Sunday, December 22, 2013

Don’t bother watching this.

Newman is right.
None of you idiots out there deserve justice.

Take no notice (you stupid bastards) that even australia’s most corrupt judiciary refuses to apply the supposed ‘mandates’ of newmans’s fascist regime against all those ‘bikies’.

Any premier with half a brain opr sense of decency would resign in this situation – in his self-created, clusterfuck, situation.

Who the hell would ever have believed that another such disgusting article would ever have been plonked into the front seat of such a loser state ever again.

Why, a fair way into the 21st century, are we being fucked about by this complete dummkopf?

Maybe I can tell you why – you stupid bastards.

For some strange reason it is the height of summer again. All you silly cunts are still coming up to q – sorry, ‘boganvillia’ – hoping to get jobs and cheap drugs in the ‘mining boom’.

None of your lot have ever worked out, or cared before you arrived here, that the jobs don’t really exist – or that, once you arrive here - that newman, Dempsey , their pals have taken over from beattie, bligh and their pals to strip you all of your last assets and send you to perdition.

Work it out, you idiots.
You are nothing but expendable pond-scum in their view.

Over the last two or three decades their sort have consolidated an industry dedicated toward stripping you all of the last of your assets and putting it directly into their pockets.

Cunning fools up here – fleecing them – then sending them on their way.

Call ‘em what you like – robber barons, pox mongers, arseholes or thieves –
That’s what they all are.

And the shiteheels connected with newman and Dempsey, up here now, are robbing you poor southern immigrant suckers blind.

Mind you – our piss poor town is, for too bloody many years, way overfull of you southern excrement.

Maybe the pigdogs exploiting you southerners are doing us locals a favour by sending you on your way?

But don’t ever write in and spit your dummy, will you, you southern dorks.

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  1. ime a suthern dork and i resent yore atitude