Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Dweebs – like little sparrows leaping about and picking up miniscule scraps.
So are our people.
Like the last lamented premier of queensland – the premier of our commonwealth has such a hate against kev – she announced today that she intended to lead the laborites into the most impressive defeat of all time.

Now, is her head screwed on properly?
Has someone bought her off?
Or is she completely stupid?

Three BIG questions.
None of which, if answerered, will gain her votes.

She would be best advised to become ‘unwell’ and let someone better qualified take the laborites into the next raffle.

But she won’t.

No doubt about it.
She wants and intends to give the opposition a landslide.

Top price lady that.
You’d have to be completely off your tiny mind if you couldn’t work out the catch in that set-up.
In that set-up.
In that set-up.

So Gillard has been  - what?
Or purchased?
Or threatened and purchased??


  1. Give us all a feckin' break about Gillard and the final stand!
    What a complete load of drivel – this next raffle.

    The silly bitch is way corrupt and beyond recall.

    How many times do we have to say it.

    You’d have to be the complete world size spasto-fuckwit not to work out that Gillard and her MENSCH have handed the next parliamentary majority over to abbott out of hand.

    Isn't/wasn't she a lawyer (like so many of their fashion) screwing up politics and mangling our pathetic lives crossseyed and outtasight?

    That's enough to start with.

    Then all this recent crap about her not quitting - nor backing off - not giving a freaking continental for the outcome of the next raffle - nor caring that most every Australian wants her sorry self to resign, then leave.

    Madame’s response – go boil your head.
    Like Adolph, she said, I’m Hanging in for the final trick.

    Which means that her tontine refuse to permit the electorate to beg to differ in any way whatsoever.

    What utter drivel.

    The baggage is either being threatened or being paid to destroy our parliament.

    Lawyers again, eh!

    Exactly what IS the go with these smeghead boogamba's in her faction?

    What most of us want is for her to piss off back to cardiff, or wherever, as soon as possible.

    If she goes and takes her ‘faction’ with her – than there might be some hope for the laborites at the next raffle.

  2. Without any doubt whatsoever - that gillard has been screwed rigid by the americanos.

    The wingnut will take over her 'helm'.
    Problem for him being that there is no course to steer.
    There is no course to steer.

    Neither are there any cables connecting the helm to the rudder.

    The whole show is a complete fuckup.
    And in any case none of those incompetent bludgers have any navigational ticket.

    They are, in any case, essentially the scum of the earth.

    They are useless baggage.
    They are oxygen thieves.

    They should do us a favour - consider their limited options and just go and bag 'emselves.

  3. I'm no goddamned dweeb.
    Which is precisely why I agree with you.

    Completely of accord with you.

    The show is a set up.
    gillard WANTS the mad monk to win the next election.
    That is what it is about.