Tuesday, November 19, 2013


By now you’ve all heard of the ‘VLAD’ laws in Newmania (name now changed once again to ‘Boganvillia’)
Seems the laws keep being updated as often as queensland’s new names.

Anyway the dolts losing their plots and control of the accursed place seem to have decided that any old bikie or associate of same can be deemed retrospectively as a ‘criminal element’ at the drop of a hat.

Seems not to have occurred to the jerks that resultantly they’ve condemned about three quarters of the bloody stupid population who in their ignorance once used motorcycles for transportation and recreation.
(Personally, if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone who ever sold me a scooter has died of old-age – I’d be fronting them and demanding my money back.)

Oh yes. If everyone starts playing the retrospective game the way those dorks do – the fabric of society will literally be torn apart.

Okay. We all know that – but have YOU considered how far their stupidity can go?
Have you good Christians and Anglicans (yes, there is a difference) considered the IMPLICATIONS?

So our good lord was variously known – but was known on his own patch, during his time. as Jesus, or Jushua of Nazareth.
Very well known as that, in fact; especially by the local bullies of the Roman occupation forces and those ‘managing’ policy in his own birth religion.
So what! you might say.

Put it this way – some of a philosophical or a religious bent might ‘see’ Nazareth as existing at many times at many locations – on earth or in the multi-verse.
I don’t hold with that claptrap but others might.

Some of those more recently arriving in queensland/newmania/boganvillia aren’t particularly good with performing the act of reasoning.
In fact they might well be as easily led into condemning certain actions of raffle winners displaying arrogance as they were by voting for the same crazies in the first place.

Despite the fact that these bogan immigrants don’t go to church these days (any honest priest could readily confirm the figures) they still have their childhood memories, petty superstitions and febrile prejudices – which once fired-up by their substance of choice has them at the barricades.
But I’m waffling –
Consider how the masses begin to roil when confronted with too many new laws that begin to infringe upon the somewhat ‘relaxed static stability’ of their poor intellect.
They’ve been told time and again that they’ll have ‘repressed memories’ of past events undoubtedly perpetrated upon their bodies and souls by any poor old bastard dressed in a black frock and reversed collar. Any such poor old fart who ever passed ‘em in the street.

So here we have that situation in Nazareth (or do we call it, another Nazareth?) -
If you bother to open this link you’ll find yet another priest confronted with the impossibility of accounting for his every daily actions way back a couple of decades ago.
Everyone knows that is impossible – but the witchhunt continues remorselessly despite the support of our chaplain by Mr. Mario Andretti, himself.

Let’s continue -
Another cover-up, maybe?
Difficult to find anything much about the heyday of Nazareth. Its speedway.
Seems that the same petrol-heads hold all the cards.
All the action seems to be about four wheelers and not much mention about the bikers attending motorcycle races there for decade after decade.

Until, that is, we enquire into the popular culture and beyond.
Until we stroll down that road and touch upon the counter-culture.
That place from which our caring fuhrer pretends to guide us away from our ‘sins’.

And I set ‘em out in this order to connect those links in this order –
• Nazareth - Wiki identifies the connection with that place – or if you like how Nazareth USA might be different from the Biblical Nazareth
• ‘The Weight’ – an immortal song – as much soul as when first composed
• And what fuhrer newman intends to destroy – not only our small sense of temporary, occasional freedom – but our souls.

So this ‘Nazareth’, like Avalon, like Camelot is now nothing but a dream.
Yet that fuckwit newman and his troll dempsey – like rabid dogs - refuse to let go.

Why do they refuse to let go?
‘Cos their sort of bastards can’t understand people better than them having simple fun.

Simple as that!

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