Monday, September 23, 2013


Herr Rudd has gone underground lately.
If he has any brains at all – he’ll leave these shores.

By doing that he won’t be deserting the poor and disenfranchised in Australia – cos, anyway, he did SFA for them when he was in office.

Neither did the moll who pulled the coup on him.

Neither will their replacement, herr abbott.

What did they call him?
Adolph Hitler “Der Grosste Feldherr alles Zeiten” – the greatest leader of all time?

Will abbott emulate him - now grow a toothbrush moustache?

By all that is holy it looks that way.

During the days before the last raffle I’d been reading some 20th century European history and strangely enough the jesters putting up their shingles for raffle 2013 had been acting in similar fashion as those who finally met the Nuremburg trials post WW11.

But I suppose that this doesn’t matter any fraction of a good goddamn either?

So we have this new popularly elected premier of ours - dossing out in the commonwealth police barracks?

What’s that all about?
Cost saving or a spot of fright??

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