Monday, March 31, 2014


If we can ever believe the ineffectual propaganda machine surrounding that missing airliner – it appears that wherever anyone searches – even the most remote corners of our oceans are so full of garbage that the searchers after aircraft wreckage are being stymied by an overpreponderence of that crap everywhere they search.

Stretching that old joke about ships being moored in port for so long that they’ve grounded on their garbage – so what stopped flight 370 from landing on one of these ‘islands of garbage’?

Or Diego Garcia – or somewhere else on land within its flight radius??

Has the bloody thing been landed on some quiet little superannuated airfield somewhere?

Could it, in fact, be lurking in the Uluru parking lot with a fresh coat of paint??

Who the hell would know!

And it would appear – who the hell would care – except for those who do care about the relatives and friends of the human cargo of that flight.

So, exactly, how many superannuated airfields are there out there within the radius of flight of a boeing 777 out of Kuala Lumpur?

Are they being checked out?

If so then why don’t we know?

If not – then why don’t the relatives and friends of those who were aboard flight 370 know?

In short – the situation has gone beyond pear-shaped – with the ‘relevant authorities’ yet again behaving in the overweeningly predictable way.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


After we published - ‘SOME MIGHT WONDER’ an amazing thing happened.

Suddenly, the next day, all those ‘experts’ decided they were searching too far away from the point of departure of our missing airliner.

Something about them knowing it was flying faster than first expected and therefore, consequently a reduced endurance.

What utter guff.

If they’d (whoever the hell ‘they’ are) been tracking the aircraft well enough to know its airspeed they’d be able to work out that it’d need bloody drop tanks to get to where they’d been searching these past many days.

Nope – we don’t suggest conspiracy – rather they should have checked the public domain specs available for that aircraft.

A few more minutes calculation guesstimating fuel consumption manoeuvring and changing altitude over the Malay Peninsula would have given ‘em a max flight radius and a search zone approximating where they are 'apparently searching' now.

Too many days wasted and all to the detriment of the grieving families awaiting some solid confirmation as to the fate of that aircraft.

Meanwhile why is it that all civil aircraft don’t seem to be fitted with tamper proof active location telemetry?

You know – the same stuff the bosses fit into our road transport vehicles these days to make sure that our truckies don’t stop for a ‘road safety nap’ once too often.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Some might wonder how the hell an airliner could go missing on a regular flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

I mean it IS reasonably well controlled airspace.

But somehow it did – according to those regularly monitoring that airspace.
Quite a few people monitoring all that airspace.

But none of ‘em want to make public either what they know or what they don’t know about their tagging of that particular flight.

None of ‘em especially know how the hell it plonked down somewhere in the Indian Ocean way past the time its fuel reserves should have been exhausted.

Put it this way –
Passengers would be horrified if they knew how little fuel reserves were allowed these days to complete a flight.

There have been enough historical instances of aircraft pranging after meeting adverse weather or simply cocking up on approach to their destination – simply lacking enough fuel to do a go-around or two at destination.

So who the fuck is pulling whose leg by pretending this aircraft could pull all these stunts over the South China Sea (as claimed by the press) – then go haring off against a fair amount of detrimental side winds only to ditch in the oggin three quarters of the way to Antarctica?

Of course – with a short passenger list enough extra fuel could have been loaded to almost make that possible.

So – if so, who signed off for that?

The skipper, the co-pilot, or someone back at head office???

Of course the infidel aliens could have abducted them like that Valentich bloke over Bass Strait.
And there might be a freshly repainted Boeing 777 lurking unobtrusively in the parking lot beside Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) – or somewhere else.

But I doubt it.

So what gives with this situation?

I’m too bloody poor to afford a joy flight in a clapped out Tiger Moth.
It amazes me that the local rednecks cannot go fishing in a ten foot tinnie without an automatic emergency beacon aboard.

I mean, who’d want to waste time saving them?

But airliners crewed by --------??????? Get to fly all around the world without any such protection?

Fucked if I know why !!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Here is a list, an ever expanding list, of what the oz-propaganda machine calls ‘controversies’ – or embarrassments.

Sometimes it is called corruption.

In a real sense it is little more than those god-damned opportunistic raffle winners getting payback on those who, sometime/somehow, have pissed them off.

The ‘media’ – the propaganda machine never mention, certainly never detail the harm these bastards have caused ordinary citizens as they thrash their hedonistic, narcissistic, psychotic path through life.

As they thresh their destructive path through the lives of anyone standing in their way.

And why should they give a fuck anyway?

They know damned well that even if they get caught out their pals in the old boy’s network will bail ‘em out sooner rather than later.

They know bloody well that if they hit immediately and hit hard – they’ll strip anyone who might object to their bestiality of their prime assets – their money.

Besides which they know most Australians are utterly gutless.

And so, in that level playing field of their choosing, they win – time and again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Yep. We have to beat New Zealand at their game.

So in another of those leg-wetting dawn decisions made by the government of newmania/boganvillia – we now have a new flag.

The now tatty old production had the ‘Union Flag’ – often, but incorrectly, known as the Union Jack in the top left-hand corner – with the rest of the rag, as they say, ‘defaced’ by some sort of cross and crown affair.
(See -

However the vice-regal flag of queensland was the ensign of Great Britain with that cross/crown poultice plonked in the middle.

And since these neo-fascist raffle winning wonkers at newman’s beck and call have absolutely no recall nor idea of the great traditions of empire – in their ignorance, they tend to call any flag that looks like the pommy flag – the ‘union jack’.

Which is why the new flag of newmania/boganvillia will have only the slightest name change –
It will be called, instead of the union jack, - the ‘NEWMAN JACK’.

And instead of that dicky little maltese cross an’ crown in the middle – it’ll have a circle featuring a big pink hairy arse with a fat length of pine pole piercing the symbolic fundament so displayed.

See -

That’s to fit in figuratively with his ‘vlad laws’ – as a constant reminder to anyone out there who disagrees with him about almost anything.

Yet queenslanders will swallow it one way or the other.

Those born here and still alive are well used to resignedly being buttfucked by experts.

Those recently arrived from the southern states are probably looking forward to the experience.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


For some reason the rules seem unequal – no ‘level playing field’ at all.

Now, why doesn’t that surprise us?

It doesn’t seem to matter that Australia has been running ‘concentration camps’, of one sort or other, just about forever.

Nor does it matter that the present regime in queensland/newmania/boganvillia are now putting away Australian Citizens on trumped up charges – putting ‘em into solitary, dressed in pinko high viz garb and doing their damnedest to deny them natural justice under ad-hoc, crapola, pretend, legislation – definitely dreamt up in their bowels rather than their heads.

Yep – those ‘vlad’ laws – compiled on the hop by a mob of sickos – as damned near off their trollies as any other bunch of vlad style impalers.

Maybe it has something to do with the mean (average or whatever?) mentality of those that, by default, keep winning the raffles in this dump?

Now that it has become somewhat ‘politically incorrect’ to keep the original people of this land incarcerated all their lives in concentration camps like Cherbourg and Palm Island – that now they have to find other scapegoats upon whom to vent their pathetic inadequacy.

Leastways – that’s the way it seems.

There once was this thing called “The White Australia Policy” – the product of xenophobia from well over a century ago.

Nothing much has changed – except the way our ‘political masters’ increasingly misapply what used to be the rules.

There must be something terribly wrong with a populace so bloody stupid enough to accept and bow under to retrospective legislation – such especially in a state constituted within a commonwealth where legislation exists specifically proscribing retrospective legislation.

Such was queensland just the other year – but apparently not newmania/boganvillia now.
But of course that is only one tiny element of the rule of law that’s being ignored here.

It might be supposed that the populace would be reasonably aware of the important aspects of their fund of law – or at least have a gut feeling about the way it is supposed to work.

But evidently not in newmania/boganvillia.

So, what is the problem with untrammelled power in tin-pot parliaments and the exercise of retrospective legislation?

Say some EXTREMISTS get to win the raffle – then proscribe certain groups or activities.

Like riding surfboards, playing with toy trains, resorting to Chinese restaurants too often, skinny dipping in the moonlight – or anything else some innocent minority group (and their associates) might enjoy.

Can’t you work it out, you imbeciles, that you might be next on the puritan’s list – to be denied justice, reason, and the maintenance of your lifestyle.

In other words newmania/boganvillia doesn’t have a ‘white Australia policy’ these days – it has a ‘black, white AND brindle australia policy’ permitting the shiteheels to arbitrarily lock up anyone they dislike without any justification whatsoever.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


(Sung to the tune of ‘me and Bobby McGee’.)

We, at ‘Calligula’s Horse’, don’t seem to get all that many cards and letters comin’ in.
Never have, for that matter.

Which doesn’t surprise us as we sit here watching the evolution of the internet and the poisonous way it is being manipulated by all those underpaid and overqualified geeks ground down under the smelly thumbs of the psycho bastards doing the politics these days.

We don’t suppose that the psycho-bastards are any worse than the pre-internet generation of sadistic, manipulative shits, but by God – they seem to be hell-bent on proving otherwise in each and every move they take these days.

So, if a reasonable person stood back and looked at the ‘world situation’ – surely he’d have to admit that there is something morally/legalistically wrong with that alleged great upholder of ‘democracy’, the USof A, putting shit on Mother Russia for pre-emptively deploying troops along her borders with the Ukraine and into Crimea.

With regard to this matter we support ‘Sting’.
‘Russians love their children too’.
And given half a chance they (the Russians) might just for once get to prove it.

They might get to prove it if the stupid manipulative bastards pretending to be the ‘great statesmen’ would just for once back off and give ‘em some leeway on their own patch.

Any chance of that happening?

Only by accident and, hopefully, a certain lack of funds in the seppo (sorry, US) treasury.

At the core of all this shit happening all over the place on our tiny little globe is a few hundred particularly amoral, nasty little people.

Amoral, nasty little people in possession of these little bits of paper.

Worthless little bits of paper on their own – but in the possession of equally worthless, poxed little people who gang together with other equally worthless little people who have no compunction with murder, rapine and terror.

Here in Australia we’ve always been told a crock of outstanding bullshit about how our troops have always exercised a policy of ‘winning the hearts and minds’ of the locals when they’ve been deployed overseas.

And we are absolutely sure that some of ‘em have bust their guts doing exactly that.

Problem is that our grunts have been pretending to have been winning hearts and souls in VietNam, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever else - they’ve been ordered to follow the US scourge.

So what the hell is the problem with giving the Russkies a chance, this century, to do better on their own patch?

One thing for sure –
We have this prime minister – an intellectual giant who somehow believes that a ‘force-multiplier’ is a longer set of handlebars on his pushbike.

It is all beyond belief that this ‘wingnut’ is rattling his extended handlebars (or some borrowed sabre) in the general direction of Vladimir Putin and Mother Russia.

Chrissakes abbort, give us a break.
Wouldn’t YOU mobilize your polis if Tasmania decided to secede?

PS – if spelling (like abort instead of abbort) syntax and grammatic errors appear here – then blame ‘google’ and their nazi bloody auto spellcheck.
From now on we give up chasing the tail of that shitbox.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Here we go again.
A kernel of truth in schoolbook history.

Here’s the prĂ©cis –

Greater Russia has always had a problem maintaining ice-free ports.

It appears that premier Kruschev made a colossal boo-boo many years ago by putting the Crimean peninsula into the hands of those Ukranians – who at the time seemed to be happy soviets.

No problem then – but now the show has gone pear shaped.

Apparently, these days, the Russians have no right to make claim on their traditional territory and areas of interest.

I may be wrong – but for some reason I seem to remember a stoush between the Imperial Russians and some loose alliance between the Brits, the French and the Turks – back then in the mid 18-hundreds.

I may be wrong – but didn’t that campaign feature some incredibly stupid acts on the part of the interventionists?
Like the futile ‘charge of the Light Brigade’?
Like dying like flies?

I may be wrong – but didn’t the Russians fight like devils to hold on to their ice free ports in the Black Sea.

I might be wrong – but didn’t they finally gain the moral advantage, then, against supposedly overwhelming odds on numerous fronts?

I may be wrong that shit like that sticks in the National craw.

Perhaps I’m wrong that Russia and the Russian people might by now have developed something of a ‘race memory’ about being spectacularly stuffed about that way.

Might not there be some events that have likewise burred them up since then?

And now everyone is upset because they’ve been smart enough to move in remarkably quickly in order to forestall an internecine bloodbath in the Ukraine/Crimea.
Back here in Oz – the stupid bloody wingnut, with what?
The wingnut with bugger all more than six or eight thousand grunts has to stick his paddle in.
Say, six regiments, a few second-hand AFVs, sub-standard ordnance and a few defective vehicles – and this idiot (through diplomatic channels) has to tell the Russkies to back off.

He tells the Russkies to back off just precisely when they are dropping off a small team of 25000 (or so our propaganda people admit) of their remarkably well-equipped soldiers for a ‘defence exercise’ just next door to the Ukraine.

(So what might happen if that Vlad Putin decided to drop a few of his spare ‘specialists’ into, say, queensland?
That’d put a spar through noddies vlad laws, wouldn’t it?)

ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN – could work out that the next few days will tell.

The next few days will determine whether the threat to Mother Russia may be managed without invasion and bloodshed.

Anyone with half a brain would be down on their knees praying that the Russians can manage the situation without a shot being fired.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the west will try to fuck their situation up.

Anyone with half a brain can see (if the propaganda people are reporting the truth) that the Russkies are busting their guts to make sure that no shots (pray god) are ever fired.

And in this new century – if they can manage that – where would that leave the good ol’ boys of the USofA and their bloodthirsty record these last many years?

It’d make ‘em look like prize turkeys, wouldn’t it?

HEY – The world moves on.
Tom Clancy novels are now passe’.

Putin’s pragmatism is prime – and all the sabre rattling from the captive west is past any joke.

PS – ‘Captive west’?
Energy – fuel – resources.
Put an embargo on Russia now – and freeze your European butts off next winter.