Monday, November 11, 2013


In the comments – what a mob of idiots.
Can’t even say the sages there - exposed any degree of lateral thinking.

Many years ago that old bogey man of qld politics came strolling down the street.
Not a bloody cop in sight.
Just him nattering away animatedly with another raffle winner like himself.

In town, I suppose, to attend to some parliamentary 'business' with a mate.
That, I have no doubt, is why he was heads together with the then LABOR member for our boring little burg.

Yep. Joh, according to some, WAS a conniving bugger.
And he DID stuff about with the lives of non-conformists more than he should have.

But usually he stopped short of destroying their lives in a similar manner to, say, the good old Stasi of East Germany - or that newman.

A situation of remarkable difference to all queensland regimes following him.

Don’t forget for a second though – Joh made the first mistake with our civil liberties by introducing on-the-spot traffic fines - thereby sliming in the first modern age politicization of the police magistrates.
At about the same time his team permitted the pork to purchase and carry their private purchase revolvers.

One thing led to another until these days our raffle winners never go anywhere without their universally hated ‘praetorian guard’.

It is all about what is known as the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ and the stupid, lazy, apathetic sheep that mainly constitute our population.

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