Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So why not start printing currency and handing it out, big time, to the disadvantaged – before the upcoming election?

Rudd had it right a while back and more or less did exactly that by dumping a few bucks into everyone’s bank account.
At least he was decent enough to service the poor before he delivered largesse to the wealthy.

But even if that can be played another time in order to sink the south pacific peso down to, say, 80 cents to the seppo dollar – nothing will ever restore what we had of a manufacturing/ creativity  industry.
All that has gone, been systematically destroyed by useless, unimaginative raffle winners who reach out and dictate to a nation without any charter of rights -  in order to engineer a close future epoch when the new owners of this island continent will be able to rationalise resources by establishing value adding/manufacturing here on our land.
A bit of a turnaround from the last couple of decades and something I’ll leave Australians to think about.

Of course they’ll (the new masters) will need an underpaid/overworked peasant class to maximize the profits in the upcoming, new age, client-state australia.

Amazingly enough the Australian underclass seem eminently suited to that role.
Leastways, whether through ignorance or apathy, they certainly seem overkeen to put themselves in that situation.

Perhaps that’s why the gendarmes (our traditional running dogs of capitalism) don’t seem keen to close down the meth lab in our neighbourhood.
Perhaps they want to be a part of the new Australia once the politicians have finally all shoved our collective heads repeatedly down into the cack.

Yep. They seem keen to take on the management of production and distribution of meth and crack.

Save us, even the schoolboy histories have enough accounts of that, especially last century.
Anyone ever heard of Jardine Matheson and how they started out in China?

Jeesus wept, people, when will you ever awake from your slumber?
Many of you are already working more than two jobs to stay ahead of the bills.

Do any of you seriously believe that voting in (what I call letting them win the raffle) any of the party bludgers in this coming election is ever going to solve anything?
Why not boycott the show.
Avoid the encroaching miserable result. Refuse to vote if the incumbent is useless to your standard.
Refuse to vote for some pre-selected (pre-selected by whom?) newbie or wannabe.

Those who want equal opportunity –
Let’s sack the houses of representatives and senate.

What’s wrong with replacing them with two other houses?
We could call them the ‘Gents’ and the ‘Ladies’.
Every six months or a year (whatever) they could choose who’ll be the ‘upper house’ – decide who’ll, for awhile, be ‘on top’ – so to speak.
Perhaps there’d be a case for a third house – for those either of confused gender or sexuality.
And a fourth, fifth or sixth for whatever axe some mob might want to grind?

Perhaps that way we could stop looking backward at the mistakes of history and barge through, disregarding stupid mistakes, to go squawking blindly into the new age.

Meanwhile – as mentioned, someone in Canberra has finally worked out that the best way to deal with the false and ridiculous market value of our south pacific peso is to begin printing mucho new banknotes.

The blockheads have finally worked out how the German nation, as others turned their head, repaid their enforced war debt!

We at Calligula’s Horse are supposed to be the blockheads?
Wise up Australia.

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