Wednesday, May 22, 2013

With regard to the matter of Mr. Ian Faulkner and his utter disregard for the rights of looters attacking his property.

We’ve had a few floods here lately.
In fact we’ve had several floods over the last couple of years.
It could be said that the place is so close to extinction that another incident will finish the entire region.

Another thing happening here these last few years has been a fair old inrush of extra bods from down south.
The ‘authorities’ say in their private papers that most of them are what we call ‘oxygen thieves’ and bludgers.
Otherwise they call it demographics change.

So when the floods happened here yet again a few months ago – some of these decided to hit North Bundaberg while most of the occupants of homes there had been evacuated.

They typically call these bludgers – ‘looters’ – and anywhere else on the face of this planet any householder being confronted by their sort have open license to deal appropriately with their sort.

It may be that a householder who was of a particular mindset would deal with looters attacking his property and that of his neighbour in the obvious way.

It may be that he decided to arm himself appropriately and deal with these looters by letting them know that he would not back away from defending that property.

Any reasonable person would realise that a person, unarmed and alone, might well end up severely maimed or, these days, severely dead.
Such assault would be likely to occur whether the defender confronted the looters or was himself confronted by the looters after they had broken into his home.

Meanwhile, to his detriment, Mr. Faulkner had contacted the local constabulary.
Which mob of useless, compromised cretins busted him for doing no more than his civic duty of supporting the rule of law in a community completely destroyed by overwhelming natural disaster.

Nope. The looters aren’t in court.
He is.

To put this into perspective – all the time his part of the world was under water continuous flights of helicopters were combing the flooded areas with searchlights and surveillance equipment.
The Army was here as well as all sorts of opportunists driving/thrashing about town with magnetic signs announcing crap like ‘Flood recovery’ stuck to the doors of their tiddly white 4WDs.

Meanwhile this silly bloke in north Bundaberg stepped out of his home and told some species of dreck to ‘just go away’ from his and his neighbour’s patch.

So why precisely is this bloke up on a fizzer – in court?

I mean, give us a break.
Are the polis going to front in court with some looters as star witnesses?
Have we reached the stage when that sort get to carry out their parasitical activity and be supported by the gendarmes?

Something like – “Honest guv, I was just lifting up his TeeVee when he came into his own living room and told me to piss off – and he made me feel ‘threatened’.”

Gods save us!

This bullshit has to stop.

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