Friday, November 8, 2013


Recently, the shit show has become too much for the corrupt newmanismatic regime in newmania (Joh called it queensland).
This complete dickhead who somehow won a raffle in this electorate was a sergeant of police.

That is, he took leave of absence from his job as a pig sergeant – then the raffle was rigged so that he won - in this electorate.
(It’s a bit like that in Australia these days)
A little while ago the bloke who was encumbered with the position of police minister was found wanting.
Which meant that this Dempsey (ex-sergeant of police) was put into the job - in this electorate.

Now, no-one in queensland gives a friggin continental about the ‘separation of powers’ and wouldn’t have the least clue about ‘conflict of interest’.

Which means that this corrupt dummkopf remains the pig minister of the corrupt state of newmania.

Trouble is that this bag of offal is supposed to be our representative in parliament.

Now what a fucking joke that is!
Even worse is the fact that his once private secretary is now our ward councillor in local government.

What a cyclonic joke THAT is.
His name is Vince-something. He is supposedly an order of Australia – something.
Right – vince habermann.

His main claim to fame, as far as I’m concerned, is that he condones methamphetamine production down our street.
Yep. He’s a member of the LNP and he ‘likes’ industrial scale drug production in his ward.
Leastways he hasn’t bothered contacting us about our concerns.

Interesting, isn’t it, how an old fart like me gets a handle on these pathetic arseholes.
Live here for sixty years and watch these pathetic turds play their bloody stupid games.

They might reckon that their pals will cover their sorry butts – but one or two do happen to dob on them.

The next few weeks will be quite interesting.

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  1. Naturally you speak about that Jack Dempsey article.Yes.
    It is best he goes soon.