Thursday, March 6, 2014


For some reason the rules seem unequal – no ‘level playing field’ at all.

Now, why doesn’t that surprise us?

It doesn’t seem to matter that Australia has been running ‘concentration camps’, of one sort or other, just about forever.

Nor does it matter that the present regime in queensland/newmania/boganvillia are now putting away Australian Citizens on trumped up charges – putting ‘em into solitary, dressed in pinko high viz garb and doing their damnedest to deny them natural justice under ad-hoc, crapola, pretend, legislation – definitely dreamt up in their bowels rather than their heads.

Yep – those ‘vlad’ laws – compiled on the hop by a mob of sickos – as damned near off their trollies as any other bunch of vlad style impalers.

Maybe it has something to do with the mean (average or whatever?) mentality of those that, by default, keep winning the raffles in this dump?

Now that it has become somewhat ‘politically incorrect’ to keep the original people of this land incarcerated all their lives in concentration camps like Cherbourg and Palm Island – that now they have to find other scapegoats upon whom to vent their pathetic inadequacy.

Leastways – that’s the way it seems.

There once was this thing called “The White Australia Policy” – the product of xenophobia from well over a century ago.

Nothing much has changed – except the way our ‘political masters’ increasingly misapply what used to be the rules.

There must be something terribly wrong with a populace so bloody stupid enough to accept and bow under to retrospective legislation – such especially in a state constituted within a commonwealth where legislation exists specifically proscribing retrospective legislation.

Such was queensland just the other year – but apparently not newmania/boganvillia now.
But of course that is only one tiny element of the rule of law that’s being ignored here.

It might be supposed that the populace would be reasonably aware of the important aspects of their fund of law – or at least have a gut feeling about the way it is supposed to work.

But evidently not in newmania/boganvillia.

So, what is the problem with untrammelled power in tin-pot parliaments and the exercise of retrospective legislation?

Say some EXTREMISTS get to win the raffle – then proscribe certain groups or activities.

Like riding surfboards, playing with toy trains, resorting to Chinese restaurants too often, skinny dipping in the moonlight – or anything else some innocent minority group (and their associates) might enjoy.

Can’t you work it out, you imbeciles, that you might be next on the puritan’s list – to be denied justice, reason, and the maintenance of your lifestyle.

In other words newmania/boganvillia doesn’t have a ‘white Australia policy’ these days – it has a ‘black, white AND brindle australia policy’ permitting the shiteheels to arbitrarily lock up anyone they dislike without any justification whatsoever.

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