Tuesday, March 4, 2014


(Sung to the tune of ‘me and Bobby McGee’.)

We, at ‘Calligula’s Horse’, don’t seem to get all that many cards and letters comin’ in.
Never have, for that matter.

Which doesn’t surprise us as we sit here watching the evolution of the internet and the poisonous way it is being manipulated by all those underpaid and overqualified geeks ground down under the smelly thumbs of the psycho bastards doing the politics these days.

We don’t suppose that the psycho-bastards are any worse than the pre-internet generation of sadistic, manipulative shits, but by God – they seem to be hell-bent on proving otherwise in each and every move they take these days.

So, if a reasonable person stood back and looked at the ‘world situation’ – surely he’d have to admit that there is something morally/legalistically wrong with that alleged great upholder of ‘democracy’, the USof A, putting shit on Mother Russia for pre-emptively deploying troops along her borders with the Ukraine and into Crimea.

With regard to this matter we support ‘Sting’.
‘Russians love their children too’.
And given half a chance they (the Russians) might just for once get to prove it.

They might get to prove it if the stupid manipulative bastards pretending to be the ‘great statesmen’ would just for once back off and give ‘em some leeway on their own patch.

Any chance of that happening?

Only by accident and, hopefully, a certain lack of funds in the seppo (sorry, US) treasury.

At the core of all this shit happening all over the place on our tiny little globe is a few hundred particularly amoral, nasty little people.

Amoral, nasty little people in possession of these little bits of paper.

Worthless little bits of paper on their own – but in the possession of equally worthless, poxed little people who gang together with other equally worthless little people who have no compunction with murder, rapine and terror.

Here in Australia we’ve always been told a crock of outstanding bullshit about how our troops have always exercised a policy of ‘winning the hearts and minds’ of the locals when they’ve been deployed overseas.

And we are absolutely sure that some of ‘em have bust their guts doing exactly that.

Problem is that our grunts have been pretending to have been winning hearts and souls in VietNam, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever else - they’ve been ordered to follow the US scourge.

So what the hell is the problem with giving the Russkies a chance, this century, to do better on their own patch?

One thing for sure –
We have this prime minister – an intellectual giant who somehow believes that a ‘force-multiplier’ is a longer set of handlebars on his pushbike.

It is all beyond belief that this ‘wingnut’ is rattling his extended handlebars (or some borrowed sabre) in the general direction of Vladimir Putin and Mother Russia.

Chrissakes abbort, give us a break.
Wouldn’t YOU mobilize your polis if Tasmania decided to secede?

PS – if spelling (like abort instead of abbort) syntax and grammatic errors appear here – then blame ‘google’ and their nazi bloody auto spellcheck.
From now on we give up chasing the tail of that shitbox.

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