Friday, November 8, 2013

Many years ago we were young and immortal -

Many years ago we were young and immortal – leastways, then, it seemed that way.
A hot summers day and my beautiful Lady Wife was attending to her business at home dressed in a halter top and shorts.

Which is probably why we were targetted by a couple of young randy mormons on pushbikes. (Why were the ‘elders’ cruising the streets with binoculars?)

They tapped on the front door and then attempted to give us the love of their (false) lord.
What I couldn’t work out is why they kept staring down the front of my Lady’s cleavage.
Surely Christians wouldn’t do such a thing?

But those spike headed wankers insisted that they had the moral advantage and that we were nothing but base sinners – despite us being card carrying Anglicans.

These days we know for a fact that a fair number of these arseholes were working for the CIA.
Invading Australian homes and seeking out ‘subversion’.
(Okay; maybe they were nothing but sex deprived idiots from Utah? But who gives a goddamn: those arseholes were definitely double trouble)

Well, fuck me!
I wonder what I have on file back in Langley, Virginia – after telling elder bumhole and elder suckhole to, essentially, fuck off and never bother returning to our door?

Roll the decades over to the present day and now we have the new qveenstlandt fuhrer supplanting the role of those shitheads.
(Not only newman as fuhrer – but just the other day a couple of bruisers in white poly shirts and sticky trousers came pedaling down a nearby street.)

Now the qveenslandt pig farce have taken over from the faux pig-dog, testo-driven mormons

These days any sort of psycho filth employed by newman from new Zealand, south Africa, pommyland, or any other source - will suit his aims.
These psycho kranks, employed by any element of a corporatised ‘government’ believe they have the right to bash on your door and deliver you a new dose of the righteous shits.

We go from there to harassing the ‘alternative lifestylers’.
It is all about fitting decent citizens (albeit of an alternative philosophy) into pink suits, incarcerating fathers and family leaders for the remainder of their lives and leaving their womenfolk at the advantage of psychopaths in his corrupt bludger’s ultra- corrupt employ.
What newman is shoving up the butts of an essentially complacent queensland is tantamount to geno-rape.
Get that. Geno-rape of an entire society.
Admittedly he may pretend that he isn’t into geno-cide.
But without any doubt he intends to fuck us all and bend us all to the same mindless regime – the same braindead continuum that HE believes will produce for him and his corrupt pals the maximum profit from the collapsed nation state that he intends to create.

If I read as someone somewhat pissed off with events – it might be best if you, the reader, made some enquiries yourself.

Regard how the laborites have lost so many raffles lately – how the conservatives promised a firmament of endless employment for any silly bastard stupid enough to believe their babble.

Notice how that promise has gone to buggery?
Work it out, you jerks.
Look up in the dictionary, one simple word of three syllables – BETRAYAL.

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