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So if we scan -
And look into the comments we find at comment 37 of 73 a statement by a certain person who should bloody well know better that to conflict his interest so bloody much.
(I would have clipped it here – but for some STRANGE reason it won’t work. Nothing unusual about that in fascist queensland whoever is occupying head office.)

Let’s then go to comment 61 of 73 –
Remarkably prescient comment, that!

Yet he was too polite to put his case forthrightly.
Put it this way –
It may be that you could put a thief to catch a thief – and if the thief set to catch the thief is paid enough – he may well dob in the other thief.
But there’s no way in the world an ex-sergeant of police is ever going to cop his pals or his past superiors in the pig farce.

No way, Jose!

Then finally down to 73 of 73 –
A bloke who mentions that newman wasn’t ‘there’ in belchy peanut’s time.
Of course he wasn’t. Neither were most of the blow-in population of this failed state.

But some of us were.
In fact, many of us were.

And it is that ‘many’ who have been told to ‘fuck off’, who have had the phones slammed down on our ears – who have been threatened by the bloody overweening pipsqueaks these arseholes employ to insulate themselves from the ‘inconvenience’ of the real world out there

Dempsey employed this jerk called ‘vince’.
The last ‘vince’ I knew was a dope dealer who arrived here in the mid 1970s.
Despite the fact that dempsey’s ‘vince’ sounded a bit younger than that shiteheel could be – he displays the same pig-dog threatening attitude.

Then the same bludger ends up as our councilor in the last ‘regional government’ raffle.

So, here we are in the ‘electorate’ of a totally compromised ‘pig-minister’ and the affairs of the actual ‘city central’ is being thoughtfully dealt with by one of his peons.

I can tell you for free – If you have the spare dosh – just come to Bundaberg – sprinkle a few credits in the right direction and without any doubt whatsoever – they’ll look after your ‘special’ interest.

They’ll look after you in the same way they look after the pig-dogs over from us.
Raise the issue with the porkers in dempsey’s domain and they’ll tell you to go fuck yourself.
Move the complaint upstairs to the cmc and the premier’s office and they’ll send you their ‘sympathy’ – in writing, to boot!

Meanwhile, my lady wife is attending health tests that report 20% kidney function a little while back

Meanwhile our roof has turned to iron oxide.
And the paint has almost completely peeled off the dump.

Yet the pig minister socializes (I’m reliably informed) with the local ‘magnates’ we’ve come to believe causing all this nausea.

But stop press for a shake and consider this geographical/demographic puzzle –

Why is the pig-minister’s brother’s real estate office slap-bang beside the new police station in this corrupt little town?

Why would it be that it was someone working in the electoral office of the ‘now sacked’ chairperson of the ‘parliamentary crime and misconduct committee’ who advised me of this?

And what the hell is all this whingeing about anyway?

Putting it simply – a mob of prime protected arseholes over the road and up the street have acted like prize arseholes for the last few years.

If Dempsey and newman were, in the merest sense, decent people they would have have saved me the bother of writing this stuff by having them arrested, charged and put to the courts of justice.
It is easy to say that we’ve had to live in near proximity to a bunch of jerks who have behaved in a certain fashion – have behaved the way newman and Dempsey describe ‘bikies’ as behaving.
Except these jerks tend to wear those stupid day-glo shirts and drive white jeeps when they go delivering their ‘snort’

There seems to be something somewhat phrenetic about the way the local member (our pig minister) blethers about ‘bikies’ – when his own ‘ASSOCIATES’ are out there on a daily basis fucking about with our lives.

When his own pet-set are out there fucking with our lives.

PS – Sorry I couldn’t open and attach the text, above. This is how it happens here, now. They reckon things are like that in, say, China. Try doing a bit of honest informational work in this benighted, overcontrolled, fascist dump.

PPS – If anyone reading this has any doubt – I am quietly suggesting that – either Dempsey is a complete idiot – or he could be covering the running of ‘substances’ out to employees of the mining industry and suchlike.
I’d prefer to thing the former – that like so many winning the raffles here – that (despite all the feedback that he’s a compromised bad bastard) he’s not up to the job).

PPPS – If he’s up to the job – then why the hell is he colluding with newman to cause this fuckwit pogrom about ‘bikies’?
Is there something wrong with him?
In my youth a ‘bikie’ delivered our mail.
A ‘bikie’ was the mechanic that serviced my dad’s car.
A ‘bikie’ delivered our groceries.
A ‘bikie’ (believe it or not) walked the Holy Cross into Eucharist at my church.
And the ‘bikie who deliverd our mail was the same bloke who walked the cross into the ceremony of Holy Communion at my church. (Dear Dougie, bless him).

So, like so bloody many, this dreeb turned up here just to throw his weight around and cause trouble.
The jerk couldn’t have enough fun at duntroon (the odd rape and bit of buggery) so, in default, decided to move up here and frig queensland about unmercifully.
Well – the arse-with-ears has had his ambitions fulfilled.

He’s now ensconced in queensland/newmania/boganvillia and giving us immense nausea.

This dumpster idiot (jack Dempsey, - hoo boy, the boxer, hey) won his raffle by default.
All these complete halfwits moved into town hoping for jobs in the mines.
Corrupt as buggery and a bro in ‘Unreal estate.
These last many years – poor bloody punters have been moving up here in order to escape the futility of attempting to establish a viable home down south.
They arrive here in waves – twice a year they arrive – at the start of summer and again at the start of winter – they invest – then lose their last fuinds.
They are systematically sucked in – chewed up – then spat out by complete bastards running the show in this town.
The mates of those bastards doing that to them occupy every space in our “Bizzaro World” – joke - system of governance’ here.

The whole show is corrupted beyond buggery.
Those doing this to the innocents are corrupted beyond recall.
They are nothing but base filth.

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