Friday, June 14, 2013


Dash off and do something boringly domestic like washing clothes, etc.
Even the ‘masters’ like to wear clean clothes and fart into those crisp Egyptian cotton sheets.

So, occasionally, do we peasants.
The masters have someone else to do their laundry for them.

We peasants have to do that chore ourselves.
The masters usually consider that someone ‘low’ enough to do their laundry are ‘expendable’ so it might not matter to them if some slave doing their washing was zapped by defective  appliances they bought on the cheap.

Whereas someone doing the washing for we peasantry would usually be ONE OF US, a loved one.

On top of that we peasants have to cough up the full retail price for whatever crap appliance happens to be available when the last pile of junk does a flamer.

Which brings us back to what is available to do the bloody washing.

Some ‘appliance’ – available from some ‘retailer’ manufactured then distributed by some ‘tontine’.
By some multi-national bunch of arseholes.

These days there is not much choice other than purchase the. Designed in obsolescence crap they turn out.
But give us a break – they don’t have to sell a stupid bloody washing machine that leaks water all over the supposedly ‘dry side’ of its guts.

A bag of junk that starts rusting and short circuiting its guts out from day one.

So when our brand new washer turned out to be thusly defective from day one - I wrote this –

Let me make it plain.
We don't want anything more than an appliance that works properly.
Your franchised people delivered us a lemon that leaked water into the 'dry side' of its system right from first start.
You would be more aware than I am of the numerous recalls of your product line.
As has so often been mentioned - water and electricity do not mix.
Electrocuted customers do not make for future profits.
Your people seem to represent your 'corporate identity' when contacted in an entirely different and incredibly stupid way than is projected in your advertising blurb.
I would suggest that you get back to us with a replacement appliance that works as it should and for a reasonable time.

It has all been said below.
Do me the honour of reading that carefully and replying sensibly.

----- Original Message -----
From --------------------------
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2013 6:27 PM
Subject: A lemon


We purchased a Simpson washer Mod# SWT 554 on 6 march, 2013 from a retail business known as “Betta Electric”.
It was delivered the next day, was immediately put into commission and has been sitting over a film of water since about the 8th of March.
Indeed, it leaks – is somehow and increasingly bleeding water internally.

Today is the 12th of June and Electolux’s local warranty agent has visited, looked at the machine – told us that there is a ‘design fault’ or two (or maybe a combination of faults) that cause the problem.

I put to him that the object should never have been offered to us for purchase with any design faults as obvious and detrimental so as to cause splashing water to reach the ‘dry side’interior of the machine which consists mainly (after all) of electric and electronic components – the remainder being corrosion prone metal.
I put it to him that we’d been sold a ‘lemon’.

Apparently, according to the Simpson warranty chain of command, electricity and water DO mix.
At least the sparky was good enough to give me a contact phone number which Simpson for some reason no longer prints on their manuals.
For some reason ‘Jenny’ on ‘1300 363 640’ flat refused to enter into any argument or patch me through to some more reasonable person.

So this is what we have –
·        A three month old machine with two years warranty that has been leaking (go figure) for three months which means even if the design fault/s can be fixed the water damage unquestionably remains.
·        A warrantor that refuses to replace a day one lemon with a new appliance
·        An ‘authorised service agent’ who can’t work out that electricity and water DO NOT MIX!

This, as any reasonable person can see, means that Electrolux don’t seem to care too much about their customers getting zapped.
As an engineer with his quality assurance diploma in his files since 1989, I find this scenario quite remarkable and the posture taken by Electrolux overweeningly arrogant, insupportable at law and for a corporate entity wanting to retain customers and return dividends to stakeholders, incredibly delinquent.

All of which is a vastly different story to the spin on their pages –
When I contacted Eloctrolux at their 1300363 640 number - 'Jenny' refused to put me in contact with her superior - nor did she inform me about this contact -

In closing I submit that electricity does not mix with water and Electrolux failed to furnish a safe product - which though seemingly functional at the moment remains a risk for the operator and an increasing risk as the inevitable corrosion caused by internal water infiltration (itself caused by known design faults) increases that electrocution risk.

Best regards  ------------------------

Guess what – they don’t give a continental.
Which means they don’t care about YOU either.

Now, isn’t that so good?


  1. Okay. I begin to get the picture.
    You lot are quietly suggesting that the combine - AEG, electrolux and their cosy pals have a fair bit of swedish interest.
    You are insinuating that they have free reign in the same way the swedes have clamped down on that Assange fellow.
    If so - then I suggest that tou are bloody spot - on.
    What a mob of scabs they are right through and through.

  2. So why should anything surprise me.
    A complete cluster f--k of a setup causing everyone grief - except for the stupid bloody toffs.

  3. Hey Nermal -

    If we look at the big picture these grubby bloody swedes have latched onto a bunch of patents and acquired manufacturing rights - then after that have sold off all sorts of junk that doesn't work all that well.

    Their electric drills bore bent holes - their washing machines leak - their stupid bloody fridges refuse to defrost and their wonky bofors guns couldn't properly shoot down a bloody zero, a messerschmitt, a friggin caproni, or any sort of spitfire, during WW11.
    BOOm, BOom, Boom,boom - cough - pathetic.

    Just like their washing machined the constipated idiots.

    Then they hey want us to pay outtasight for that crap - then on top of that - they want us to hand the lad from Townsville over to them so they can sell him on (the bounty hunting bastards) to the greasy seppos.