Saturday, March 29, 2014


After we published - ‘SOME MIGHT WONDER’ an amazing thing happened.

Suddenly, the next day, all those ‘experts’ decided they were searching too far away from the point of departure of our missing airliner.

Something about them knowing it was flying faster than first expected and therefore, consequently a reduced endurance.

What utter guff.

If they’d (whoever the hell ‘they’ are) been tracking the aircraft well enough to know its airspeed they’d be able to work out that it’d need bloody drop tanks to get to where they’d been searching these past many days.

Nope – we don’t suggest conspiracy – rather they should have checked the public domain specs available for that aircraft.

A few more minutes calculation guesstimating fuel consumption manoeuvring and changing altitude over the Malay Peninsula would have given ‘em a max flight radius and a search zone approximating where they are 'apparently searching' now.

Too many days wasted and all to the detriment of the grieving families awaiting some solid confirmation as to the fate of that aircraft.

Meanwhile why is it that all civil aircraft don’t seem to be fitted with tamper proof active location telemetry?

You know – the same stuff the bosses fit into our road transport vehicles these days to make sure that our truckies don’t stop for a ‘road safety nap’ once too often.

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