Saturday, June 1, 2013


Some many years ago a close relative of mine was employed by state government  in what he called,  the ’system’.
He was also a ‘defence reservist’ and on the strength of that was invited to attend a fed gov course ultimately qualifying him to become a ‘spook’ of some sort.

All very mysterious.
Except that he let out something I’d always deduced as a matter of fact.

Goes this way.
Australian society has been so completely sterile and utterly boring that stupid, vengeful, vindictive and cash short people tend to offer their services as stool-pigeons to the various police – for free.

There is the vector.

Nasty people want to dob in their neighbours – that sort of thing – for bugger all reason.
Just like back in Naziland.

But a buck is a buck and as I write this in this pathetic berg - I hear the sirens out there tonight.

So what is that game being played out – out there?
Are the sirens and the associated vehicles arriving at emergency situations?

Or is it just some payback against some neighbour – some poor overstressed burgher finally doing his block about the world of police condoned crapola coming into his private domain from them next door?
Sometime soon all this WILL have to be resolved.
We all live in a whiteant society where whiteants report back to dickheads who do not give a stuff other than to make use of information going their way  and all of that being provided by ignorant dolts.

Most of the trouble we have in advancing our society is caused by the pig-ignorant feeding such bullshit through to the braindead winners of raffles - those who pretend to be our masters at government.

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