Thursday, March 27, 2014


Some might wonder how the hell an airliner could go missing on a regular flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

I mean it IS reasonably well controlled airspace.

But somehow it did – according to those regularly monitoring that airspace.
Quite a few people monitoring all that airspace.

But none of ‘em want to make public either what they know or what they don’t know about their tagging of that particular flight.

None of ‘em especially know how the hell it plonked down somewhere in the Indian Ocean way past the time its fuel reserves should have been exhausted.

Put it this way –
Passengers would be horrified if they knew how little fuel reserves were allowed these days to complete a flight.

There have been enough historical instances of aircraft pranging after meeting adverse weather or simply cocking up on approach to their destination – simply lacking enough fuel to do a go-around or two at destination.

So who the fuck is pulling whose leg by pretending this aircraft could pull all these stunts over the South China Sea (as claimed by the press) – then go haring off against a fair amount of detrimental side winds only to ditch in the oggin three quarters of the way to Antarctica?

Of course – with a short passenger list enough extra fuel could have been loaded to almost make that possible.

So – if so, who signed off for that?

The skipper, the co-pilot, or someone back at head office???

Of course the infidel aliens could have abducted them like that Valentich bloke over Bass Strait.
And there might be a freshly repainted Boeing 777 lurking unobtrusively in the parking lot beside Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) – or somewhere else.

But I doubt it.

So what gives with this situation?

I’m too bloody poor to afford a joy flight in a clapped out Tiger Moth.
It amazes me that the local rednecks cannot go fishing in a ten foot tinnie without an automatic emergency beacon aboard.

I mean, who’d want to waste time saving them?

But airliners crewed by --------??????? Get to fly all around the world without any such protection?

Fucked if I know why !!

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