Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Yep. We have to beat New Zealand at their game.

So in another of those leg-wetting dawn decisions made by the government of newmania/boganvillia – we now have a new flag.

The now tatty old production had the ‘Union Flag’ – often, but incorrectly, known as the Union Jack in the top left-hand corner – with the rest of the rag, as they say, ‘defaced’ by some sort of cross and crown affair.
(See - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Queensland)

However the vice-regal flag of queensland was the ensign of Great Britain with that cross/crown poultice plonked in the middle.

And since these neo-fascist raffle winning wonkers at newman’s beck and call have absolutely no recall nor idea of the great traditions of empire – in their ignorance, they tend to call any flag that looks like the pommy flag – the ‘union jack’.

Which is why the new flag of newmania/boganvillia will have only the slightest name change –
It will be called, instead of the union jack, - the ‘NEWMAN JACK’.

And instead of that dicky little maltese cross an’ crown in the middle – it’ll have a circle featuring a big pink hairy arse with a fat length of pine pole piercing the symbolic fundament so displayed.

See - http://www.vladtheimpaler.info/

That’s to fit in figuratively with his ‘vlad laws’ – as a constant reminder to anyone out there who disagrees with him about almost anything.

Yet queenslanders will swallow it one way or the other.

Those born here and still alive are well used to resignedly being buttfucked by experts.

Those recently arrived from the southern states are probably looking forward to the experience.

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