Monday, August 19, 2013


Somehow, either Kev had decided that he wanted to lose the next raffle – or his wacko, pre-purchased advisors in the laborite camp left him no choice other than put up beattie as a candidate in qld.

Either way he’s blown any chance of possessing any influence in the next parliament.

Even the proverbial ‘drover’s dog’ would know that the grinning turncoat, beattie would seal labor’s fate in any raffle – let alone a federal election.

Even if by some miracle an apathetic populace had put their majority bid to labor – that shiteheel beattie would be playing that Gillard usurpation game in short order.

Oh yes. If by some miracle or machination Kev keeps his throne – beattie’ll be on his tail the week after.

In consequence, in every respect, the show is blown.

Australians are so full of greed that they cannot comprehend as to how completely they are being manipulated and exploited by amoral experts.

Any reasonable person would have to accept that the dump will soon be dictated to by a federal premier with the crass sensibilities of a pugilist.

Saying that – such might be better than suffering the likes of beattie – who without any doubt, as previously mentioned, would pull a Gillard style swiftie againt Kev – were he able to win the next raffle.

Amongst all this – there is no hope whatsoever for Australians.
They don’t count any more.

The twitching dance performed all these last months has made that plain.
They (the peasants, the electorate) don’t count anymore.

The whole show is about a mob of jive-turkeys who insist that they are the ALL important ones.

A klatch of overweening creeps in ‘politics’.
A klatch of overweening creeps who never learn.

Who for, what for??

So what is the bloody use?

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