Saturday, October 5, 2013


The best part of a lifetime ago – Clem Campbell, member for Bundaberg, was sprung in a similar fashion.
He began as a reasonable person – but soon turned into a nonentity.
He was trapped and resultantly was gagged.
That IS the way the system works.

Meanwhile the present bludger drops into a suburban pub with his brother.
Big deal – except for the hellish stink – the industrial scale stench of meth brewing in that locale.

This suburban pub – the local pub – once catered for ‘tradesmen’.
You know. That sort of dump where carpenters, plumbers and brickies used to meet and collude to stitch up their clients.

Big question is why ‘it’ and the ‘locale’ has attracted meth brewers AND politicians?

So what we have is the same old game.
What used to be reasonably simple has become the game of desperation.

The ex-pig and his mates have become, at least in their tiny minded opinion, the new world order.

While they are ‘on top’ they’ll screw everyone else hollow.

Regard the situation – at least until the next raffle, they control their patch in this pathetic state of Newman-ia.

Yet at the core of their system lies failure.
They cannot admit that they have been infiltrated by exactly the same people they claim to distain.

Dempsey, Newman and their cushy mates HAVE to know that a mob of prime arseholes have winkled their merry way into the police, emergency services and the public service during the last few decades.
They HAVE to be aware that these creeps ARE even nastier than their own pals.

Which is exactly why they are going completely off their trolley recently.

Putting it simply these rafflewinning toolheads know full well that they are dealing with a system that is compromised beyond recall.

They bloody well know that they are dealing with straight-arrow pigs during business hours that turn into outlaw, drug running bikers on the weekend.

Once again, putting it simply – they damned well know that they have to deal with corrupt arseholes of the same mindset and outlook as themselves.

Meanwhile all the poor dumb dickheads – the 99 percenters out there in our ever collapsing non-society have to put up with their goddamned stupidity.

So come on you pathetic dweebs – tell me precisely why, on the one hand this failed sergeant of the police farce – and on the other, a bunch of retired defence/police/security blonks colluding with ex-Yugoslavs/Iraquis/Tamils/etc – should be fucking with our lives?

None of this is a overly much a big deal.

More to the point it is about all of you being too bloody gutless to make any sort of stand on your own behalf.

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