Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Surely anyone as ‘intelligent’ as our prime minister would have worked out by now that she would be doing her party the favour of permitting that party to survive after the next raffle by quitting now.

It has absolutely nothing to do with gender – nor misogynism.

It has more to do with the fact that most Australians consider her a traitor delivering the next parliament into the hands of the emerging (talk about coming out of the closet) right wing of the liberals.

If that wasn’t her intention (and that of her faction) then she must be the most incredibly incompetent ‘premier’ this commonwealth has ever had to endure.

Since the coup - the dame has produced nothing, offered nothing. Professed nothing – nor suggested anything that might give hope or any succour whatsoever to those who once used to vote for labour.

All the crapola that labor pretend has been a rollback from howard’s damage counts for nothing.
All that should have been achieved in the first six months after Rudd gained the job.

I’m inclined to believe that he would have managed that if the Gillard faction had not been waiting in the wings in order to scotch him.

What a complete shame that the future of this dump has been usurped, then sent to perdition by their sort of meretricious dolts.


  1. Well, I got down on both knees and begged her for a break the day before she knocked Kev off his perch.
    Funny that. I phoned in to Kev's 1800 number and her team answered the phone.
    A girl would have to admit that something was wrong with that setup.

    1. Kev,
      What you have to consider is that somone has a different agenda than politics - straight out front politics.
      What we are facing now is betrayal.
      The laborite 'government' is handing the lot over to the conservatives and her faction are handing my victory against that pipsqueak howard over to his team on a platter.
      Anyone with a tenth of a brain could work that situation through.
      We have, in fact, been sold off to the seppos once again.
      It could be looked at in the context of what we had to put up with (the cost for victory) after the second world war - or the cost of supporting tne seppos in VietNam.
      There are various ways of looking at it - but none of them make any sense unless you have been targetted as a complete traitor.
      Fact is Julie, that you are a traitor along with your faux laborite faction handing the government of australia over to the wingnut and his yankee pals.
      There are indeed other issues like the payback economic war initiated by the asian economic sphere.
      Those guys will screw us rigid.
      But knowing that, you pretend NOT to know about that.

      There are other matters - like what politician gives a fucking continental these days about his electorate.

      That doesn't matter either.

      In summation, Juliar, you are nothing but a bladder full of rotten wind.