Thursday, December 26, 2013


Yesterday, xmas day, the stinkers over the road (the meth brewers and their mates) were absent.
They (thank fuck) stayed away again today.

This evening I went out, after dark to see if there was any sign of the feral cat that my Lady Wife had been feeding these last several months.
Then, as I was coming back inside – they arrived.

Two extremely fat arseholes in a ute towing a ‘tinnie’.

For some reason these fat, useless, cunts (without any doubt an element of ‘rent-a-car/rent – a crowd™’ have to stop in our tiny corner of the world, either to dump their garbage – score from the meth-lab over the road – or just give us the shits.

This time they parked and went through whatever procedure was in their tiny minds directly in front of our neighbour’s house.

As it happened, ha, ha, that is exactly where I was standing.

So I politely asked the mega-obese cunt what the hell he was up to (without, you understand, being ‘prejudicial’ or ‘confrontationalist’).

Despite all my efforts to be polite to his sort –
He told me (for all the usual reasons that occur to his sort of allegedly‘empowered’ but totally braindead, misinformed, lardarsed, fuckwits) that he had every right to park there and dump whatever nausea he had on-board his tinnie onto/into the streets of our neighbourhood.

No fucking problem for that slobbery arse-with-ears.
That cunt has ‘rights’.

Of course the shitehead had every right to dump his stinking fishguts there.

Of course he was so on the ball as he was leaving – that when I gave him the finger – he stopped, wallowed out of his vehicle and wanted to have a ‘go’ at me.
As did his fat, useless, mate.

Big question, then. Why is this silly bastard of sixty years - still here writing this account - after their threats?

The gutless cunts!

That prize arsehole (and his suety poofta mate) can go fishing, gut his catch into the bilge of his cheapjack little tinnie - pull up anywhere he likes, then pull his bilge plugs and dump his stinking filth in front of our neighbour’s home.

No big deal and pretty typical of what happens around here lately – but something happening around here with increasing regularity.
And for some reason, if you catch this scum at their game, then tell ‘em to piss off - their sort of shit somehow believe they have police protection for their pathetic behaviour.

Nice people these blow-in filth – temporarily living in sunny queensland.

In fact they behave in no different fashion than the arseholes running this state lately.
(Mostly they are blow-in filth too.)

Quite interesting that those arseholes running the show here in boganvillia and the filth they keep attracting, sub-contracting north into the mining industry seem to have approximately the same base standards and morals.
( I seriously wonder whether the ‘masters’ are onto the same substances as their mates in the mining industry.)

To move on -
Both societal sub-sets are as out-of-sight touchy, overaggressive, overwound and inclined to behaving in ways outside any of the accepted rules of any decent society.

Utter flaming pig-dogs, both, at top and bottom – with decent people being crunched as some sandwich filling?
And each day it only gets worse.
At some stage – all this crap has to stop.

Before some poor silly, honest fuckwit decides that ‘enough is enough’?

Let’s read what Churchill, the megalomaniac, said –
“If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”

Which reasonably accurately describes what is going on in newmania/boganvillia – that utterly failed state that was once queensland.

Let’s face it. Joh was a bastard – but at least he stopped short of -------------------
Let’s face it – Joh didn’t have access to the sort of electronic horror these bastards have at their disposal.

But these latter day pig-dogs do!

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