Monday, March 3, 2014


Here we go again.
A kernel of truth in schoolbook history.

Here’s the précis –

Greater Russia has always had a problem maintaining ice-free ports.

It appears that premier Kruschev made a colossal boo-boo many years ago by putting the Crimean peninsula into the hands of those Ukranians – who at the time seemed to be happy soviets.

No problem then – but now the show has gone pear shaped.

Apparently, these days, the Russians have no right to make claim on their traditional territory and areas of interest.

I may be wrong – but for some reason I seem to remember a stoush between the Imperial Russians and some loose alliance between the Brits, the French and the Turks – back then in the mid 18-hundreds.

I may be wrong – but didn’t that campaign feature some incredibly stupid acts on the part of the interventionists?
Like the futile ‘charge of the Light Brigade’?
Like dying like flies?

I may be wrong – but didn’t the Russians fight like devils to hold on to their ice free ports in the Black Sea.

I might be wrong – but didn’t they finally gain the moral advantage, then, against supposedly overwhelming odds on numerous fronts?

I may be wrong that shit like that sticks in the National craw.

Perhaps I’m wrong that Russia and the Russian people might by now have developed something of a ‘race memory’ about being spectacularly stuffed about that way.

Might not there be some events that have likewise burred them up since then?

And now everyone is upset because they’ve been smart enough to move in remarkably quickly in order to forestall an internecine bloodbath in the Ukraine/Crimea.
Back here in Oz – the stupid bloody wingnut, with what?
The wingnut with bugger all more than six or eight thousand grunts has to stick his paddle in.
Say, six regiments, a few second-hand AFVs, sub-standard ordnance and a few defective vehicles – and this idiot (through diplomatic channels) has to tell the Russkies to back off.

He tells the Russkies to back off just precisely when they are dropping off a small team of 25000 (or so our propaganda people admit) of their remarkably well-equipped soldiers for a ‘defence exercise’ just next door to the Ukraine.

(So what might happen if that Vlad Putin decided to drop a few of his spare ‘specialists’ into, say, queensland?
That’d put a spar through noddies vlad laws, wouldn’t it?)

ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN – could work out that the next few days will tell.

The next few days will determine whether the threat to Mother Russia may be managed without invasion and bloodshed.

Anyone with half a brain would be down on their knees praying that the Russians can manage the situation without a shot being fired.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the west will try to fuck their situation up.

Anyone with half a brain can see (if the propaganda people are reporting the truth) that the Russkies are busting their guts to make sure that no shots (pray god) are ever fired.

And in this new century – if they can manage that – where would that leave the good ol’ boys of the USofA and their bloodthirsty record these last many years?

It’d make ‘em look like prize turkeys, wouldn’t it?

HEY – The world moves on.
Tom Clancy novels are now passe’.

Putin’s pragmatism is prime – and all the sabre rattling from the captive west is past any joke.

PS – ‘Captive west’?
Energy – fuel – resources.
Put an embargo on Russia now – and freeze your European butts off next winter.

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