Monday, September 30, 2013


Today, first thing, the Gay Bee Cee released another ‘get tough’ statement from the new age queensland himmler.

This prize turkey, a failed nco of the qvintslandt police farce began his tirade irrationally and ended by sounding as if he was chewing the carpet in the grand old grand fuhrer style.

How many moped commuters will lose their official ticket to ride to work by the time that compromised dolt has finished is only god’s guess.

Some stupid idiot, apparently of the female gender followed his overt threats by suggesting that pre-emptive anti- biker legislation needs to be enacted in order to suppress unlawful bikie activity out in the regions – unlawful bikie activity that DOES NOT EXIST – THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED.

If anyone with a tenth of a brain and any handle on the issue – like, for instance, being old enough to remember how the focus of all this nausea (that somewhat tarnished gold coast) was established - they might recall that the benighted dump WAS set-up to be a week-end ‘retreat’ for the likes of corrupt pigs like Frank Bischoff and his cronies.

Shit yeah.
I can remember when the likes of Jack Davy (so it was often published) used to climb aboard his D-type Jaguar in Sydney, crank that sullen crock-of-shit into life and roar northwards along the old goat-track at breakneck speed.

Two questions –
What right did that idiot have to drive a car capable of almost 200 MPH on that aforesaid goat-track.

And what WAS the attraction for him there/then – a dump mostly consisting of swamp and mudflats then???

Must have been SOME reason?

Probably the same reason that our right wing masters in qld are becoming somewhat over-concerned about some blow-ins usurping their pitch.

Real estate?
Cheap whores?

But bikies?
I doubt it.

Toolheads and a decided threat to the status-quo goes without a doubt.
Indeed, they might own the odd Hardly Driveable.

That does not mean that they are ‘bikies’, as such.
After all, wasn’t there some police memorial event in Canberra the other day with a whole bunch of pigs attending on their Harleys?

Sorry. Any reasonable person of the ‘straight arrow’ persuasion would have to conclude that the porkers have become completely infiltrated by the ‘dark side’.

All this publicity is about clan wars between some ‘dark elements’ that lately have somehow ceased to maintain their pretence of ‘underground diplomacy’ within and without the ‘establishment’.

It is all about ‘industry’ and the simple balance of effort expended and profits acquired by the ‘stakeholders’ in that industry.

Somehow this carefully contrived balance has been tipped – probably by the increasingly desperate stakes introduced by the ‘southern induced demographics change’ and the new bums on (Harley) seats coming in from overseas (Hello Abdullah, like your bike.).

All of which is undoubtedly exacerbated by that act of utter stupidity –
Putting in an ex- non commissioned officer as police minister.

Doing such might not be exactly unconstitutional – but would have to be as bloody stupid as it could ever get.

All of which might explain why he ‘condones’ meth labs in his electorate.

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