Wednesday, December 18, 2013


He was once a ‘straight arrow’; a Naval Reservist and had a career within the state system.
As the years passed he learned that something wasn’t quite kosher within that system, within queensland.

Yet, before he became totally disillusioned he was sent away on a ‘course’.

It was years before he said anything about this to me.
And when he finally did - he only sketched the outlines, the bare bones, of what he’d been told.

There was the advert in a popular biker magazine – make your own guns, explosives and nasty devices – just send us your details along with a few dollars and we’ll send you the booklet.
It was true.
What the advert didn’t mention was that your name and details would go on to a national database then being cooked up in Canberra – that, ha, ha, your own money PAID for your name to be eternally filed there.

There was this thing about the incredible percentage of our ‘citizens’ prepared to act as ‘stool pigeons’, as unpaid informers – all poised to dob in members of their family, friends, acquaintances and associates.

Even the record of books borrowed from the local library was being sent away to be number crunched.

Recently they’ve been pretending that the habitual monitoring of communications has somehow crept-in beneath the event horizon.

Bullshit – its been happening for years.

In fact, we’ve all been living in an amazingly, outstandingly, unprofessional excuse for a Stasi-state for decades.

So sergeant Schultz, for instance, visits the pub and (with his permission) records his conversation with Dypso O’Donahue.
Dypso has a personal hate on who he perceives as his commie, feminist, artist, neighbour, Sherise McLeod, whose dog ‘Titswobble’ wakes him up every morning at dawn.

So Dypso tells Schultz that his neighbour entertains lots of men.

Which means that, despite the easily verifiable fact that Sherise is indeed the busy chairperson of the regional arts committee, her name and details will be entered as a person ‘known to police’ on the national database.

Easy as that!

And what is all this crapola about?

Absolutely nothing whatsoever of national importance, I can assure you.

This island continent which they once told us was one of the top wealthiest and most progressive nations is now nothing but the grand sociological experiment.

Somehow we managed to inherit this resource and opportunity rich southern landmass after the poms annexed it on the cheap.

They established a system of occupation that not only nearly exterminated the original Australians but also exploited the buggery out of their own people stupid enough to come to these shores.
That historical record has not been the worst – but, by God, it has not been the best.
Then as pax Britannica wained the seppos took over.

“All the way with LBJ.’ he sarcastically proclaimed a few months before going paddling in the Southern Ocean.

So what the hell did Holt mean?
Was he suggesting the yanks were indeed fucking us?

Is that why he so mysteriously disappeared?

Has Australian politics been somewhat more ‘cut and thrust’ than the ‘Gay Bee Cee’ ever let on?

And if so – then that might explain why we’ve been ‘monitored’ all these years (probably nothing more or less, until recently, than the ‘standard operating procedures initiated by our first military governors – then perpetuated as a matter of convenience).

Which also fairly explains why we don’t have any semblance of a charter of rights in this dump.

Getting back to the subject –
I suppose it is some display of the zealousness, leastways the misguided ingenuity of the running dogs and acolytes of the system that has held this place together since 1788.
Corrupt, perverted and perverse damned near every one of those articles may have been – but at least until recently they’d also beavered away at creating some small amount of infrastructure.

Our old queensland hospitals, for instance, might have looked more like military barracks than hospitals.
But at least they were clean, cool, open, well ventilated, open to the air and cleansing sunlight, well built and usually well staffed by caring, motivated and usually overworked professionals.

These days they are closed in boxes – the staff usually as sick and jaded as their patients and overworked and underpaid more than ever before.

This Stasi state –
Exactly where is it going?
When will it reach its eutectic point – that state of sudden melt-down?
When will all those slimers – those informers, turn on their masters?

Can’t be much longer judging by the panic being evinced by the brizzo politburo lately.

In fact, if any honest political commentator had balls enough to have their say – they’d suggest that the sort of thing recently being expelled from the bowels of the newman regime ( the vlad crap, etc.) may well be in result of the involuntary spasms of a very sick and dying creature.

Leastways HOPEFULLY a dying creature.
Since the useless bludgers (for unfathomable reasons of their own) ARE fucking with people’s lives along the lines as I described above.

And there is PROFIT in there for them.
Asset stripping profit is what they seem to be about.
Annex this, steal that, put Joe and Moe out of business here and there – then pinch their assets and land.

So sick – so bloody obvious that even the judiciary are cracking a shit.

But, I suspect, only because they are suddenly, recently, being cut out of the action.

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