Saturday, December 28, 2013


It takes a fair amount of time.

It takes time because you damned well know what you’ll discover when you go looking.
Then when you begin discovering the truth – how it turns your stomach.

The last few months a fair proportion of the population of this ‘once but now deceased’ queensland have been trying to figure out precisely what the present junta are up to.

This ‘bikie’ crap they are frothing at the mouth about.

Oh, don’t worry you braindead rednecks – we all know that there are a fair number of utter bastards out there disposing of their ‘black cash’ by buying motorcycles, fast cars, fancy watches, diamond studded cock-rings and other ‘bling’.

And a fair number of these new age wonks, having lately arrived in australia from the levant, old Yugoslavia, Egypt, Syria and fuck only knows where else, are playing the same games here/now as made them unpopular there - back where these arseholes came from.

Having cash to buy bling, bikes and sado cock-rings doesn’t make any of these cunts ‘bikies’.

But here is the crunch – To horn in the above sort need to find a clique they can impress, then therefore exploit.

Face it dim-bulbs – the western press have occasionally set up the new Czar - Vlad Putin rattling about on the odd motorcycle and captured him ‘topless’ riding ‘dobbinski’, the Kremlin’s last surviving pony.

What we have to remember (once we work it out) is who actually let these manipulative psychopaths into this country.

Because without any doubt whatsoever it was not the local motorcycle club that approved their entry/residence permits into Australia.
I have seen no headlines whatsoever, like – “’Devil’s Deros™’ sponsor war criminal’s new job as bank manager” – or anything resembling it.

So, if you stand back and look at the situation – it slowly leaks into your consciousness that the sons and daughters of the same old corrupt ‘public service’ – those addled products of nepotism – have done the same job in this age as their daddies and mommies did back in the past.

(I’d like to express this in some stronger fashion – but I lack sufficient ‘cuss’ words to express my contempt for another generation of manipulative bastards setting up THIS generation of artless, innocent, but relatively warry motorcycle riders for a mirror of the likes that happened, say, during the Victoria Street scuffles behind King’s Cross a generation ago.)

Nor do I have the contacts to organize a meeting with the dorks causing us all this nausea.

It would be great to line up newman, (a failed grunt) Dempsey, (a failed pig) and that toy-boy of theirs, ‘jarrod, the incompetent’.

Where was I?

That’s right – I was talking about the liar’s dance and how these charmers mentioned above seem to have such a weenie, simplistic, totally false concept about unlawfulness, corruption and their central place in that mire here in boganvillia.

Either they are beyond clueless; totally, impossibly, incompetent – or they really are in cahoots with those wog arseholes they and their laborite pals have invited in – how they are burning the ‘candle of state’ at both ends in a way not too different from what was going on in joh’s time (and in beattie’s time for that matter.)

Oh, for chrissakes; anyone with a tenth of a brain can see that the full weight of the ‘law’ is going to be utilized to clear out a whole bunch of relatively harmless (albeit somewhat argumentative) non-conformists (to whit - ‘bikies’) off the decks so that a real mob of murderous, utterly amoral, prime arseholes can insert themselves (with the fuhrer’s blessing) into some societal space that, at surface, resembles the ‘bikies’niche.

But that’s the problem with queensland (last month, newmania, now boganvillia). Nine-tenths of the population of this dump, individually, have less than a tenth of average reasoning capacity – leastways since that southern invasion of poxed, punch-drunk, duh-wits the last few decades.

Further to this and has so often been mentioned before –

The idiot writing this crap isn’t doing it because he’s bored or ever DISAFFECTED WITH THE CONCEPT OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS.

But when some sub-set of sub-humans over the road get to call instantly on the services of what passes as police in this failed state.
When a mob of meth-brewing shiteheels put the weights on you and your family WITH POLICE SUPPORT – then you damned well know that there’s MORE than a certain amount of corruption in the precinct.

When you complain through ‘command channels’ (here that alleged premier, once being of the defence farce, should undoubtedly know what I mean) and get a letter back from the ‘premier’ himself –
• When you get a letter back from his office ‘sympathising’ for the stress that the odd death threat might have caused us –
• When that premier’s people have actually heard (no doubt recorded it at their end) the death threats he so much ‘sympathises’ about –

Then in that situation, without any doubt, an alleged ‘premier’ well advised by the ‘local member’ is a cynical cunt who doesn’t give a fuck about any of his citizens and that in consequence the rule of law in boganvillia has well and truly collapsed beyond repair.

FUBAR – would be one of those jolly acronyms newman might remember from his time in defence.

Stands for – fucked beyond all recall.

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