Monday, March 31, 2014


If we can ever believe the ineffectual propaganda machine surrounding that missing airliner – it appears that wherever anyone searches – even the most remote corners of our oceans are so full of garbage that the searchers after aircraft wreckage are being stymied by an overpreponderence of that crap everywhere they search.

Stretching that old joke about ships being moored in port for so long that they’ve grounded on their garbage – so what stopped flight 370 from landing on one of these ‘islands of garbage’?

Or Diego Garcia – or somewhere else on land within its flight radius??

Has the bloody thing been landed on some quiet little superannuated airfield somewhere?

Could it, in fact, be lurking in the Uluru parking lot with a fresh coat of paint??

Who the hell would know!

And it would appear – who the hell would care – except for those who do care about the relatives and friends of the human cargo of that flight.

So, exactly, how many superannuated airfields are there out there within the radius of flight of a boeing 777 out of Kuala Lumpur?

Are they being checked out?

If so then why don’t we know?

If not – then why don’t the relatives and friends of those who were aboard flight 370 know?

In short – the situation has gone beyond pear-shaped – with the ‘relevant authorities’ yet again behaving in the overweeningly predictable way.

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