Monday, September 23, 2013


In the last episode it was outlined in no uncertain terms that Kev had COMPLETELY lost the plot (and the raffle) by parachuting beattie, as a candidate, into a queensland electorate.

Easy to mention that the ignorant mugs in qld, in ‘Forde’, still voted for that bludger.

How-some-ever such frantic last-ditch acts of desperation must have raised the gorge of more au-fait punters elsewhere in Oz.

Whatever the situation – it is difficult to determine whether a loss for beattie at the immense cost of a win for abbott is worthwhile.

BUT, at least, that beattie bastard is buggered for a while.
That arschloch will probably be offering himself for contest in local government elections in the next round – or maybe, in his dotage, will whiteant some unsuspecting (but assets rich) sports club or the like.
Anything is possible.

In the meantime (don’t doubt it for a second) beattie wants Rudd sunk by litigation (like Merrie Rose) and abbott will want to do the same as was meted out to Ms Hansen.

Maybe abbott and beattie can manage a few more mortgages (and maybe a few dollars of taxpayers money) in order to quieten down any notice of their skulduggery?

They pretend it is merely a game of politics.
Which, of course, it might be/could be/would be if those raffle winners involved had any scrap of decency.

But therein lies the problem.
They don’t.

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