Thursday, March 20, 2014


Here is a list, an ever expanding list, of what the oz-propaganda machine calls ‘controversies’ – or embarrassments.

Sometimes it is called corruption.

In a real sense it is little more than those god-damned opportunistic raffle winners getting payback on those who, sometime/somehow, have pissed them off.

The ‘media’ – the propaganda machine never mention, certainly never detail the harm these bastards have caused ordinary citizens as they thrash their hedonistic, narcissistic, psychotic path through life.

As they thresh their destructive path through the lives of anyone standing in their way.

And why should they give a fuck anyway?

They know damned well that even if they get caught out their pals in the old boy’s network will bail ‘em out sooner rather than later.

They know bloody well that if they hit immediately and hit hard – they’ll strip anyone who might object to their bestiality of their prime assets – their money.

Besides which they know most Australians are utterly gutless.

And so, in that level playing field of their choosing, they win – time and again.

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