the LOWER house of our parliament and that Australians of all colours and creeds might earnestly want to communicate with you.

Not only communicate with you – but based on your larger than life promises lately – expect some real action from you as the sort of jurisdiction-less member of parliament you claim to be.

Put it this way, Clive – recently that useless mob in both sides of parliament can’t decide what to do about our industry infrastructure.
That’s precisely because none of the bludgers have any clue – because boring stuff like that is below their pathetic ‘interest horizon’.

Note, also, that in a few lines way above I was able to tell you that all your offices are being bugged outtasight.
In short, you won’t be able to twitch without ‘our masters’ knowing.
Fact of record in the public domain.

The recent big event is the automotive industry collapsing.
I’d prefer to call it the aeromotive/defence industry.

It includes one helluva lot of people gainfully employed manufacturing mundane stuff to keep a wide range of value-added industry happening.

A small sector of all that – against massive official discouragement – keeps our indiginous transport, aviation and defence systems alive.

If the present federal regime (encouraged by the unlawful stupidity in queensland) prevails and those specialized industries (and their somewhat eccentric employees) are dissolved – then this alleged nation has had it.

Entirely up to you Clive.
• You well know the bastards are reading your mail
• You’ve been associated with people in industry
• You surely must associate with and employ people who are of a different nature to the ‘common herd’
• At this stage you would have to be perfectly aware that if ‘value adding’ industry fails here – then this ‘nation’ will also shortly fail

Entirely up to you Clive.
You won that raffle.

The future is yours with the choice whether to afford our common people their worth or join your raffle winning pals and, as usual, like the rest of ‘em, scunge the whole bloody show.

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